Article on Treaty Of Paris: United Condition History

Balil Rogers


HIST 100: Combined State Background I

Treaty of Paris

During the eighteenth century British and the American colonies experienced many differences in the Americas. British soldiers looked down on the groupe. The groupe couldn't carry on the cruel treatment from your British and later revolted due to the Treaty of Paris. The British didn't respect the Indians nor. They planned to force the Indians off their land. The Treaty of Paris, france of 1763 ended the Seven Years ' Warfare (1756-1763) among France and Great Britain, New France.. The Treaty of Paris effect both the Indigenous America as well as the colonies.

The Treaty of Paris, france in 1763, brought end to the Several Years warfare. The battle was between the European countries (French vs Britain). British won the war more than French and gain terrain in the Kansas Valley through which was the start of the shady relationshipsThe British gained in Quebec and took over French forts. British says their property and the Natives doesn't such as the result. The Indians planned to have peace and have a relationship like the French.

"British traders as well defrauded Indians on quite a few occasion and ignored classic obligations of gift providing (Hewitt and Lawson 134). " In other words, the English wasn't offering gifts including kettles, gunpowder or weapons. This brought on the Indians to deprive because that they depended on the British's gifts to quest and transact. The English didn't admiration the Indian and overlook their traditions and the actual follow.

"Withholding gifts and sending in troop sent a message, reinforced by the terminology of United kingdom officers: Great britain intended to reduce the Indians to submission and take over all their land (Calloway 67). " In other words, Uk doesn't wish to join together with the Native Americans...

... olution. The interior political conditions was harsh to both Indians and colonist. British control the growth westward make laws and restrictions against them. The social condition was cruel whereas the colonies was force to take care of the soldiers. "Colonial governments were supposed to support them by letting them use empty buildings and providing them with food and supplies (Hewitt and Lawson 140). " This resulted in the groupe had to give their as well as strangers.

The Treaty of Paris afflicted both the colonies and Indigenous American in lots of ways. British not simply took area from the Indians, they out of cash their romance with the groupe. Setting regulations on restriction for the benefit of the mother country is not what the colonies fought against for in the war. They will fought for independence which played a huge role in causing the American Cycles.

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