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Getting started with an essay on fear

A fear is something that always prevents us from doing different things that we want to do, that makes us feel bad and that takes our confidence away, even though there is not often any logical reason to have fear of something. Some people say that a fear is when you are afraid of losing something and thus, you lose a chance to get something. There is no any situation in the history of humanity that could teach us that fear is good and useful. That is why fighting with fair is an important and very useful skill for everyone who wants to achieve something in life. Students are asked to complete a writing assignment such as an essay covering the phenomenon of fear because it can help them understand better the nature of fear and, eventually, how to deal with it, how to overcome it in the most difficult situations. In this article, we provided a number of important facts that you should know about fear and its overcoming, as well as useful tips and guidelines that you may find helpful with writing interesting essays on fear.

There is a belief that only those people become heroes, who learn to face their fears and are not afraid to fight with them. Therefore, they turn their fear into a specific source of the biggest strength and by means of this, they turn into heroes. Although this is usually a story of becoming a superhero, like Batman or others, in real life it also works, because only if you overcome your fear you can get access to an incredible source of energy, which will give you all the power that you want.

Different people have a fear of different things. Some people have a fear of certain animals, for example, dogs or mice, other have a fear of insects like spiders or bugs, while some other people have the biggest fear of failure or changes in life, or love, fame and many other things. As a matter of fact, it doesn't matter what scare you, as long as you need to learn to fight with that fear and overcome it anyway. Your task is to take ownership of your feeling of fear and control it in order to use it in the direction that is better for you. The information that is provided below will help you learn how to overcome the feeling of fear and also, it will help you write your paper on fear, since you can consider including this information into your paper.

How to understand fear and overcome it

We would like to recommend you a bunch of steps that are important to undertake in case if you are planning to live your life without having a fear of anything. Read them attentively and try to follow.

  • The first step you need to undertake is to recognize the fear that you may have. You need to realize that having a fear is absolutely normal for every person. When having a fear, you experience such feelings as panic or anxiety that prevents you from appropriate reaction in regard to that or another situation. So try to figure out what exactly causes such feelings in you.
  • The next step is to learning to comprehend the symptoms of feeling fear. As a rule, fear is considered to be called as phobia. This includes a number of different situations, such as being in a public place, speaking in front of a big audience, etc., different animals, phenomena and so on. You need to know exactly what you feel when you have a fear.
  • Consider analyzing your reflections on some kind of traumatic event or accident. It can be anything, starting with a car crash (which leads to having a fear of traveling by car) and finishing with being robbed (which leads to having a fear of being in a place where you have been robbed). This will help you to find out the reason of your fear, which is very important when overcoming it.
  • Remember your childhood and find out whether events that happened to you when you was a child could influence your perception of the world and cause the appearance of fear. In fact, in most of cases people live their whole life under the influence of their childhood.
  • Announce all of your fears to yourself. The easiest thing to do is, of course, to ignore the fears that you have. And the most difficult thing to do is, on the other hand, to have a strength to announce that you are afraid of something. In addition, stop judging all of your fears. By announcing, we mean naming them out loud, without any attachment to positive and negative.
  • Your next step is going to be figuring out your triggers. On the one hand, it may be something quite obvious, like a lot of people gathered together. On the other hand, however, it can be something hidden that you don't usually pay attention at first, like some little signs, sounds, tastes ad so on. The more you comprehend your fear, the easier it is going to be to fight with it.
  • Create in your mind a vivid image of an outcome that you desire. You need to identify what exactly you would like to change and imagine what your life would be like if you had no fear at all.
  • Try to start considering fear to be a new opportunity for you. As a matter of fact, fear can be used as an instrument by means of which you can recognize your problems and find an appropriate method to solve them. Fear is nothing but a sign that you need to change your attitudes or beliefs in regard to that or another issue. Therefore, while fighting with fear you will give yourself a chance to become a better person.

All the information that we provided you may use as an additional source of data for writing your paper. Remember, however, that we can help you deal with writing a good narrative essay on fear, as well as provide you with the following:

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