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Event design and experience


Before we can discuss what an event is we should understand what this is of event design is, for the purpose of this report we will be having a definition extracted from EMBOK which we feel is the clearest description.

"Event management is the process by which an event is planned, ready and produced. Much like every other form of management, it includes the assessment, explanation, acquisition, allocation, course, control and evaluation of time, budget, people, products, services and other resources to accomplish objectives. A meeting a mangers job is to oversee and set up every aspect of a meeting, including researching, planning, organizing, implementing, controlling and analysis and event's design, activities and development.

Silver (2004a) Update EMBOK composition.

Chicago the theatrical musical was performed at the Kings Theater, Glasgow and was went to on the 10th Oct 2009. For the purpose of this report we will be looking at the how the event was staged and the relationship of the performers, audience associates and stakeholders which when come up with would ideally make the knowledge an optimistic one for all people involved.

The first known record of theatre was known by historians in the performance of the sacred works of the misconception of Osiris and Isis in 2500 BC in Egypt. This storyline of the god Osiris was performed by the Egyptians yearly at celebrations throughout its civilization and so marking the start of a long romance between theater and religion. Theater has also enjoyed a large part in society by interacting with the public as well as interesting and educating them.

Description of Event

The main reason for modern theatre is to captivate the customer and as such that is the primary reason people in 2010 2010 attend productions.

Kings Theatre, Glasgow was opened up in 1904 at such a time when Glasgow was one of the leading commercial cities in the UK if not the earth and therefore the building retains a sense of record for customers who enroll in shows today.

The performance on the night lasted 2 hours thirty minutes with one standard period of 15 minutes following the 1st action which is common place for everyone theater productions.

Seating in the Kings Theater is over 4 levels and includes - Stalls, Grand Circle, Upper Circle and the Gallery and shall chair a maxim of just one 1, 785. On the night of the 10th October the cast was doing to a "Full House" as it was the productions last Saturday night time performance before going out of Glasgow, this factor was an extra bonus offer when it came up to the atmospheric conditions for the customers or another phrase for it would be an "Eventscape"

Analysis of Elements of Interaction

Interacting people

At a meeting like a musical not only is it the cast and audience who interact but a whole host of other people which could include the stakeholders, ticket vendors, ushers, merchanance retailers. Rossman says that to;

"Understand the role that associations play in the discussion of a program and anticipating how they could contribute to or detract from customer care can be an important aspect of place. Programmers cannot simply presume that the best plan of action is usually to foster or develop a relationship between individuals who attend an event" Rossman (2003, p. 38)

As such event designers do not have to provide a marriage for everyone or different organizations that shall be a part of the production and subsequently if indeed they do they run the risk of over complicating the function.

First contact that a customer would have had when it comes to "Chicago the Musical" would either have been the advert of the function or the online or telephone arranging of tickets. This is where the customer will commence to make expected objectives and where in fact the event creator and the customer may vary in their anticipations, that could lead to a shortfall for the client and disappointment for the function designer.

What would be the purpose of an event if individuals were not heading to participating in the event! The response would be none of them. People are what 'make' a meeting; they can be what 'make' an event by getting together with the clients or individuals. Since this article is likely to be in mention of a theatrical event I will make an effort to include references that may make reference to the theatre.


Jackson argues that, not only are individuals and story lines more likely to have the largest impact upon audiences but the 'metatext' (Harris et al. , 2003) can be an important process that 'needs to be performed for events if they are to reach their experiential goal (2005, p. 8)'. Taking this into consideration and getting the currant fashion of casting stars in leading functions in order to capitalise on multiple audience avenues, this will offer you the event creator the probability of increased figures for the run of the development. This extra dimension could offer another market platform of potential audience participants who had never recently considered going to the theatre. Their first contact could have maybe been an article in a newspapers or internet marketing the fact that their favorite soup superstar would be performing in Chicago. In cases like this the soup supporter feels that they curently have a romantic relationship with the character but this romantic relationship runs the risk of failing credited to pre-conceived ideas and prospects when the soup figure is lost with the theatre character or falls less than delivery.


Rules play a big part in everyday activities and are helpful information as to how exactly we can interact with others or situations. Rossman, 2003 expresses that Guidelines through are also codified and ceremonial and there are also rules of everyday discourse that require understanding.

Looking at the exemplory case of the theatrical performance of Chicago that was performed at the Kings Theatre Glasgow, this event ran to a generally accepted template of guidelines and rituals. Although there are guidelines which are set up for the purpose of legal or for behaviour reasons, there are also "polite-ceremonial" rules which can be also in effect throughout the performance. A good example of this might be that it might be deemed unacceptable for an audience member to talk or leave their chairs while the performance continues to be taking place. Another polite-ceremonial guideline would be that it would be considered rude for any audience members to consume anything which would make a noises and distract other audience members from enjoying the performance.

