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What is actually an essay on bullying?

For the last years we hear about bullying more often, that we would like to hear. However, this is what takes place in education contemporary institutions, starting with middle and high school and finishing with colleges and universities. Therefore, there is nothing strange about the fact that students are often asked to write essays on bullying , to show their attitude to this unpleasant phenomenon and suggest some possible solutions how to prevent or stop the aggressive behavior on all levels of education. This is a complicated issue, which needs to be researched from the side of the aggressive student, and from the position of the victim. Anyway, enough of attention needs to be payed to this issue, because acting like nothing is happening makes the situation even more complicated.

Depending on the kind of the essay you need to write, the purpose of your essay will differ. In any case, the major point of your essay is going to be the problem of bullying, its causes, types, consequences, solutions and so on. Yo may express your personal attitude in regard to this point, and your opinion about it as a whole. The purpose of writing this kind of essay is to make students aware of the fact that everybody is disturbed by the existence of this kind of phenomenon and in case that he or she faces this problem personally, it is necessary to inform about it teachers, professors and parents and never ignore it.

What to write in the essay on bullying about?

If you need to write an argumentative essay on bullying , you may enlighten the importance of this issue, tell how serious the consequences may be, etc. Also, you can do a research on a psychological aspect concerning students who behave themselves aggressively and hurt other students in different ways. In fact, when writing a bullying argumentative essay , you can also suggest your own thought regarding the ways of stopping bullying and provide strong argumentation, that could support your point of view. If you need an idea of how to stop bullying, take a look at some of them:

  • Demonstration of immediate reaction. If you happened to be a victim of another student's aggression, you need to look him in his eyes and let him know that this is inappropriate to you and that he needs to stop. However, remember mentioning that raising of voice is in no way helpful and needs to be avoided.
  • Preventing the escalation of unpleasant situation. Provoking the bully to further continuing of the conflict will never give you any advantages. Therefore, it is better to keep calm and don't take part in the situation by repeating the behavior of the bully or by taking steps toward moral or physical violence.
  • Concerning all kinds of bullying in the Internet, including social networks such Facebook, or by means of email, comments in your personal blog or other type of a web-site, giving no respond is the best possible way.
  • If the situation is really serious, it is necessary to get essential help outside. You shouldn't wait long until the situation gets even worse. But instead, you need to tell about it the school administrators or directly your parents.
  • It is important to mention that a lot of students all over the world face the same problem and no one should stay alone with it. Discussion is helpful.
  • Taking legal actions is also appropriate. In case the school administration or the parents of the student showing aggressive behavior don't take any measures in order to solve the problem, you can involve a lawyer into the situation.

In fact, you are welcome to write in your essay about the strategies of behavior in the difficult situation mentioned above, which you made up from your own experience.

Another kind of paper that you may be asked to write, is narrative essay on bullying. When writing this paper, you may tell your own story that happened to you personally in the light of bullying problem. On the other hand, you can also write a story that happened to any other person that you know or heard about. The narrative essay usually provides a recreation of somebody's experience. Generally speaking, it has many common features with the story telling and creative writing. Here, you may use dialogues and go into interesting details. You purpose when writing this kind of essay is to provoke attention and interest of your potential reader and make your audience want to read your paper to the end. You can express your own suggestions of possible consequences of some actions described in the story and provide reflection on the situation that is described in your essay. The narrative essay gives you freedom in writing and an opportunity to make your paper emotional. The point is, in contrast to many other kinds of essay writing, the narrative can include an emotional aspect and more over, it would be even better if you use it.

Remember making conclusions in your essay on bullying, regardless of the type of your essay. Your conclusions provide a brief summary of every point that you provided in the body of your essay. Also, it has to restate the thesis that you wrote in the beginning of your paper. If you want, you may provoke your audience to further discussion of the bullying problem in the final sentence of your essay.

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