Essay within the Homo Sapiens

Homo sapiens: Latin to get "wise man" or "knowing man". Nevertheless most people rather identify themselves as human beings or persons. What makes an individual a person? For some a person is a being who appears, talks, breathes, eats and drinks like they do; an image image of themselves. For others a person is a backed by emotions; able of feeling hurt, repent, love, pleasure etcetera. The scientific meaning of a human is a only living species inside the Homo genus, with a extremely developed brain that is capable of abstract problem solving, reasoning, introspect and communication through diverse used and gestured languages. If humans are generally highly created, intelligent species then why does the human competition still discriminate amongst their own species? Chinua Achebe's Items Fall Apart, Barbara Kingsolver's The Poisonwood Bible and Jane Louise Pratt's essay Arts of the Contract Zone recognize and are up against the racism and the dehumanization humans as being a species seem to continue to have difficulty overcoming. Each text demonstrates how the individual species continue to be view other societies as barbaric or savage due to the fact the culture is different than their own. In the event that humans all originated in The african continent over 500, 000 yrs ago, then so why have American cultures continuing to colonize Africa and use Africans as slaves? The text messages show that humans discriminate and dehumanize amongst one another both consciously and subconsciously.

For thousands of years human beings have fought against each other professing to be struggling for the regular good. But what happens when the queue between is definitely blurred? There is no real black and white explanation for good and evil. Human beings have battled repeatedly throughout history for what they perceive to be righteous, killing anyone who stands in their...

... and think just like others think then there can be a much more relaxing world with less discrimination and getting rid of. We because humans could learn and accept lessons they have discovered throughout their life and interactions with each other if we learned to humanize others like Leah, "I copy down each fresh word and vow to keep in mind it usually, when I are a grown-up American lady with a garden of my very own. I shall tell every one of the world the teachings I learned in Africa" (Kingsolver 101).

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