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Essay on Environment Pollution – An eye opener

Do you know that our earth is the sole planet in the whole universe which has a suitable environment for existence? Humans and every other creature which breath needs air to respire and water for survival. Earth provides both the rudiments, as well as so many other vital elements, and humans use them. This essay on environment pollution will give you a glance on how humans have created serious problems for their own species over a period of time while using these two basic and most necessary elements needed for life and how they have created a threat for their lives.

Rapid urbanization has caused huge numbers of various industries to come up. In addition to this, the petrol and diesel consumption in various types of vehicles used by mankind for transportation purposes has caused hydrocarbon, sulphur dioxide and carbon monoxide to pollute the air so badly. This resulted in damaging the Ozone layer. So much so the nuclear sciences have only extended a helping hand to this entire situation.

Whole of the planet earth has experienced a number of nuclear experiments by every now and then. This has badly destroyed the atmospheric balance. The harmful gasses, emitted by these experiments with dangerous chemicals and dust released ultimately fall back on earth in the shape of acid rains. These rains badly affect the crops and life resulting in the onset of a number of harmful diseases.

This essay on environment pollution is not meant for any negative purposes. We only want to educate the people involved in facing this catastrophic situation. There are various students who are intending for their assignment like what is a capstone project ? And looking to write a compelling 1000 words essay on this subject. Our this essay on environment pollution may extend a helping hand for them to achieve their goals of academic writing on this particular subject.

There are wide ranges on the subject of an essay on environment and pollution or short essay on environment pollution available in the libraries. You also can modify and put your search term as environment and pollution essay in Google’s search bar to have an access to that thousands of related material. So many people have tried this subject by taking it as a responsibility and by writing a definition essay by twisting their essay on environment pollution as a definition write-up.

What are the other common causes of environmental pollution?

Most of the countries all over the world are facing some various other common causes of environmental pollution. Their intellectual community is trying to help the inhabitants by writing an essay on environment pollution or sort of subjects to deliver their voices for the ears of ruling community. The most common amongst others is a noise pollution. Earsplitting horns during common traffic jams, shattering loudspeakers at various events, exploding crackers and, so much so, deafening sounds emitting from vehicles without silencers are badly killing the calm and quiet atmosphere.

Some of the reasons that are contributing in environmental pollution are:

  • Increased consumption of natural resources. From the time of the emergence of industrial era, the utilization of natural resources has drastically increased to meet the day-to-day requirements of society.
  • Production Waste. Speedy industrialization and inadvertent urbanization caused an increased release of toxic waste material.
  • Annihilation of Wildlife. Deforestation to expand the cities and to build the industries leads nowhere but to the extinction of precious wildlife and a forfeiture of biodiversity.

If you are endeavoring for writing a personal essay, try to choose a personality who contributed in raising the voice against smog. There are a number of activists who participated in such kind of movements. There are a number of writers too, who are actively writing on this topic and producing an eye-opening essay on environment pollution.

You also can choose a specific topic for your scientific essay on environment pollution. For example, you can compose your essay on environment pollution by defining the various reasons of water pollution like industrial discharge or inorganic release of city sewage.

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