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The essay on energy : fundamental directions of the development of contemporary geopolitical situation in the world

The rapid and uncontrolled development of modern technologically oriented civilization confronts mankind with new challenges that are associated with the problem of energy, its translation, processing and global propagation. Throughout the last centuries, the human civilization has developed by increasingly applying energy to the momentum where the intake of energy is indispensable for the normal functioning of the modern human society, the prosperousness of all countries and nations. Moreover, the solution to this problem is critical for the entire survival of our civilization, thus the economic influence of the energy delivery and the energy procurement is of supreme significance to all nations. Of course, nowadays there exists an incredibly large number of various research papers about the pressing problem of energy supply, scientific articles about traditional energy sources, such as diverse atomic energy essay exemplars, research papers about perspectives and promises of the contemporary diesel industry, ecological and economic reports that devoted to the gradual transition to geothermal energy, and international protocols and pacts, which are devoted to the objective of new renewable energy sources. Naturally, this problem is not confined to the search for various optimum energy and environmentally beneficial options; otherwise, it could be solved promptly, as it was successfully demonstrated by different green energy essay samples. Unfortunately, the problem of energy supply has transparent and clear political overtones. For example, the lion’s share of all contemporary wars and military operations (at least those after 1947) has been struggling for the safety and governance of different energy sources and many international pacts have been attached with energy resources as the paramount target. From the communal management point of view, administrations look after the prosperity of their urbanites and, through long-term strategic projections, gravitate to expand the individual realistic prosperity of their citizens. This economic issue is the subject of many financial reports and personal narrative essays about the role of each single individual in the economic life of society. It should also be said that by doing so, they aim to increase the accumulative intake of energy, par excellence, of electric energy. Hereby, different levels of government assume various long-distance strategies to indemnify the sufficient delivery of energy products with an eye to maintain their escalating economies.

Thus, it is obvious that even the most elaborated and strict, scientifically oriented engineering paper is useless in a situation where politicians and fanatics ignore a direct threat to the existence of the human species on the planet. Therefore, this challenge must be solved much more diplomatically. One of the most effective ways to change the political situation in the world (naturally, excluding various revolutions and rebellions) is the impact of public opinion on politicians. Recent events in the infosphere have shown that the influence of public opinion on the political situation is growing quickly and efficiently. In these circumstances, the person who wants to affect the present-day political situation and/or participate in global decision-making in this area should have more experience as a proficient attentive writer and observer, than the experience of direct participation in the political struggle. Thus, an impressive set of creative writing skills and techniques will be more effective than a comprehensive set of advanced oratorical skills. This statement has been proven notably effective in the past ten years, hereby it deserves meticulous and comprehensive consideration.

Standard essay on green energy samples: an analysis of the reliability of literary source

Naturally, with an excess of literary sources, a researcher must be able to separate trustworthy applications from untrusted sources, such as brochures that contain provocative statements or scientific reports, which include rigged results. For researchers, this problem is at the forefront, because every scientifically based assignment, such as composing a laboratory report about the level of pollution of the Atlantic ocean or writing an argumentative essay about the main trends in the formation of ecologically oriented public opinion, should be performed in all possible responsibility. Thus, it is recommended to highlight a list of the main characteristics of the reliability of literary source. Here is a concise register of these particularities:

  • a correct style and appropriate format of the application. Naturally, any type of ecologically oriented formal document has to be written in direct accordance with official formats of writing. For example, there are more reasons to trust a MLA format paper about some energy problem than a sloppily written laboratory report, which contains diverse speculative statements about the issue, expressed in dubious and reasonably questionable manner.
  • a rigorous system of argumentation, which comprises different assessments of the problem. For example, a standard report about nuances and significant trends of green energy should include various facts from neighboring spheres of science, such as ecology, energetics, sociology and even political economy. Evidently, it is the availability of space for further discussion that transforms an ordinary analytic essay on energy into a valuable find for the persistent researcher.
  • a presence of points of intersection with related topics, such as atomic energy, renewable fuels, geothermal energy or solar energy. Thus, a perfectly written, reliable scientific argumentative essay about so-called green energy should be competitive in relation to other multi-disciplinary research papers, such as essay on atomic energy samples.
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