By having guidelines which govern the audience's discussion of the performance this might influence the experience that the audience would have. Common place for theatrical performances is to have everyone sitting at least 5 minutes before the performance is due to get started on this is done by the method of a tannoy annoyisment of "Ladies and Gentlemen, 5 minute to curtain call".

There are also rituals which take place before, after and during a performance and would be expected by the audience, if they did not happen and audience could possibly feel disappointment or even that the performance was imperfect.

Audience member through past experiences and prospects now assume that the all the ensemble should try the stage for one last "bow" and then clear the stage to be remaining with the leading actors for your final bow and show of appreciation. If this was never to happen Personally i think that the audience would continue steadily to stay in their seats with a feeling of bafflement and disappointment.


There are three different types of things as explained by and they're represented by interpersonal, symbolic and physical so this means. For the purpose of the Chicago performance the object which includes become symbolic for the performance is the score that was made up by Fred Ebb based on the Internet Broadway Data source (www. ibdb. com). Without this particular music the performance for Chicago wouldn't normally be Chicago, it would become another thing completely.

Looking at the physical items of the musical this would are the Kings Theater building where the performance occurred. Also the individuals themselves in the musical will be a physical aspect for the objects as the character types are specific to this musical and may not be transferred to another.

For the Community thing for the performance the audience got come together for a shared experience with most having an appreatation for musicals. They might have had to own paid for their tickets and therefore could have either purchased them online or immediate at the ticket office at the Kings Theatre.

Physical Setting

Chicago the Musical was staged as talked about earlier at the Kings Theatre, Glasgow. Possible locations for a global renowned musical to be staged in Glasgow would only include the Kings and Theater Royal, bookings for both theatres would have been made at least 1 year in advance. Venues for theater or musicals can vary according to numerous factors that could influence the choice for the event designer.

Physical Placing for the event custom would also look at catchment area for customers the key reason why Glasgow was chosen would include the fact that it is Scotland's most significant city and that the music experienced already performed at the Edinburgh Playhouse. Luckily the performance of the musical is not synonymous with the venue which allows the action to travel to new locations.

Although the location will change, the set in respect to the performance shall stay the same irrespective of where the musical is performed. Which means that there is no limit to where in fact the event can perform but also that there is continuity for the customers who do be present at the event at the several locations.

According to Allen el al. , 2005 The relationship between event and location is often fundamental to the experience, and one useful categorisation is that directed at 'hallmark' events where in fact the event has become linked and determined with the spirit of a specific place.

Also to be included in the Physical setting up of the performance would be the temp for the audience members, whether that to be too chilly, too hot or it was an outdoor event if it was raining. On the night of the 10th Oct the Kings Theater, Glasgow was a capacity sell out performance and the outside temperature was pleasurable for the time of year. However for the whole of both the first and second half of the performance the inside temp of the theater was unbearably hot which resulted in the side emergency exists being opened to although cooler air for the solid and audience members. This aspect resulted in audiences people having a poor experience throughout the performance which could have jeopardised the complete enjoyment of the event for the audience.


Graham Berridge declares that animation when it comes to occurrences is the most challenging of the 6 elements which we have protected in this survey.

Some of the most successful events are the ones that appear to be spontaneous in their design for the audience, although this is hardly ever the situation from the event designer's perspective. In regards to a theatrical performance in the terms of "animation" all has, opera's, musicals and theatre productions must from both the audience and the actors perceptive have structure throughout the shows although for different reasons.

For the goal of theater the performance must have structure for the event to perform effortlessly and on schedule, this must be organized in advance. Movement, dance and choreography must be organized and rehearsed and stars must learn their lines. All this once put together allows the audience members to believe that the performance, although staged the overlapping elements will have a move to the design. If an audience member were to acquire a "Programme Guide" on the night of Chicago they might have had clear written view of the framework of the performance and the celebrities as well as when they could anticipate the break in the show.


In order to fully understand an event the client or audience member must be able to analyse what has took place at that event to completely go through the full impact from the event.

For people in the occasions industry to understand an event, Solomon (1983) supplies the industry with a explanation which will allow us to breakdown the process of analyse;

"Symbolic interactionism focuses on the processes where individuals understand their world. It assumes that people interpret the activities of others alternatively than simply respond to them" Solomon (1983)

Audience participants throughout the theatrical performance shall interpret different symbols and react to them in their own way which shall lead to the event creator having to assume every possible effect, which is extremely difficult.

Was the event successful? This question shall be answered differently for each and every and every audience member as each person will interpret the function in their own way. Each of Rossman's six elements will go into their event evaluation and will bring about understanding the function better.

The theartrcal performance of Chicago runs to a proper oiled plan which is easily moved from one place to some other and has run since 1975. This enables the ensemble and crew to possess a fairly easy tranison between locations and would arrive any potential problems to the function designers.


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