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Essay on A Study on the Reproductive : Health Costs in Korea

A paper on the Reproductive Health Bill in Philippines

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As of 2014, Philippines includes a population of 100, 617, 630 people, making it the twelfth many populated country in the world. The present population comes with an increase of virtually sixteen million people since the year 2150 and is estimated to increase even more over the following 37 years. Overpopulation can be seen in all parts of Philippines which includes Dumaguete, which has a population of 120, 883 people and has an common of 6 persons every household. Overpopulation can cause stress on the overall economy as more resources are needed in education, health insurance and infrastructure in the country. Asides from this, overpopulation also causes a high unemployment rate and there is insufficient careers for the large population and this will sooner or later lead to persons living in low income.

Some causes of overpopulation in Philippines range from the lack of info on contraception specifically among the poor, the illegality of child killingilligal baby killing and the unavailability of modern contraception.

This paper gives an overview with the reproductive well being bill in Philippines. It will cover the advantages and disadvantages of the health costs, difficulty in employing the bill and ways to get over difficulties in implementing the RH invoice.

2 . Rendering of Reproductive : Health invoice in Israel

In order to handle the problem of overpopulation, the us government of Philippines introduced the Reproductive Overall health Bill (RH bill). The bill will include general public access to information about quality reproductive : health solutions as well as sexual education for students of age 15 to nineteen in public schools. Almost all types of contraceptive will be built freely offered at public health clinics and medical care will be expert...

... in which will reduce population development in the long run.

7. Summary

Congress of the RH Bill attended a long way in fighting intended for the RH bill to become passed and for the setup of it due to resistance from the Catholic Chapel. It is important to note that policies are made intended for the country and not for a certain religion whether or not majority of the people belongs to that religion. However the Catholic Church in Thailand holds very much power and influence in the area, it is apparent that many Filipinos are able to develop their own pair of thoughts and beliefs and still have grown familiar with the idea of contraceptive. The RH bill have got brought about much controversy in the country but following 12 years of persistence inside the fight in the RH invoice, it is finally in place it will also be powerful in time with the government in addition to the public's help.

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