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The best these ever: essays on the odyssey

We actually don’t doubt that you’ve heard this name at least one time in your life. Many ordinary people and critics consider Odyssey to be one of the most prominent literary achievements of Western civilization. Being made up of 24 books and up to 12 000 lines, this genius creation covers the trilling wanderings of King of Ithaca, Odyssey and focuses on the main character’s outstanding personal qualities such as has resourcefulness, honor, bravery and nobility. The poem has been highly praised for its thematic consistency, structural sophistication as well as complex characterization.

Here below you’ll find a bunch of great thesis statements for the legendary Odyssey written by Homer. You can actually use these statements as paper topics or essay starters. They’re all broad enough and ensure substantial textual support. The given statements offer a brief summary of Odyssey, focusing on some crucial element, which could be helpful for your essay. You are eager to learn more about essays on the odyssey, aren’t you? Certainly, you’re welcome to add your own understanding and analysis of the plot or topics. Making use of the worthy essay topics provided here below in tandem with the list of crucial quotes from the Odyssey, you won’t have any difficulties with your writing.

The first statement deals with father and son relationship in the poem. Odysseus is the major character of The Odyssey. Being a man of advancing age he managed to gained the hero worship and glory of his people for this successful defending Ithaca's honor. We may consider the main character a model of ideal manhood. Indeed, Odysseus is adored for his impressive skills, intelligence and demeanor. Then, another character becomes extremely popular over the course of the poem. That’s Odysseus’ son, named Telemachus. Like his father, he dares to set off for his own journey. He does it in a crucial sub-plot. If you carefully examine this sub-plot you’ll most likely foresee Ithaca’s fate after Odysseus’ death. Telemachus is definitely good at following father’s footsteps, so we don’t doubt that Ithaca will be in good hands. If you’re eager to extend your essay on this topic, it makes sense for you to consider son and father relationships in this poem. Besides this, it would be a good thing to consider the given topic in the context of Greek society.

The number two thesis statement unveils the role of women in the famous poem. In spite of the fact, in ancient Greece women didn’t have as much power as men, nevertheless, they also had a certain portion of power and influence. Of course, they exerted their power in a completely different way. For instance, let’s examine Odysseus’ wife, Penelope and on this example you’ll see how ancient Greek women exerted their influence and power. Quick-witted Penelope makes use of intricate cunning, not to mention her sexual charm to play with men’s emotions and meet her own objectives, when waiting for her husband from the war. In you essay you can depict her advanced strategies she successfully used to manipulate men around her.

Well, we’ve just discussed ancient Greek women and their cunning tricks, now let’s pay attention to such a crucial nuance of Homer’s poem as hospitality. Probably, like many other readers you also wonder why it took Odysseus up to ten years to get back to his homeland after this victory in the Trojan War. The matter is that he didn’t have an opportunity to return earlier because of amazing hospitality provided by various people along his path. Undoubtedly, hospitality in this poem is a significant part of honor, social exchange as well as negation of relationships. In you essay you can cover several prominent episodes. That’s a good reason to discuss cordiality in Homer's society.

Now we should define the Odyssey as an epic. As you know, the vast majority of critics are used to associating this poem with an epic. However, it’s so sad that many readers fail to find the basic elements of the genre in this poem. Well, the Odyssey is really an epic it truly meets a number of criteria of this genre, epic. First of all, any epic revolves around a heroic trip, stuffed with tough obstacles. Secondly, the narrative style features an admiring tone, underscoring the main charter’s worthiness. After all, the poem is replete with supernatural mysterious forces, which have a powerful impact on the outcome of some challenging episodes. You are welcome to examine each of these three epic features in your essay.

Finally, we’ll take a glance at the role of disguise in the poem. Throughout the poem, readers have noticed that many poem’s characters are used to adopting disguises for the purpose of complicating or facilitating their own or someone’s passage through the surrounding world. Over the course of the poem some characters managed to change many disguises. For instance, Athena, the goddess took up to three guises. But not only goddesses and gods can do this. Odysseus also took advantage of this trick to reach his goals. That’s another worthy theme for your essay, isn’t it?

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