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The basic parts of an essay with thesis statement

Students are often assigned essays with thesis statements. Frankly speaking, all essays are written with this crucial section, so a sample essay thesis statement is a typical writing assignment, while an essay without a thesis statement is almost unreal. If you want to learn more about sample essay with thesis statement, read this highly informative review.

What’s a thesis statement? To be short, it’s a backbone of any composition. A thesis statement gives readers a deep insight into the topic, letting them know what the whole essay is about. Any essay will lack an argument, clarity, focus and continuity without a thesis statement.

There’re two main types of thesis statement:

  • argumentative
  • explanatory

The explanatory thesis announces the subject to the audience. It doesn’t declare a stance, that requires an argument to defend. These explanatory theses are often utilized in expository essays as well as research essays. In an argumentative essay the thesis statement needs to be claim. It has nothing to do with a personal response to a topic or a factual statement. It should be an idea provoking opposition – that’s what your readers would like to refute.

A typical place of the thesis statement is the end of an introductory paragraph. It’s mentioned early in the essay as it informs readers of the major idea encompassing the whole essay.

The thesis statement doesn’t necessarily need to occupy just one sentence. Its actual length mainly depends on the depth of the entire essay. For some essays a one-sentence thesis statement isn’t enough. Regardless of its length, the thesis statement is expected to be concise and clear and that’s especially true for the final draft of the essay. A short and direct thesis statement forms a positive influence of the author.

A thesis statement: how you should create it

As an author, it’s up to you to keep the thesis statement in mind. Each considered or proposed topic within the essay needs to have some relevance to your thesis statement. Many newbies put an excessive emphasis on their thesis statement during the writing process. That’s one of the most widespread errors of essay writing. It’s crucial to keep your thesis in mind, but it’s also important not to hinder the writing process by restricting your writing to the thesis statement.

Constructing a working thesis statement should come after brainstorming or deriving a theme. The thesis statement will guide you as an author through the composition of your essay.

The best aspect of a working thesis statement is that you can have it revised at any time to meet the specific needs of your essay.

The actual role of the working thesis is to drastically lessen the stress of writing of a collegiate essay and also to incorporate some flexibility in the essay writing process. Being aware of the fact that a working thesis is going to be subjected to numerous revisions, you’ll enjoy more freedom as a writer.

Revising your thesis statement

The very first step in changing the thesis statement into an independent and strong claim is to cut the first draft’s sentence from the very beginning. You can use the original working thesis from the previous part of your essay.

By the end of your essay writing you may still find your thesis statement weak. There might be several reasons. For instance, you might have overlooked your diction there. The key to success here is to utilize words, making your claim stronger and even more assertive. It would be a good thing to exclude the passive voice from your thesis statement. This will make your thesis much stronger.

Now it’s time to get your argument sparkled. We’re just dropping a hint at the necessity of revising your essay and in particular your thesis statement. Perhaps, you’ll have to have it revised several times to make it more specific.

The major points in revising your thesis statement:

  • Make sure your paper boosts your thesis statement. One way to ensure this is to check the very use of the topic sentences in your essay.
  • Make sure your topic sentences are relevant to the thesis statement. They need to pertain to your argument or topic.
  • Don’t hurry up to change your paper. Perhaps, you will only require changing your thesis statement and nothing else. If your change your thesis, you’ll get a radically new essay.
  • You’ll greatly improve your thesis statement if you use diction in the proper way. Make sure the words comprising your thesis statement are used in the right way and really help to enhance the claim.
  • As an essay writer, even an inexperienced one, you’re expected to be concise, clear and direct. It’s not recommended to make use of vague, large words unless they’re really necessary.
  • Avoid fluffing your thesis statement. The number one objective of your thesis statement is to make sure the audience properly understands the topic. Respectively, you shouldn’t confuse them with flowery, big sentences.
  • Be very assertive, when dealing with an argumentative essay. Your readers will definitely appreciate this.

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