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Proceeding to writing an essay on Catcher in the rye

One of the most fascinating novels that students have to read during their educational career is probably «The catcher in the Rye», which is a masterpiece of an outstanding writer known as J.D. Sailinger. Along with reading this work of classic literature high school students usually need to accomplish an analysis and write it in the form of essay. Usually, the main purpose of essay on Catcher in the rye is to enlighten the problem of the main character, who is a cynical teenager having troubles at school all the time. However, there are many other important lines and matters covered in the novel. For the majority of students writing an essay on Catcher in the rye seems to be a quite difficult assignment. Therefore, they tend to turn to the help of our team. Our professional writers help students from different countries of the world deal with lots of their writing assignments, including but not limited to writing different types of essays on the Catcher in the rye. You can contact us right away, and we will help you with writing an outstanding essay, so you could save your time and efforts. Also, in this article we provided tips and guidelines, which you can find below.

If you are asked to write an essay on the masterpiece of Sailinger's, remember that you need to prepare for undertaking a significant piece of work. In order to get your essay on the Catcher in the rye well-written and show your awareness of the plot of the novel, demonstrate your attitude to the main character and your skill to critique and analyze, and express your opinion an an appropriate way, you need to take a number of important steps. The critical analysis of literature foresees that you have read the complete novel, analyzed and evaluated tit and formed your opinion in its regard. Generally speaking, you need to make an examination of the assigned piece of literature. Regardless of the fact that this kind of writing assignment is rather common for students studying in high school, they still face troubles with not only accomplishing it, but with comprehending the objective of the assignment first of all. Having said that, if you want to make success of writing your essay on Catcher in the rye, you have to read attentively the following information and follow the guidelines that we provided.

Getting started with writing your essay

  • Eventually, you need to read the assigned novel, first of all. Pay considerable attention to all details and elements of the plot, including the title of the novel and the names of the main characters.
  • Severe the novel into elements and explore each of them separately. Begin with the plot, after that analyze the setting and the main characters, the development, culmination and the resolution of the conflict, the key themes of the plot, and eventually, the author's opinion.
  • Make up an interpretation of your critical viewpoint. Once you evaluated every component of the novel separately, you should examine the overall picture and put the parts of your examination together. After that, form the final judgement.

As for the essays on Catcher in the rye, it is essential that you comprehend the elements of the novel correctly. Below, you will learn how to deal with the elements of a piece of writing.

Severing a piece of literature into elements

You already know that for writing a good essay on Catcher in the rye, you have to examine each element of the novel separately. Then, you need to state your critical judgement. When it comes to examining different elements of the novel, you have to take the next steps:

  • Identify the plot. Plot is the key line of the novel, which can have different forms. It can be a sequence of events in a chronological order or just an imaginary trip or a chain of thoughts of the main character.
  • Analyze the setting. Here, you have to find out the influence of the setting on the key theme of the novel.
  • Analyze the main characters. It is necessary to define, which of the characters play the main role and which of them play supporting and secondary roles.
  • Identify the conflict. You have to identify the three stages of the conflict: its development, the culmination and the resolution. Every part of the stages of the conflict play different role in the novel. For this reason, they have to be researched separately.
  • Identify the main and supporting themes. As a matter of fact, there can be only one main theme and several supporting themes. On the other hand, there can be one theme without additional or supporting themes. Once you found out the number of the themes, you need to research every theme separately.
  • Identify the viewpoint of the author. Of course, he didn't announce his viewpoint is a special part of the novel. However if you read carefully, you will find out that Sailinger expressed his mind in that or another way. After you identified this component, it is important to examine the author's viewpoint contribution to the general purpose of the novel.

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