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Dissertation about The text Between Unaware and Emma

The Connection Between Clueless and Emma

An invaluable connection may be made come in between Anne Austen's 'Emma'

and Amy Heckerling's 'Clueless' although style, customs, society and

language differ between two. The connection is made throughout the

plot, characters and inevitable human nature. The themes of vanity

rank, status and gossip link the two medias and produce a valuable

linkage in relating the 19th century existence with the modern-day world.

Vogue is constantly changing, season to season, year to year, decade

to decade. In spite of these improvements, the human urge of counter allows for

the size of fashion to always remain the same; it is just a reflection of

the person below and their position in society. Although Austen

does not give us much physical description of Emma's universe we know

that dressing correct is important. Mrs. Elton comments that Emma's

dress "did not have enough lace" consequently implying which the dress was

cheap; a daring slander. The world of 'Clueless' revolves around

fashion. Keeping up with the trends and dressing to match one's picture

is very important. Precieux insults Silpada by recommending that the girl with

wearing "designer impostor perfume" and this is insulting since it

is only recognized to have the genuine thing which is ten moments more

high-priced. So even though we know that we all will never discover Emma within a mini

skirt or Cher in a full body corset, the nature of style is a valid

link between 'Emma' and 'Clueless'.

Customs, values and society every interrelate and rely on each other to

type one's way of living, including their rank and status. Traditions, values

and society fluctuate in every race and as period goes by, it can be constantly...

... e, establishing

culture and fashions are different; rich, wise, spoiled woman, living

a charmed life. The characters directly website link the book to the motion picture

as the contemporary superstars are new adaptations with their classical

equivalent. Cher is usually Emma, Josh is Mr. Knightly, Christian is Mister.

Churchill and so on. Therefore , 'Clueless' is a modification of

'Emma', connected by the plot and characters.

In summation, the valuable interconnection can be manufactured between 'Emma' and

'Clueless' via the prevalent messages portrayed and the story and

characters. Vanity, ranking, status and gossip are examples of the various

themes that establish the web link through simple, unchangeable, timeless

human nature combined with the plot and characters. Heckerling has

successfully transformed 'Emma', making it an invaluable media allowing

it to become appreciated by all.

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