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Essay over a Personal Experience of Learning About Zweipolig Disorder

A Personal Connection with Learning About Zweipolig Disorder

My own daughter Ashley, an engaging, highly intelligent, gorgeous and creatively talented teenager, suffers from a life threatening innate illness. Costly illness of extremes having a high, some estimates happen to be as much as 20%, mortality price. It is occasionally, as with my daughter, hard to treat. It is usually difficult for those so impacted and their people. The contemporary nomenclature with this disease is usually Bi-Polar Disorder (1). Nevertheless I prefer the greater descriptive, no more politically appropriate name, Manic Depression.

The majority of us understand the problems inherent in depression as well as associated high-risk of suicide. Over the last 36 months my little girl has employed some of the most common methods. She gets cut her forearms two times, fifteen and twenty stitches respectively. And one nighttime she swallowed a week's worth of her approved medications (over one hundred pills) leaving her mother to find her, the next morning, much to her amaze and disappointment alive, and covered in vomit and excrement. But what is less commonly regarded is that as precarious while depression is most likely the manic period is equally as risky.

Mania (1) consists of sporting thoughts, special delusions and marked deficiency of judgement. Unlike in the depressive phase it is hard to envision or perhaps anticipate the life threatening behaviours in which all those so impacted might employ. My child has many moments; as is and so typical in a manic period, lost most sense of danger and for example attemptedto walk only at night for miles along a highway. It is also quite typical in this period for manic-depressives, as features my girl, to turn to avenue drugs (2).

But the majority of my daughter's experiences with street...

... 14)MetalHealth. com - Drugs


16)MetalHealth. com - Drugs

17)Depression - Family Links


19)Suicide & Despression symptoms Bookstore

20)Personnal Interview,%201999

21)Electroconvulsive Therapy

22)U of P News Release

23)TMS Resources

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