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Essay On Social Problems: Getting into the depth

Murder and everyday traffic are just two of the most common social problems alive today. From those social problems you can already write the best college essays. But, there are other conditions that few people consider as social problems but to some are not. One example is sound pollution among teenagers who play loud party music in public places. To some, this is an undesirable condition but to young people, it is their way of expressing themselves. For nonsmokers, smoking is a bad social condition and should be banned, especially in public places. Almost all newspapers are filled with different stories and essay on social problems categorized by people as social problems. Drug abuse, crime, abortion, and environmental problems are simply the many conditions. Social problems are always there. In every state, national or international levels undesirable social conditions are always present. You may check on the Public Policy Analyst to see some of the existing social problems in the community.

Take the specific community location. A typical community usually composed of school, school district, town, village and city (some even have best resume writing service agencies). Some have the county. But, there are social problems which can exist on all the said community locations. Say, for example, there is a rampant case of theft in the whole school district. So police agencies make surveys and statistics to monitor the crime rate or the existence of a social problem for a specified location under their jurisdiction. Describing your social problem can be done by considering the geographical setting before going into courseworks. Or, you may state the name of the place itself or schools like Bronx High School or New York City. However, PPA is only good for local problems and not on the national level.

However, what makes essays on social problems controversial is how we address the word public or people. When can we say that it is the public that states the social condition? How many can be considered as public or the majority and, how few is the minority? This can be traced by using a specific methodology for determining social problems. It is like doing a case study method. Besides the question of how to identify the public, we may also want to consider how to determine the overall social problem. It is not reasonable to simply conduct a survey and leave all the responsibility to the people. It is also unreasonable to put the entire load to the experts. One medium to help us examine the current social problems in the society is mass media, which is also a big help in a research proposal. The television for example, through coverage, the issue it chooses to present gives a very powerful impact to the public. A majority of the stereotypes that societies live by are brought or influenced by the media today. The effect of mass media to the society is remarkable (this can be well noted if you examine an essay on social problems in India). This explains why the media itself is a good source of determining the major social problem that society has. How the presented information is gladly taken by the public because it is by far the most influential and most effective medium of sharing information to people of all ages. This is why it is both helpful and dangerous because children or minor age can already grasp or see contents only intended for adults. Getting heavy and harsh contents for a young age is quite dangerous to the normal development of a child’s psychological health. Media may not only comprise of television and social networks. Print ads and magazines are two of the most influential media outlets that you should consider too. If you are not convinced about the power of mass media, check the other essay on social problem.

Essay On Social Problems: Giving solution to the problem

So, in order to answer questions on the society’s social problems, we can refer it on how we define the quality of life every individual should have and how it should be deployed. Both public opinion and experts' point of view can be used to carefully define social problems. So, the quality of life according to public opinion should coincide with how professionals and experts identify it. At what condition that the quality of life is put to a risk? Up to what extent such condition is tolerable so as not to decrease the quality of life? How people perceive a situation can be very different from how experts see it. So, it is of great importance that these two bodies coincide with each other. In short, there is a need to study and to understand people's perception as well as their desires and needs.

How people perceive a situation is greatly influenced by their judgments and their present condition or how they are affected from what they see, hear and feel. So, they normally perceive a situation as threatening if they feel that their necessities are put to risk. Necessities do include their personal security, health and family’s well-being. Quite simply, if the situation or condition affects the quality of life they perceive and the condition deprives them of their necessities then we have a social problem. How the problem is perceived and understood greatly affects how it can be solved or minimized. Solutions are significantly dependent on the level of understanding of the problem.

  • To cut it short, if the people do not know how to define quality life and how to maintain it then it will be hard for them to suggest for practical solutions to the problem.
  • Thus; it is reasonable to say that solutions and policies must be based on the people's perception or suggestion meeting what experts think is the best.
  • So, policy-makers must consult both suggesting bodies before imposing a policy to solve the problem.
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