Ethnocentrism, The South and the Movie: Flexibility Riders Dissertation

Throughout the civil movement many African-Americans were preventing hard for his or her human rights, but peacefully. A very essential element that was the freedom rides. Active supporters and workers who would go on the bus were both equally black and white colored and at every bus quit there was this kind of harsh violence some of the flexibility riders would die. At the time, the South's ideal culture was that African-Americans should not move forward. This is class conflict; in this instance the judgment classes had been discriminating against blacks which were not in order to ride a similar bus as white persons, and chosen to rebel peacefully.

People in society create values and norms for their cultures. These kinds of shape what is right and wrong to do within their world. Religion may shape their very own values but this will bring about oppression. The Deep To the south was praised for being seriously religious and holding others to what their particular religion says. African-Americans had been oppressed simply by these norms. They were not allowed to sit in front of the bus and almost everything was segregated right down to normal water fountains. White-colored people believed it to be suiting of them because it was programmed into their minds. Almost all white people who were hurtful at the time occupied an ideal tradition.

Ideal traditions to them was captivity before, which usually showed contemporary society that blacks were the minimum kind of people and would not deserve the same rights as others. They will wanted simply what they presumed was proper. To the city rights movements, both African-Americans and some whites, they understood it was wrong and there is no difference between them.

African-Americans were daring and faithful to keep fighting for their privileges because of faith. For them, faith showed tolerance and equal rights. Even though how a rest of contemporary society interpreted this as oppressing...

... el by attracting blacks and whites to interstate travelling all the way through the Deep South. Also that Martin Luther California king Jr. could have stepped on those busses with these people. He could hardly have done that because if he was put into jail he'd not be able to get everything else moving. The City Rights motion would have come to a halt. These numerous people chanced their lives, and some received killed, to get bus ride desegregation. Without them there would not be desegregated travel. This kind of movement was a prime example of conflict theory, showing just how if after a while lower paid or lower cared for people will certainly rise up up against the well remedied and very well paid. The freedom riders showed us that you can receive rights or perhaps make alter if you have the means of this. To open up everyone's eyes and get a group that could soon become bigger and with faith you can transform society's landscapes.

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