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Looking through e ssay on communication

Nobody denies that communication is a crucial part of our everyday life. There aren’t any spheres of life where we can do without communication skills. That’s why it makes sense to write an e ssay on communication.

Why do people write essays on communication ? Perhaps, they simply want to learn more about one of the most important aspects of human life or even improve their own communication skills. By the way, there are different types of essays on this topic. For instance, you may be asked to write an essay on nonverbal communication , essay on effective communication or essay on business communication.

Today’s fast paced life has made an ability to efficiently communicate a must-have skill for anybody. As a communication participant you’re bound to control the usage of your words, pitch modulation, speed of delivery. A body language often seems an auxiliary communication means, but that’s not true. Many actors are amazingly good at using their mimics to express even the smallest hint of the message addressed to us.

Communication really works, but only for those who really work at it on a regular basis. Up to 75% of daily time is spent on communication by people in organizations. Effective communication is one of the most important components of organization success. According to a recent newspaper report, out of hundred interviews, only five managed to qualify for the employability. As you might have already guessed, most of them failed due to poor communication skills. So, as you see, communication skills are as crucial as technical qualifications. Communication is a key to success, no matter what you do. Poor communication skills, improper body language and low confidence.

Now, let’s see what communication can do for people and organizations:

  • Perfect communication skills ensure the rapid development of an organization, society, country, nation.
  • Being communicative, you can project your future in the present.
  • Communicative people always meet information needs.
  • Communication helps the administration to make quick decisions.
  • Proper coordination and planning is impossible without good communication skills.
  • Communication is vital for under developed countries. For instance, in India the vast majority of workers are absolutely illiterate.
  • No one denies that better communication means better performance.
  • Communication is a main instrument to create and strengthen relations.

We’ve already diagnosed several serious problems faced by many students due to poor communication skills:

  • Some students boast decent writing skills, but they’re unable to express their thoughts orally.
  • Others speak fluently, but usually write with many grammar errors.
  • Students feel comfortable when speaking among themselves in a relatively small group, but they feel awkward when it comes to facing the audience.
  • Poor communication skills often result in misunderstanding.

Interviews and the role of communication

Well, we’ve told more than enough about how communication contributes to education, career and so on. Now let’s see how one should properly utilize his communication skills. An interview is a typical situation in anyone’s life where communication plays the most significant role.

An interview is a two-way communication process, where you require introducing yourself to the company. For the upcoming interview, you require mobilizing all your intellectual abilities, including communication skills, of course.

Good preparation will give you confidence. Undoubtedly, the major approach to an interview is to be properly prepared. The following tips will help you to successfully pass your interview:

  • Avoid going to the interview laden down with baggage – both physical or psychological. Take just several necessary belongings and nothing else. Focus on the upcoming interview.
  • You require planning to reach the city with the strictly fixed venue of the interview. To suppress your last minute tension, try to reach the venue half an hour earlier.
  • Maybe you’ll be asked to bring references, original certificates, passport size photos and so on.
  • Use any opportunity to update your knowledge and improve communication skills.

Now, it’s time to improve your listening. You agree that listening is one of the most important communication skills, though it seems to be so passive because it’s silent.

You can significantly improve your listening by patience, concentration and interest in technical subjects. Try to maintain eye contact and never let anything distract you. Apart from that, you should pay attention to your body language, tone of voice, facial expression and gestures of the speaker. That will provide the right perspective of the message. Your discussions should be lively and interactive.

Listening is a real art you can master by constant practice. Keep practicing your listening skills. Good listeners are usually good learners. By listening to others, you’ll learn a rich array of ideas, views and thoughts.

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