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Establishing an ECL culture in China

Electronic Marketing communications Ltd. (ECL) had decided to begin business in China also to form a romance of common wealth with Chinese language people. The business knew that there was major improvement to be produced, but there have been also dangers and challenges. Among these was the management of ethnical differences. A concern the management was whether it should adapt ECL's management practice to the Chinese language culture or even to establish ECL's global management regulations in China. Successful ethnic alignment is an important aspect for multinational organizations. Electronic Marketing communications Ltd (ECL), like many other companies entering overseas markets, is faced with how to effectively incorporate their corporate and business culture with the Chinese language national culture.

Situational analysis

Cultural issues were a simple problem to conquer and the must important because it will create the daily businesses environment and it is a critical success factor for multinational organizations. Electronic Communications Ltd (ECL), like a great many other companies entering international markets, is confronted with this situation. ECL management must determine if it is more prudent to adapt to the Chinese culture or even to apply their western-centric management routines to ECL China. ECL's management must explore if they should modify or assimilate the culture, they needed to find that they have to create a reliable management intend to draw in, develop and keep leaders within the business.

One of the main element issues for ECL is learning how to effectively integrate managers from a new culture. Matching to Lewiki "people from different cultures appear to negotiate in different ways. " For this reason cultural relationships are also important to be set up. Lewiki mentions that "in addition of people behaving differently, people form different cultures could also interpret the essential processes of discussions differently. " This particular issue came up up when expatriate professionals provided feedback to Chinese employees who noticed the responses as a critic with their culture. Perhaps ECL management should give attention to creating responsibilities that will contribute to building human relationships with ECL China affiliates. It really is known that that handling personal relationships is vital for conflict image resolution. Lewiki mentions that according to Phatak and Habib the relationships developed among the main negotiating parties before the actual negotiations will also have an important impact on the negotiation process and result. "

A personal relationship was perceived by the Chinese language as it could promote a far more "available flank and communication between managers and their subordinates and co-workers. "

The business style offered within ECL is confirmed as expatriate managers expect affiliates to become more proactive. The high ability orientation within ECL China appears to be contradicted by the Chinese language staff style to find short-cuts to solve problems. ECL management has created systems to anticipate the correct steps to solving problems to a given situation. However, many Chinese personnel thought the systems proceeded to go wrong and postponed the decision making process. This contradiction implies that occasionally Chinese staff performed in simple fact want an possibility to be proactive. ECL should be create a far more flexible solving structure that encourages Chinese language staff to be more proactive without forgetting the issues which can go up during conflict resolution.

Also ECL management promises that the Chinese personnel "lacked the expected teamwork capabilities. " This problem was attributed by some expatriates to the training system in China, because e the machine encourages a more individualist culture.

The "face issue in the Chinese language population was a combination of dignity, self-respect, prestige and public standing, as recognized by others, an example of face is when a administrator criticize his staff could cause anyone to reduce face especially in from of others. " This so called losing, "face" is harmful to an operating relationship in certain cultures. However we can conclude that ECL has an extremely strong cultural version using its employees.

ECL had a successful combination of training and systems to create the technological skills in the Chinese language workplace. There were doubt as to the substitution of the expatriates could be completed promptly and the Chinese employees were given the possibility to get marketed within the company the mature management positions were still dominated by the expatriates. This represented another obstacle for ECL that the expatriates did not have the full respect from their staff. Chinese staff experienced difficulty accepting that many expatriate managers don't have the same degree of technical experience that is expected of the staff. Further, expatriates were often considered not fully focused on China and would relegate decision making responsibility to the home office. This might often result in a delay in productivity. However, China has an extremely profitable and the coaching program that was developed to pair Chinese language staff with experienced expatriates was implemented to make a formal device to copy knowledge and ethnical information. This reduced the level of animosity growing towards ECL management; it was a much better decision for ECL to market expatriate managers to China with a higher level of complex experience who are able of earning decisions in a short amount of time.

An additional task that ECL experienced was appealing to and keeping local ability. ECL wished to replace expatriates in a short period time nonetheless they are having a difficult time hiring qualified Chinese professionals. The demand for experienced staff was growing and much more skilled personnel were needed.

A critical issue came across was the emigration impeding success is that lots of talented potential hires leave the country. Those that remain receive handsome reimbursement packages from Chinese owned firms. A lot of well prepared personnel were consistently getting better offers; ECL also has to contend for the rest of the individuals amongst other organizations that are beginning to enter the Chinese language market. ECL must remember when seeking out talent that admiration for elders plays a substantial role in high electricity orientation countries and young professionals may not have the respect or support that they have to be effective. Yet another issue was your competition added by China stepping into the entire world Trade Firm. This triggered a lot of investors to China and start investing creates a world of extreme competition. Perhaps, ECL could use current employees to recruit more radiant family members that can be groomed within the united states.

G ECL must assimilate their management tactics into Chinese culture. Regardless of how hard ECL works to indoctrinate employees in to the ECL culture, their future ability pool will be made from the Chinese language culture. Because of this is important for the management to regulate how the ethnic issues may be encountered within ECL.

The Chinese employees will be a main factor to ECL success. The business needs to get more involved with to how to handle a primary dialogue and completely adjust to the Chinese culture to be able to earn their trust admiration and be successful.

Another solution for the company's recruiting work is recruit members of the family and groom them into the ECL culture. And lastly, the ECL can continue working out from ECL School which will display the ECL culture while familiarizing it to ECL China.

Summary of Issues

  1. The Chinese culture shows a substantial degree of collectivism- The Chinese cultures have group focused vision. Expatriates failed to develop the relationships that are prerequisites for creating a harmonious and respectful working environment that could allow the ethnic integration. The action to be studied by ECL is the fact management should focus on creating duties that will donate to building connections with ECL China.
  2. Expatriate professionals expect affiliates to be more proactive- ECL should choose a more adaptable problem solving structure that encourages Chinese staff to become more proactive while deciding the problems of the turmoil image resolution process.
  3. Expatriate professionals want results and Chinese staff wants to generate relationships to access the results. Chinese staff wants to develop a trust structured relationship prior to executing a contract while the US procedure is to finalize details and clarify. ECL director should recognize that the Chinese work ethics correlates right to the Chinese nationwide culture and so must be embraced within ECL procedures.
  4. Expatriate professionals provided opinions to Chinese employees who recognized the feedback to be a direct criticism. Management need to negotiation and regular meetings and encourage the dialogue.
  5. Expatriates didn't have the full admiration from their staff. For the Chinese language staff was hard accepting that expatriates because these were viewed as not fully focused on China because they might relegate decision responsibility the business and they did not have the same level of expertise. The instruction program was developed to pair Chinese staff with experienced expatriates was put in place to make a formal system to transfer knowledge and culture. A solution could to market expatriate professionals to the China with a higher level of technical experience who are comfortable making critical decisions in a short timeframe.
  6. ECL is having difficulty attracting and acquiring local talent. The problems impeding success are that many talented potential acquisitions leave the united states, the Chinese owned organizations offer good compensation packages and even more competing organizations are starting to enter the Chinese language market.
  7. Continue working out from ECL University which will illustrate the ECL culture while acculturating it to ECL China and it is a system that if been able properly it will work and will supply the desired results.


To conclude, ECL must assimilate their management methods into Chinese culture. Regardless of how hard ECL works to involves employees in to the ECL culture, their future leaders will be made from the Chinese language culture. Thus, it is important for management to regulate how the cultural characteristics may be experienced, processed and indoctrinated into ECL to achieve success.


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