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An essay on spring season : how to select the most suitable topic for your written exercise

Without a doubt, one of the most significant aims of every modern teacher of elementary grades is to provide children with basic principles of essay writing and supply them with recognizable and comprehensible samples of perfectly written descriptive papers. In order to accomplish this doubtlessly substantial assignment, it is highly recommendable to develop your own educational program, which will take into account all particular individual characteristics and personal tastes of your students. Of course, an experienced pedagogue may be able to eschew some of the most labour-consuming phases of this task and start work with unfamiliar students, using only his or her personal, previously obtained experience. Nevertheless, an importance of a well-elaborated educational program for an unexperienced teacher can hardly be overestimated. Undoubtedly, you can always use the best reputable and technically advanced paper writing service with an eye to optimize your work and correct all possible mistakes and logical gaps in your program from the very start. Furthermore, you can visit one of the ubiquitously approachable professional development courses. Usually, these educational centers supply their clients with various serviceable theoretical recommendations and practical advice about all significant nuances and considerable details of the teaching profession.

Of course, all these courses supply you only with the general advice and tips, whereas your main task is to find a common language with every concrete pupil. According to the different case study methods and techniques of schooling the most suitable way to perform this task is to ask your students to write a descriptive essay about some topic, which is equally interesting and comprehensible for all pupils. Naturally, it will be absolutely injudicious to start your acquaintanceship with your new pupils with over sophisticated and notional assignments, such as composing a book report or writing a laboratory report. All these tasks require a certain level of qualification; thereby they will be too difficult for pupils of elementary grades. Thus, your primal objective is to find a topic, which is located at the intersection of students’ interests. Needless to say that it is difficult to find the more appropriate theme for children than a theme about their daily interests and everyday events. Therefore, it will be quite recommendable to ask them to compose an ordinary descriptive essay about the peculiarities of their home region, such as a My Native Land essay, Spring Season essay, My Favorite Season essay or a My Native Town essay. Of course, not all of these topics will be equally interesting for your pupils, so you have to choose deliberately with an eye to avoid unwelcome complications and establish the atmosphere of the mutual trust in your class. Thereby, the most appropriate way is to ask your pupils to write an ordinary essay about spring season. This theme has a wide specter of advantages compared to all other topics. Firstly, it is quite simple in execution; thereby your students will be able to cope with it. Therefore, you can use this topic as an excellent test for your students in order to assess their basic writing skills. Secondly, this topic is religiously, politically and racially neutral, thereby, it contains no possible points of confrontation. Thirdly, it is, to all intents and purposes, interesting and amusing, so your students will undoubtedly find it quite sapid. Without a doubt, you can select a different season of the year as a theme for your assignment, but the spring season has a considerable number of advantages. For example, every kid will be happy to write about a time when all nature is resurrecting from winter dormancy. In addition to all these persuasive arguments, the theme permits you to demonstrate the fundamental principles of writing to your pupils and teach them basic terms and techniques of writing, such as how to start a thesis about some problem or how to choose the most apprehensible argumentative system. Therefore, according to these entire theses, we can postulate that a standard Spring Season essay theme will be the most suitable theme for pupils of elementary grades.

A dispassionate literary analysis: general pedagogical recommendations for teachers

According to the previously mentioned theses, we have to underscore that the primal objective of your written exercise is to establish the most auspicious atmosphere of reciprocal respect in your new class. Thus, you should judge the results of the pupils’ work both carefully and dispassionately in order to eschew any potential nepotism and/or quite unwished results of excessive strictness. Therefore, let us examine a compendious register of crucial points to which attention should be paid during the check of the students’ work. Here is a brief list of these key-points:

  • a beauty and precision of writing style. It is also quite advisable to distinguish the best examples of students’ essays and demonstrate them to the rest of the pupils. Additionally, you can encourage your students if you declare a competition for the best essay on spring season. Undoubtedly, children will be glad to take part in the competition for the best writer.
  • an originality of presentation. Naturally, a standard essay on spring season should not be written in formal style or in direct accordance with a lab report format, so your students could receive a certain freedom in their actions. In this situation, your primal aims is to countenance pupils’ creativity, ability to think independently and abandon clichés.
  • a saturation of information. Of course, your students do not have to examine various guidelines, writing manuals and over sophisticated encyclopedias in order to compose an ordinary essay. Nevertheless, it will be wise to encourage those who will perform at least one of these significant operations. For example, a student who writes an essay on monsoon season instead of an ordinary essay on spring season should be specially awarded. Thereby, you will be able to show the undoubted importance of the creative approach to the subject to your students.
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