Dissertation on The Biblical Narrative Of God

The biblical narrative is definitely one that continues to be going on to this time. The biblical narrative explains to the story of God and how he reveals himself to us. Rhodes points out that "God involves each through a historical function or group of events" (2). It is this way that Our god reveals himself to us and this retains the relevance of the biblical narrative in our lives. Our god reveals him self through formative stories inside the bible including Creation, Hersker and Event, the Fall of Guy, The Overflow, God's Covenant with Noah, and the Tower of Babel. From the beginning of the biblical narrative we come across that God relates to all of us on a personal level. He created all of us, he formed us, he created the universe in which we live, and he has become an active individual in the narrative since prior to it commenced.

Inside the first book of the Outdated Testament, Genesis, we browse of the land of person. As we study the Bible and recognize it's importance in our lives today we should realize the role these types of stories play in our time. The Scriptures is not merely a history book or a book of testimonies of morality, but it can be described as book that speaks to us today of how we need to live and interact with God. We are confronted by this truth in Genesis "through a graphic and dramatic rendering it gives a profound biblical diagnosis of the predicament not only of the initial man as well as the first female but as well of every man and every girl and of the entire human family" (Rhodes 29). Every tale in the biblical narrative could be related to the struggles and predicaments we all face today. When we see the narrative in general we see the beautiful story of how God uncovers himself to us while offering us restoration through his son Jesus Christ.

The Old Legs lays the building blocks for the relationship between The almighty and his...

... nto your own relationship with God the Father. No longer is the biblical narrative a story all of us read, yet we are now the personas in a account that is still being written. With this kind of revelation I must ask myself: Am I where I want to have the story? Just how am I adding to the biblical narrative in my life? Am I learning and growing as a result of my understand with the biblical story?

The journey of this course features caused me to think about my romance with Goodness and my relationship with the world. The overview of the biblical story has unified the Old Testament and New Testament in my mind. One would end up being incomplete with no other. They need each other to share the full account. This is something I did not completely understand until this course. I was thankful for the opportunity to study the bible in this manner and to know my function in the biblical narrative.

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