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Essay upon Defeat with the Battle of Little Bighorn

Beat at the Fight of Very little Bighorn

From this essay I shall be composing and describing about the defeat in

the battle of Tiny Bighorn. We are writing about why the fight

began in the first place. How it could possibly have been eliminated. And who also

was to blame for the eliminate. I will become examining how come Custer

made a decision to attempt to conquer the Sioux nation by himself, his

frame of mind and goals and his individuality. His backdrop, his

self confidence, the fight itself plus the reasons why this individual failed are

factors I will be exploring. As well I will be authoring why

mistakes were made'.

General George Armstrong Custer was born and bred inside the small city of

Munroe in The state of michigan. His daddy was a blacksmith, but he himself wished

to become a lawyer. However , as they came from a modesty family

that could support his law school expenses he chosen to attend Western world

Point Army Academy while the various other poor young boys did. Custer did not

desire to have a armed service career, but he thought that after this he would

have the education to become a legal professional. At West Point, Custer graduated

thirty-fourth out of the class of thirty several. This certainly showed

that Custer's cardiovascular system was not in Military-at time. But this did not

justify what his career will be. He was poor academically yet

excelled in swordsmanship and horsemanship. Tiny did he know this individual

would become and expert in 1861, the beginning of the American Municipal


Throughout the civil war, Custer had a flair that caught the eyes of

powerful males. He then wedded in 1864 to At the Bacon. A lot of said

this kind of marriage was a great appreciate story. He was adored deeply by her and

the lady devoted almost 60 years u...

... green troops'. The

men were inexperienced with weaponry and in addition they had complications with their


When Custer saw his men had been in danger he did nothing about it and

this demonstrated his greed and narcissism. The armed service had single-shot rifles

which was government insurance plan. The military services also just had 6 shots 12 months to

practice with whereas the Indians had frequent practise through

hunting. Likewise their horsemanship was excellent. There were broken

lines of communication between your three representatives. There was also no

support given to Custer from the various other two representatives. Captain Benteen

and Sparks refused to back up Custer because they had been mistreated before

by him. Therefore basically, as a result of Custer's frame of mind and selfishness it

got him in great problems. Custer was blinded by fame and glory and

would anything to achieve even more.

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