Essay about The Hippie Movement

When folks hear the term hippie, they think of males and woman in loose clothing with flowers weaved in their hair. Although these men and women performed in fact have on these things, they will left a substantial impact on world. Hippies had been a part of the Counterculture movement, which basic ideals were to reject the ideas of mainstream culture. The movement itself began with the protesting of the Vietnam War. Eventually, the movement was more protesting the war. Hippies promoted the application of recreational prescription drugs, religious patience; they also changed society's opinions and behaviour about life-style and cultural behavior. The Counterculture movement was the most influential age in the 20th century as the people of this time improved society's outlook, and broached the subject areas of drugs, fashion, and sex freedom.

The Counterculture movement started in 1964, when North Vietnamese torpedo boats assaulted two U. S. destroyers. President Meeks ordered the retaliatory bombing of military targets in North Vietnam (Vietnam Battle Protests). A number of months later, people began to question the rationale of preventing the battle. People inhibited joining the war in Vietnam due to our location in the Frosty War. Both America as well as the Soviets experienced nuclear guns, but none country can afford the out conflict. By beginning another warfare with Vietnam that would suggest placing more stress for the military causes. With two wars occurring, that would require more person power. This challenge introduced the draft. Many people of the counterculture movement compared this, mainly because they didn't believe in struggling with in a war that they didn't support. Teenage boys tore up their draft cards, or signed up because conscientious objectors. A conscientious objector can be someone who doesn...

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