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Euripides ' Medea And Oscar Wilde is Salome Article

Euripides' Medea and Oscar Wilde's Salome are two plays that clarify the discord between women and men, and the like under the patriarchal society. The characters Medea and Salome have many different in payback but both have tragic love in patriarchal society. Simply by comparing these two plays, it can shows how character's tragic love in Medea and Salome fault patriarchal world.

Medea and Salome have a tragic love unsociable ways which may cause them to commence their payback. In Medea, Medea was betrayed by simply her husband-Jason, so the girl choose payback Jason by making him childless and toxin the queen who he could be going to get married to with. "I will send those to her, bearing gifts at your fingertips -a silicate robe [... ]who touched her, will die an agonizing death. This kind of are the medicines with which I will smear all of them. I will destroy the children-my children" (Medea 806). Medea murders the princess and indirectly slain her dad by the poison. She also expertise her individual children to make Jason battling. After Medea is successful inside the revenge, the lady leaves apart.

In Salome, Salome chooses to slice off Iokanaan 's head. She dances in front of Herod for exchange the assurance. "She does not possess virtually any power to impact the outcome of the narrative. She simply responds to the guy demands made upon her" (Skaggs). Salome does not use any capacity to get what she would like. In ample, if Herod does not gives the promise to Salome, after that Salome payback will not powerful. However , once Herod promises to Salome, it facilitates an opportune to Salome revenges Iokanaan.

Medea uses her individual power vengeance Jason who have betrays her, and Salome kills Iokanaan who your woman loves through the use of other people's hand. They have different ways to revenge all their love, with different reasons and conseque...

... sumado a both are bad. Iokanaan' appears down and blames Salome without whatever reason. Iokanaan put Herodias mistake in Salome and never care about what type of person Salome is usually. Iokanaan can be dictatorial in what he pondering. His world of one caused the tragedy of himself and Salome.

Medea was betrayed by Jason and Salome was declined by Iokanaan because of his arrogance. Jason and Iokanaan both are the boys who affect by the patriarchal society. Patriarchal society started to be the most important purpose of tragic love. Also Medea and Salome are very different character in various time and nation, they the two get impact by the patriarchal society. The patriarchal culture makes them possess a miserable encounter in appreciate and makes them have a miserable consequence. It is possible to see, when ever women are living in a patriarchal society, the conflict of love between women and men will never stop.

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