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Introduction into the essays on gender discrimination

Gender discrimination has been present since the beginnings of time. Society suppressed women’s rights and considered them inferior to their ruling men counterparts. This is something you could begin your essay on gender discrimination with. For thousands of years men have been considered the models of leadership and even in our days, there are countries where they have more rights than women. If you are writing a generic essay, you could say that the idea that a woman belongs in the kitchen is discriminatory and it is despised by today’s society. Still, many women can’t achieve their true potential because of traditional minded people, who simply cannot appreciate women’s true value. The main causing factor of discrimination is education.

Is tradition to blame? In most cultures, traditional viewpoints are to blame for discrimination. This is something you should mention in your essays on gender discrimination. As an example, in numerous Asian cultures girls are taught to do the chores around their home so that later they will become homemakers, taking care of their family. In the same time, they are deprived of some rights considered basic in the more modern countries. This is especially the case when it comes to marriage. Girls need their parents’ blessing to get married. Otherwise their relationship has no future.

You could do sample case study on a given culture. You might find some traditions that will seem simply outrageous, such as “matched” marriages. This means that the parents choose the future husband and the bride doesn’t have a word to say in the matter. Disobedience isn’t an option. Another tradition that seems to be accepted throughout the world is the woman giving up her surname and adopting the husband’s surname. In the past, this had the role of making sure that the family name will carry on, as it has been the pride of fathers. But why shouldn’t women carry on with their own name, passing down their family’s legacy? This is where gender discrimination comes into the picture and this is what you should mention in your essay on gender discrimination in India.

The situation in India: When writing a gender inequality in India essay, you should stress out that women are discriminated right from birth. Having a girl is considered to be a burden and in our days, parents are using technology to find out the sex of the baby. It is common for women to choose abortion to escape an unwanted baby girl. Growing up, girls are often denied access to education or they only receive elementary education. Parents don’t give too much thought to their health and nutrition and in the majority of the cases girls get married at an early age, which puts an end to all their possibilities of growth.

It might be a good idea for your essays on gender discrimination to refer to the vicious circle of discrimination. Once married, girls are expected to give birth to a boy. Illiterate and partially literate women don’t have the possibility of getting a job and breaking out of this vicious circle, so they are stuck with looking after their home and their children. Even if a woman gets a higher education, she will be less likely to get a job she is qualified for than a man. This is simply because men are considered to be more capable of doing any job



If you take a look at the number of male and female managers throughout the country, you will notice that the numbers are disproportionate. This is another thing worth mentioning in your essays on gender discrimination. When the problem is raised at an international level, it is usually said that the Constitution offers the same rights to women than to men, but this is simply theoretical. Even the law offers more protection to men than to women. For instance, usually it is only the son who can inherit after the parents, not the daughter. Although there are laws to protect the property of women, many of them don’t know about their rights and thus they don’t pursue them.

Essays on Gender Discrimination: The rules of society

In many cases it is not the law that matters, but the unwritten laws of society. These give more power to men so that women become even more vulnerable. There are a series of crimes that men don’t get punished for. Such discrimination affects the economic, social, and personal growth, not to mention that it also has effects on a national level. The low female-to-male ratio affects the industrial and agricultural sectors. As a result, such “traditions” stop the growth of the country.

Make sure you mention in your essays on gender discrimination that, although the world isn’t fair to women, in some cases it is men who have to suffer. For instance, according to the Indian law, a man can be imprisoned if he is unfaithful to his wife. There is no law against women being unfaithful to their husbands. Still, we have to add that the law will not punish men until there is undeniable evidence of their guilt.

In case you want a well-written essay, you should do some research regarding writing a synthesis essay and also don’t forget about essay editing. There is no point to get caught up with the cse paper format unless you want to present an original study. Usually, this is not the case, especially if this is a college assignment. If you have original ideas and new input, this is something you could discuss with your teacher and see what they have to say about the matter. In any other case just make sure you present correct and verifiable information.

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