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The example of an essay on Internet and online communication

The skill to maintain an effective communication online is certainly one of the must-have abilities in the today’s world. If it so, what exactly do we mean by “effective online communication” and “world-wide interconnections”? Moreover, if that's the case what is the precise difference that keeps it off other ways in which people have conveyed thoughts and all possible meaning to each other? It seems we cannot call all of them absolutely identical. However useful is a facility with words, it is definitely not enough in itself. Every communication has its own conventions – whether it is on a web page, conference (or chat) ‘room’, e-mail screen, or mobile text message box.

These conventions are maturing with the online opportunities that are being delivered by new technologies. It is sure an exciting time: those who ‘perceive’ the up-to-date media accurately and ‘reproduce’ its information with genuine artistry are the ones who will be prosperous. In conventional terms, one would call that getting the right register. A register is the appropriate tone of styles of writing or voice to fit the pressing problem. Well, it could be met in customary text phone sign-off between friends, which is represented by the specific phrase, namely: “Got2go, TTFN”. Although, the equivalent nineteenth-century phrase could look somewhat different: “Hoping this epistle finds Your Grace in as good prosperity as it leaves me, I remain, my dear Sir, your humble and most obedient servant”. Frankly speaking, the difference is only partly changed custom and practice; we are familiar rather than obedient these days. It is also that keying in 12 characters on the awkward phone keypad is easier than tapping in 128. That is the primary reason we have developed shorthand conventions to save time: some of them flippant (TTFN, Ta Ta For Now; CUL8R, See You Latter; IYSS, If You Say So; and, finally, OTTOMH, Off The Top Of My Head) and some already in everyday use (GMT, Greenwich Mean Time; B2B, Business To Business; ETA, Estimated Time Arrival; RSVP, Please Reply). Of course, it is hardly very probable to meet these abbreviations in a business paper or a research proposal , even if such papers are located on the Internet. Quite the contrary, the aforementioned elements of the Internet language, sometimes known as “hapspek”, are only cleat to those who comprehend them. To others, they are an irritating jumble of letters. But in an age when only a particular stratum could read so too were the flourishes and flounces of handwritten script.

Nevertheless, following fashion is an asset in developing good communication. Advertising, for example, began in verbose and turgid style with lengthy blocks of descriptive text. There was an occasional wood engraving to catch the eye. The fashion in television advertising now is to appeal almost solely to the eye. It is witty and reductive, telling whole stories like a collection of pictorial situations. Audiences have become highly skilled at reading these signs. And online communication skills likewise involve knowing what the modern conventions are. It is productive to look at all forms of media and gather the best from them all. Then you will be qualified enough to write effectively any pieces, right up to creative essays for the Internet. Indubitably, it is a new art.

What are the sections a standard essay on Internet should consist of

Depending on what the level of academic difficulty your essay should meet, the requirements for your writing may vary significantly. However, there exist several standard elements of the essay format that the writer is obliged to include no matter whether he or she is writing an argumentative essay or composing a simple school-level essay on Internet advantages . Sure thing, it is not adequate to comprehend the requirements, and you can start writing only if there is a well-structured plan or/and preliminary written drafts at hand. Mostly, the composition of an academic essay comprises five main steps, namely:


    • - write down the theme, the leading aim, and the main heading of your essay on Internet . Generally speaking, on the initial stage you need to check whether you agree with the wording of the title and understand clearly the questions that it entails. Only after the complete picture has assembled in your brain it is recommendable for you to compose an outline.


    • - plan the exact wording of the final part (the conclusion) and imagine what expected effect on the reader it should have. The reader’s reaction is the leading goal of essay writing on Internet , so prepare yourself to state and ground the particular opinion, which will be understandable (even if not acceptable) to anyone of your audience.


    • - begin the essay on Internet with a brief introduction. The readers do not expect anything ponderous there, so say something customary and strait to the point simultaneously (“…one of the must-have abilities in the today’s world”, see above). Then circumscribe your main point (see the author’s description of the conventions that are characteristic to every kind of communication) and then smoothly proceed to the main body.


    • - in the mid-section of the work you should justify your position by providing evidence, examples and experimental data. It may happen that the wording of the assigned topic is “an essay on use of Internet ”, which should not trouble you. Indubitably, in this case it is allowable to tell the reader a descriptive story (like that one the author is telling in the mid-section, about the differences in keying and tapping characters, see above) without going through a sophisticated hassle.


  • - no one wants you to finish the essay with something as grave as a dissertation conclusion . Just summarize all the points and make a light-hearted conclusion (such as the author’s assumption that all forms of media need to be interconnected, vide supra). Stick to the plainness and easiness, approach the reader attentively and follow the simple steps, and your written work will be able to boast of clarity and orderliness as well as bring to you the A grade.
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