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Essay on population in India details

The fact remains that India is the country with the highest menace of overpopulation in the entire universe. Just consider a country, which has more than 15% of the population of the world. Because of this, students of social sciences like philosophy, sociology and political science may be told to write essays on population in India. Now, when you are told to write such essay, you may either engage in a creative writing that will describe the population trend in India and other things surrounding it. But on another angle, you may choose to argue in favor of the population growth hinging on the strengths it gives the nation, or you may wish to focus on the negative aspects of the population growth in the country. When you are told to write this essay, you may not have the necessary knowledge to kick-start something that will make a good read. You may also not have the time to sit down, research and write about it. There are many college essays where you will just pick your class note and before you know it, the essay is ready. But the issue of population in India is one you may not have learnt in details in the classroom. This will need extra research from you to come up with the materials and information you will write with. If you are one of those students that sponsor themselves through school, and therefore have to work and school at the same time, you will not have the time to write the essay. If you also have many other assignments on your table, you may not have the time to do the needed research for this population problem in India essay. This is the moment you will need our paper writing service. When you hire us, you will enjoy unique services. We know that every client is different and people come with different problems. We try as much as possible to approach your essay with the best possible method so as to give you details of what you need.

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Topics for essay on population in India

When you want to write an essay on the population growth and its effects in India, there are some areas you should focus on. Whenever you succeed in picking out a good thesis statement from these areas, you will enjoy a great essay. You can focus on the history of the population growth in India and how it came to where it is at the moment. Are there cultural and social trends that forced people to bear more children that made the population to escalate? You can examine the role religion has played in it all. Many religious beliefs encourage massive procreation and view birth control of all sorts as a sacrilege. You can highlight and expatiate on this. Another angle you can explore is the political angle to it. It is obvious everywhere that voting is done by numbers. However in India, there are some areas where voting center on a caste system. Therefore, the caste that has more population is meant to lord over the others, and therefore, the need to give birth to more people. You can also explore the place of early marriage in this. This marriage system that is very prevalent in India has also led to the growth in population, and you can look at it.

On the other angle, you can turn to an examination of the merits of a small family. This may take you to look at what India would have been like if it does not have the current number of people in it. When you are searching for specific topics for your essay on unemployment in India , you can focus on the impact of the overpopulation on the economy of the nation, how the population of the nation is distributed and which people suffer most among the areas. You can even look at the problem of uneven distribution of this population. When you are through with your essay, you can hire us to give it the desired finishing touches. We can do proofreading, editing and grammar corrections. Our dissertation editing services is always on course.

  • Your essay on population in India should be made up of five paragraphs so far as it is a short essay.
  • The introduction should have one paragraph, while the body gets three, with the conclusion getting the remaining one.
  • Don’t ever submit your essay until you have proofread and edited it severally, to fish out all errors.
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