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Ethical Issues In Information System Information Technology Essay

My topic on this essay is about E-Learning sites the interpersonal, professional, and honest issues in eLearning sites. This issue is a very wide one as there are numerous eLearning websites like Learn2. com, Blackboard, Intelinfo. com, Worldwildlearn. com, Wannalearn. com, Oasis plus, e. t. c. I will be choosing 'Oasis plus' as my case study because I have use it and I've seen out it works. To begin with, as the world is becoming a global world daily most University across the world today revolves around the web. This consists of online learning or eLearning services over electronic systems such as the Internet and other means like using the CD-ROM and other electric methods to read instead of printed books. This brought about the name eLearning. The get spread around of high acceleration Internet among areas and the proliferation of eLearning among people create both opportunities and challenges for Websites. On one hand, eLearning may reduce many of cons associated with an isolated location by decreasing distance, communication, and information cost and increasing usage of less expensive suppliers and services. For example Oasis plus, That is an eLearning site which Middlesex college or university uses, where both college student and staffs or lecturers of Middlesex college or university can access the site from any area of the world either at home or offices at any moment to get latest and updated information regarding their studies and academics position all they needed to access the site is the access to the internet browser, it's very interactive that learner can read or download their lecture slides online as well as getting up to date information about their course work, task, result status, submission of project, online examination e. t. c from any part of the world with only a click of the mouse and they can as well chat with their fellow students and lecturer online with just a click of a mouse on who is online link to interact and get modified information regarding their lectures or projects distribution e. t. c


e-Learning sites are sites with tactical means of education, that targets technology in a educational institute that is happy to adopt it however it isn't only e-learning sites that will require know-how it is perfect for business need as well, this is a tactical function of learning or studying that may be achieved by using electronic digital delivery methods such as internet-based learning delivery deals, online training video conferencing, websites or email to manage the links between professor and students. It can be any virtual function or procedure that people uses to secure information skills and knowledge via the internet.

Advantages of e-learning sites:

It decreases travel cost and time because you can get access to it from anytime you are

students will have the option to select their learning materials that fulfills their degree of learning and interest

Learners or students can review wherever they have access to Internet

Flexibility to become listed on conversations in the bulletin table threaded dialogue areas at any hour.

improvement of computer and Internet skills that are transferable to other facets of learner's lives

Disadvantages of e-learning sites:

Lack of familiar framework and routine

Unreliable Online connections can be frustrating

Some lessons such as traditional hands-on lessons can be difficult to simulate

Unmotivated learners or those with poor study practices may fall back of.

Ethical, Legal, Sociable and professional issues on e-Learning sites

Ethically issues on e-learning sites: the ethical issues on e-learning sites largely start from poor usage of this influential reference known as Internet. It is not difficult to cheat on the internet than vis a vis. Students either learning in a university or college or enroll with an online program can easily acquire fraudulent knowledge or information and put it to use because of their coursework, projects, and Assignments. It is therefore very important that the program developer for eLearning sites is mindful design and been able with adequate inspections and balances to reduce unethical practices by which pupil can cheat. This moral issues can be solved if the e-learning site software programmer focus on the design of the e-learning site software.

Legal issues on e-learning sites: There are various legal issues surrounding the use of e-learning sites in studying which we all need to be alert to, The most challenging (and often overlapping) legalities are found in the areas of copyright, data coverage and licensing.

Copyright: There can be an knowledge of 'fair use' (unless specified otherwise) which allows sensible use of materials for private analysis. Making multiple copies of resources minus the express authorization of the copyright owner, or a copyright assertion acknowledging this as a good use, is not suitable.

Data safeguard: The web site of the info Commissioner's Office (http://www. ico. gov. uk) rates eight principles of data cover that apply to all those control and keeping personal data. 'Personal data' includes both facts and opinions about an individual, and the info Protection Act pertains to any private information in a structured filing system. Data must be: quite and lawfully prepared, prepared for limited purposes, sufficient, relevant rather than excessive, exact, not kept much longer than necessary, refined relative to the info subject's rights secure, and not used in countries without sufficient protection.

Licensing: The license is the legal affirmation of methods to use an e-learning sites copyrighted material. Within an educational setting up, the license will most likely state the amount of machines a piece of purchased software can be utilized on. Normally, educational institutions will need a site license, a multi-user certificate or many copies of single-user licenses. Software and other resources must be used within the terms of the permit.

Social issues on e-Learning sites:

To identify the public issues in development of an e-learning application within an educational institution, I'll briefly legalize the release of the field of computer ethics as related to social issues.

Storage of data: The efficiency with which data are kept makes the utilization of monitoring, monitoring and spyware and adware methods quite simple from the specialized perspective.

Unpredictability of identity: Present day hazy identities make possible stealing other person's id, forging of a message, or sending a message anonymously like 'spam' for example. There can be an ongoing ethical debate about the pros and drawbacks of anonymity.

When faced with social problems, a specialist can make rational and well-concluded choice that will extinguish the communal factors that have a tendency to repudiate the standards set by the education institution.

Professional Issues on e-learning sites

Designing e-learning conditions for quality professional education is a challenge for education designers, as the carrying on practice of simply moving lessons online can be astonishingly disabling. We argue that as colleges strive to educate for brilliance in professional practice, design solutions for the e-learning components must be conceptualized in a broader view of any modern-day learning environment involving integrated virtual and physical sizes. They are comprehensively considered within an involved way to aid learning experiences providing an emphasis on grounded practice. The design of our interface and authoring system is affected partly by the framework of the e-Learning content.

Recommendation or things that should be put in head when expanding e-learning sites:

I want to sketch out some best practices approaches for the eLearning. These strategies aren't new. Many of these strategies are being found in some form in many universites and colleges it is use on oasis plus as well, I've compiled a list of what strategies can be implemented within the construction of given software. I myself have go through some of this strategies when written my online analysis on Oasis plus. The following ways are means to tackle the issues of cheating, plagiarism, and copyright violation within the construction of the eLearning software like oasis plus. They are able to help to reduce or preventing the issue of cheating, plagiarism and copyright violations.

Make online test designed for just few days or a day that it would be taken

Limit enough time on the test

Once chosen answer should not be revisit again

Set deferent questions for every learner to avoid leakage of answers

Make student participate in an online talk group

Give a brief quiz during online session

Students should be requested to carefully turn their project in for plagiarism check


E-Learning site software content and Internet applications have change function of teaching and learning and have also make new issues around ethics and accountability. The extremity effect of the eLearning sites has made both advocates and detractors. Some experts say that the successful usage of eLearning programs appears to hinge mostly on the trust and integrity of the targeted remote learners. But while creating participating software, program or content, the credibility and integrity of the students is definitely not a major consideration. Therefore like in virtually any university or college traditional programs, the accuracy, right components, control buttons, activities and evaluation techniques have also become critical issues for eLearning sites. Therefore besides concentrating on the appearance and fill of the e-learning site, close attention should be paid to the look, quality of content, delivery methods and management of eLearning sites.

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