Article on Modern Democracy As well as the Ancient Greek Democracy

Go through the background, it's easy to find out the political devices in old Greece and Rome is

democracy and republic. Parallel Assessing the modern democracy to ancient greek language democracy

and contemporary republic to Roman republic, although they are almost diverse in the amount of

succinct, pithy, digging the root, the modern democracy and republic are derivate from historic one.

This article will briefly discuss the initial in contemporary democracy constitute the ancient Greek democracy

in two elements: 1 . Set up citizen and legal right between citizen and non-citizen. 2 . The

system of democracy and the watch over of the democracy; and in republic compared with old

Roman in the facets of motivation in the separation of powers and it's program.

The founded the concept of ‘citizen' and right of citizens: In old Greece, Athens. And

the reached its complete development inside the mid-fifth 100 years B. Elizabeth. C, the remarkable stage is they will allowed

all male citizens to participate in making laws and administering justice(1) Which means that

women, slaves and metics lacked political rights. Girls that were citizens enjoyed legal

benefits and social status refused foreigners and slaves, and foreigners can granted long term

property permits and legal safeguard for newsletter to pay taxes is to do military services to

become metics, they do not have the right to participate in politics (2). This is proven the historic

Greece created the concept of ‘citizen', and in addition amend legislation and legal right between people

and non-citizens. Contrasting the principles of citizens in old Greece together with the modern concepts

it is far from fully same, in today, women have the same right because men steadily after the feminist


... at the, lottery

and political election, etc . In certain modern country the part of command also chosen among the elites

just like Britain legislative house; the modern regulate of the democracy use the laws, separation of

power instead of the historical one-ostracism. As well as the last one particular, modern personal system as well

assimilated the splitting up of forces from the old republic The italian capital, to prevent the ruler misuse

their rule, utilize election plus the system of a labour of office, to make the separation of powers

and modern day one also extent and amend this product, to make sure several power cannot act

beyond other's authority.


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