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Writing essays on movies

One of the essays you will not experience much on the general scale is the essays on movies. However, people in the arts and other movie related courses may encounter this more than other students who may come across this only in their English language lectures. However, this essay which is most likely not to come your way as a regular 1000 words essay in college seems to be one of the easiest essays to write. This is because of the fact that you are only telling people about something you enjoy or enjoyed. If you are ever told to make an analysis of any of your favorite movies, this will mean handing you another good time in the writing of essays. However, we have mentioned all these because we presume that you already know how to write a movies review. If this is not the case, then it may also prove to be the most difficult essay for you. The essay on movies simply means a comprehensive movie review. However, it transcends the simple act of telling stories about the movie or retelling the movie story. It involves a proper analysis of the movie.

The first step of writing an essay on favorite movie is to watch the movie. However, if you are among the people that are not sure about what the output of their essays on movies will be, you simply have to come to us and get guaranteed essays. We offer all sorts of services, including college writing an expository essay writing. One more reason why you should come to us for this essay is that in most cases, the assignment comes with a specific movie. This may be the one that is relevant to the course you are reading. You may be the busy type and the fact that you have lots of assignments from other lecturers makes it very difficult for you to map out the time to watch the movie from the beginning till the end, so as to write good and detailed essay on movie. In this circumstance, there is only one action to take and that is the option of contacting us with the name of the movie so that our experts can watch the movie and offer a detailed writing a reflective essay on the movie. However, if you have decided to watch the movie and write the essay, we can also offer guidelines on how to watch the movie in detail and the things to observe closely while you watch the movie. You have to engage the movie critically while you are watching. Now, it is always good for you to realize that essay topics that focus on a particular theme will make more sense than topics that talk about broad and general issues. This is why you must focus on a thematic concept that relates to the movie while watching. This is where you will focus your essay when writing. You may choose to look at how the film is photographed, how historical events are related in the film, the actions of the characters, and how a single sequence in the movie may have far reaching relationships with other cinematic concepts. You have to organize this in an outline before you start writing. When you write this essay on movie, remember that this is not a writing a personal essay, so it is all about the movies and what happened in them, and not just what you think, feel or believe about the movies through misconceptions and biases.

Writing the body of the essays on movies

Your essays on movies should have an introduction, the body and the conclusion. You start the introduction by introducing the movie to the readers. Don’t ever jump into the main analysis of the essays on movies when you have not made the audience to understand the movie. In the introduction, name the directors, producers, characters and others. Remember, you can’t name all of them. Pick the most important ones and explain. Now, the main actor in the major part of the film you want to focus the essay on should be mentioned. If you are talking about the light effects, you can name the cinematographers. If you intend talking about the soundtrack or background music, name the composer. From this, you should now give a slight overview of the story of the movie. After this, it is time for you to get down to the body of the analysis. Now, there is one thing you should know whenever you are writing an essay on horror movies. This is the fact that you should never rely on your memory. If it is possible, the best method is that you should be watching the movie while you write. This gives you fresh information to write about. If you cannot get the movie, you can visit the cinema. But make sure that you have your jotter all the time so that you can pick important information about the movie.

When you are writing a writing a persuasive essay on movies, you must ensure that you learn the basic filmmaking jargons. These will help you to give a more succinct explanation of movies. All essays on movies must describe the major inciting incident, for adequate information about the conflict in the movie being analyzed. This incident is seen as the event that causes the state of things and spurs the actors to take particular actions as the movie progresses. Also, talk about the role of the special effects, like computer imagery and others and whether they enhanced the movie.

  • Meanwhile, before you start your essay writing, you have to identify the genre of the movies so as to know how to follow it. Is it a drama, horror, comedy, fantasy, science fiction or adult movie?
  • At the end of your essays on movies, you should give information about the merits and flaws of the movies, with specific examples.
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