Article on The Traditions Of The Mass Commuters

I chose to focus on the tradition of the mass commuters in the Houston Metropolitan area. I personally frequent Houston's public buses or since it is commonly called METRO often during my early youth level, therefore I consider I can make use of cultural relativism instead obtaining a ethnocentric mind framework with statement. However , you may not be aware nevertheless METRO have changed their particular bus program as of September 2015 ("NewBusNetwork, " in. d. ) to better address the needs of their riders since Houston growth have been tremendous since the creation of CITY.

As I sat on the bench while staying mentally engulfed with the odor of urine, numerous deafening Metro search engines roaring, as well as the excessive chattering of people on the Northwest Transportation Center. A transit is a hive for many METRO chartering and their riders. I noticed facing me the informal usual currently well-known was the development of lines with a few stragglers sitting waiting for the line to visit a close to end prior to conforming. As you expected the disabled and elderly were 73% of the time permitted to enter the shuttle bus the first other times we were holding required to wait as everybody else with the exception of all those in a wheelchair. If a person was in a wheelchair the bus drivers would make the decision whether or not the face would go initial or last. If the bus driver descends the bring for the wheelchair it absolutely was common custom to step aside however, if the bus rider chose to get the potential travellers to enter the bus initially he would coax the travellers to get on the bus. I decided to ride the 85 Antoine bus to observe their norms or just how these particular relevers ride the bus. The method was to can get on the shuttle bus (we under no circumstances formed lines-it was chaos), place profit the appropriate slots and be given a t...

... en an additional and at least four men spoke up and two females these were all primarily African Us citizens. One African American male acquired up went to the back followed by one Dark-colored and a single Hispanic guy. Last but not least the bus drivers announced that if an elderly or perhaps handicapped has not been giving a chair on his after that he would not move the bus. There are many variables for this project for you to say if this was subculture was ethnicity or male or female wise. I believe a contribution of the two is what influenced the culture shock for the riders. I had been partially nervous about upsetting the women yet extremely flattered that my personal opinions had been accepted amongst these frequent riders.


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