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Essay The Protagonist's Search in The Hobbit and The Last Unicorn

When you look at numerous genres of literature, the one binding motif that they every have is the sense of a journey or quest. The protagonist goes thru a mental and psychological journey in which they find themselves, or an epic search filled with adventure and high-paced action. Quite often, we see both equally attributes used by the author. The quest is highly significant through the entire story as it creates difference in the main character. Through browsing both "The Hobbit" by simply JRR Tolkien and "The Last Unicorn" by Peter S Beagle, I discovered that even though both had very different plotlines, the journey that the Unicorn and Bilbo shared had been vastly related in many ways. The Unicorn's trip was one which was fuelled because the girl wanted to feel a sense of a friendly relationship and hoping. Bilbo's trip was quite different, as it involved much more actions and was fuelled by the Dwarves' vengeance and being hungry to get their gold back. Despite this, that they both move through an emotional journey by which they see themselves alter immensely, they both have to undergo a lot of physical issues in order to full their quest and they both changed after their individual quests and had a hard time establishing to life. While David Mitchell once mentioned "there ain't no trip what no longer change you some. "

Throughout the two stories, both protagonists go through an psychological journey. Intended for Bilbo, his idea of a utopia at the start of the story is that home is a good place and this there is no explanation to leave the house unless you have to. As his experiences with all the dwarves obtain him in to dangerous situations, he understands his Tookish side and uncovers his hidden appreciate for excitement. In the first couple of pages available, Bilbo requires Gandalf in the event he is certain he will come...

... onment that is his house. For the Unicorn, she is aware of nothing more than the comfort of her forest at the start of the novel. The girl lives a great innocent monster, not even knowing how long she gets truly been living for. Her view on the planet ultimately gets changed the moment she becomes a human, and unfortunately on her behalf, she requires the feeling of affection and regret she developed as a individual into her Unicorn lifestyle. Both heroes in the end not simply become completely opposite to what that they started while, but likewise The tales may capture different feelings of illusion (The Previous Unicorn being much more mythic like in it's approach), the progression both equally stories have, show that in the end because Rainer Helen Wilke effectively stated, "The only voyage is the a single within".

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The final Unicorn by Peter S Beagle

The Hobbit by simply JRR Tolkien

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