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What is the purpose of writing essays on the death penalty

The phenomenon of death penalty is in contemporary world not as widespread, as in the past centuries, especially in the middle ages. However, a lot of countries still use this kind of punishment. While there are countries that death penalties are used to punish a person for a very serious crime, there are also other countries, the majority of which are the developing countries, where death penalty is used to punish people for committing crimes, which seem to the rest of the world not serious at all. Nevertheless, the issue of this kind of punishment is widely discussed in the world community. If you are assigned writing essays on the death penalty providing your point of view regarding killing people by government for punishment, don't be afraid of researching this problem. Our team will help you cope with it the best way, so you will receive a high grade.

As a matter of fact, near a third part of the overall numbers of the countries of the world use laws allowing executing people for committing hard crimes. The most common reasons for using this kind of punishment is murder or terrorism. In your paper you are expected to discuss the acceptance of this phenomenon from your point of view. It is also necessary that you provide strong argumentation that proves your point, whether you support death penalty or not. Additionally, in order to form your opinion in this regard, you need to do a deep research, read a lot of literature and be able to analyze different cases for using them as real examples for proving your point.

Types of death penalty used in different countries

Keep in mind that although death penalty always has the same purpose, which is to kill a person who committed a serious crime, there is still a number of various types to kill people on the basis of law.

  • In some countries, they use electronic chairs, when a person is executed by electricity. A prisoner should sit in a chair, to which electricity is attached, by means of which he or she is being killed.
  • Killing by injection. If this method is used, a person who committed a crime is killed by means of poisoning with different chemicals.
  • Killing by firing squads. Usually this kind of punishment is used in the army by soldiers, during wars. The reason for using this kind if death penalty is usually betrayal, deserting, spying or other military crimes. In this case, a number of people should stand in the raw and another number of people, who are soldiers, kill them with guns.
  • Hanging came to the contemporary world from ancient ages. This kind of death penalty is used today in Japan, some of the former colonies of the Great Britain and in India, as well.
  • Garrote is a Spanish kind of death penalty, which used to be the main method of killing prisoners in Spain for many years. However, it is not used any more.
  • Stoning is widespread in many muslim countries. For example, if a woman cheated on her husband or had sex before she got married, other people throw stones into her until she dies.

In fact, you may do research on one of the mentioned above kinds of death penalty. Consider covering a historical aspect, the origins of that or another kind of death penalty and so on. Apart from it, look at the following ideas for a topic to enlighten in your essay on the death penalty. We recommend writing a persuasive essay, as long as it matches most the arisen issue.

Ideas for your persuasive essay on death penalty

  • Write a paper about executing of prisoners in a certain country. For example, in Canada or in the United States if America.
  • Write a persuasive paper proving that death penalty is unacceptable in the contemporary society. Consider making an emphasis on emotional aspect of perception of your target audience.
  • Enlighten in your paper the ways how to put an end to executing people for committing crimes. Provide the most awful and violent examples of death penalty for supporting your point.
  • Write a persuasive essay about the advantages of death penalty. Include into your paper such arguments, like, for example, the economical aspect. Why should prisoners who committed serious crimes live on the money of the rest of the citizens?
  • Prove in your persuasive essay that there are cases, when the government is mistaken and an innocent person is killed for not committing any crime. This may turn into a real tragedy, especial for the relatives of the prisoner who was executed without a proper reason.
  • Write a persuasive paper covering the issue of effectiveness of this kind of punishment. To your mind, does it help prevent the number of serious crimes committed?
  • Cover in your paper the ethical aspect of using death penalty for punishing prisoners. Think thoroughly, whether executing of people for committing crimes is ethical or not.

In addition, consider writing about the necessity of death penalty. Here, you need to do some research on the statistics about the number of serious crimes, such as terrorism, bank robberies with killing people, corruption, trafficking drugs, as well as trafficking with people committed in the countries, where the death penalty is used. Then, prove that in countries where executing of prisoners is used the number of above-mentioned crimes is smaller.

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