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Is evolution an observable fact?

There have various numbers of essays on evolution been written and people are still trying this subject by simply writing a rhetorical analysis essay on this topic for the benefit of the research scholars on the web.

The libraries are full of related material where you can easily find an essay on evolution. Various numbers of university students are eagerly searching the internet for dissertation abstracts on this specific area to complete their writing assignments related to essay on human evolution. There are also a plenty of resources available, as well, where you can rummage around for the relative sort of short essays.

Also there has been a much amount of literature written and essay editing done on the future of human evolution essay and a number of predictions have been made, as well, about the enhancement of the uniqueness of individuals. The advancement in technology adds accelerated progress in the process of evolution and humans achievements to gain the ability to reach out beyond the borders of cuddling earth.

Evolution in Medical Science

At the very first place the genetic engineering brings in the successful evolutionary rule changes. It is the first medical science who experiences the practical deployment. Humans are nearing towards the artificial heart and brain. There are so many resources available that are talking about it. Writing an essay on human heart is like a leisure pursuit for the medical scholars. So many animated videos are telling us all about the catheter insertion procedures for the removal of clot from the tiny blood vessels.

Jerry Coyne, a professor at Department of Ecology and Evolution, The University of Chicago provides us with a far-reaching definition of evolution that narrates the theory of evolution and the role that natural selection plays in the evolutionary process. It states the following salient points;

  • Life on earth evolved gradually beginning with one primitive species, perhaps the self -replicating molecule, which lived over and above 3.5 billion years ago.
  • It then branched out over time throwing off many new and diverse species
  • and the mechanism for most, but not for all, evolutionary changes is natural selection.(Why Evolution is True – Coyne, p-3)<./li>

Evolution is just not the story of humans only, it notifies us about the evolutions brought in by humans. The technological advancements in the field of mobile phones since 1973 are enormous. Every one of us can remember the date, April 03, 1973, when Martin Cooper made the history by talking first ever time on a mobile phone. Since then there is an innumerable evolution in this field. The initial “car phones” were not sleek and handy as the today’s iPhones and Smartphones are.

Early cellular devices were made just for talking purpose. But with the passage of time, evolutions were made and characteristics like voicemail were added. In due course, the manufacturers of cellular devices began to realize the fact that more technologies can be integrated into their phones which can expand their features. In fact, the earliest smartphones let users access their emails and they could also use it as a pager, as a fax machine, and as an address book, as well.

In October 1957, the then Soviet Union launched the first ever artificial satellite into the orbit of Sputnik. This achievement of the Russians gave a wake-up call to the Americans who realized the fact that they needed an improved science and math education to stay and compete in a world which is going to be driven by science and technology. This ignited the space race and some home-based scientists and engineers developed a system which carried the Americans to the moon sooner than the Russians just because of the educational evolution.

Having read that all, if you are interested in writing an essay on evolution or want to know about the topic how to write a speech on evolution, keep on reading.

Start your essay on evolution with a concise introduction about the topic. Explain what the word evolution stands for. Define how the various things progress. For example, "Evolution is the rate of recurrence of certain genetic factors when genetic factors change over generations, for instance, how dinosaurs appeared and how reptiles look these days." Put examples about how the things are connected -- from plants to birds to humans to technology.

Start building your evolution paper by putting in information that interests your readers related to the different types of genus. Explain what a genus is and how they are shaped. For instance, "Genus is a creature that reproduces and, due to ecological factors, genus deals with different behaviors within the group." Provide precise examples, for instance, differences and similarities among various kinds of birds. While giving an explanation of evolution, incorporate a few basic topics like Darwinism, transformation, annihilation and gender



Go into some details about how evolution effects. Define the process of evolution for the benefit of your readers. Your matter related of evolution should include the theories that are affected, inventions that helped and humans that caused the evolution to take effect.

Research current evolution occurrences and theories. If you are writing about the technology evolution, teach your readers about the changes that are progressing in our day-to-day lives with the use of technology. Talk about the pros and cons and better usage of tech items and their working processes. Try to convince your reader about the idea that humans are the improved shape of apes and what changes mankind has introduced to further improve its lifestyle.

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