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What should an Essay on Wild Life Conservation talk about?

A wild life conservation essay talks about wildlife, that is, sweet singing birds, swinging colorful plants and dangling forest trees in a beautiful rainy season. It also talks about a lush green floor of a grassy field outside a vibrant forest inside of which lives various kinds of inhabitants. It also may narrate a number of thought provoking ideas of select people who are continuously working on this subject.

Any scholar who is studying in this specific field can be asked to write an essay on wild life protection or he/she may be given a task to put his or her thoughts on a paper in the shape of an essay on wild life. He/she may also be tasked to write this in mla essay format or write a research summary in his or her own words.

As you already read in the above lines that an essay on wild life conservation talks about wildlife. But what is the point in wildlife conservation? How to write an essay on wild life conservation and where to find the relative material to produce a persuasive essay on wild life conservation ?

You may know that wildlife has a major role to play in the lives of humankind. The natural selection, ecology, biodiversity and conservation biology are the major ingredients of the introduction to the history of wildlife. People who have this subject as their major in academic career would also love to know that there are so many number of case study analysis type of writing samples available even in the format of an apa essay.


If you are one of those who are put to task to write on this topic and having trouble in completing your assignment in a timely manner, you may continue reading and get the benefit of the simple tips provided in the below lines to guide you through your academic endeavor.

What to write in and where to start from my essay?

Your essay should start from a thesis statement. If you do not have an idea about what is thesis statement then you do not need to worry just keep on reading. A thesis statement is the major idea of an academic essay. It should be written either in the start of an essay or at least in the first paragraph of your college paper. It should also give a clear picture of the underlying moral message that you are trying to deliver in your academic paper

Suggestively your paper on wildlife conservation should also talk about the extinction of wildlife. Try to put some facts and figures about how the flora and fauna has been destroyed in the past few decades. Write about how the rivers and lakes have been polluted with waste materials. How badly forests been destroyed for urbanization and industrialization. And this is all done by mankind for whom the Mother Nature has a very soft corner. It is providing oxygen, shelter, food, and so many innumerable amenities even to those who are still planning to obliterate it.

You also can insert the facts about the killing of animals and birds living in the forests. How has it created a serious threat to certain species of animals and birds? The best example is the African Golden Cat. Your paper may also talk about the fact that the African continent is more vulnerable to human commercial activities. It is rich in natural resources hence inviting the exploitation of foreign influences. Mass manufacturing and easy access to precious minerals through technology driven equipment have destroyed the habitat so badly that the genesis like cheetah and African golden cat are included in the list of endangered species.

You also can try to let your reader understand the meanings of “conservation”. The dictionary states that conservation stands for “means to keep something safe”. Your copy can also suggest the following preventive measures to conserve the wildlife:,/p>

  • Regulations should be devised to impose a complete embargo on poaching or netting any bird or animal that lies in the list of endangered species. It also should be made a bookable offense.
  • If some kinds of birds and animals are in abundance nowadays, they should not be allowed for indiscriminate killing.
  • By establishing Sanctuaries and National Conservation Parks the natural habitats of birds and animals be preserved.

In this way, you can write a compelling copy of your academic paper on the subject of conservation of wildlife. In addition to this, you also can extend a helping hand in letting the people, who are maliciously killing the nature, realize the dangers hidden in this deterioration for humankind.

It is a matter of great concern to note that humans are not simply occupying the terrain once belonged to the wild life, relentlessly. There are so many businesses that are doing this for profit. The unlawful intercontinental yearly trade of live wild species has touched the figures of billions.

The purpose of your essay regarding wildlife conservation should be evocative. It should also give proper reasoning to protect wild flora and fauna contrary to the infringements of intensifying human pursuit. As per the estimates given by The United Nations, the human population may increase to 11.2 billion in the year 2100, whereas, as of July 2015 it was estimated at 7.3 billion. Need is to realize that by destroying the nature can humans survive?

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