Composition on Symbolism in 1984 by George Orwell

Symbolism in 1984 simply by George Orwell

Symbols happen to be everywhere. Whether it's the cross of Christianity, or maybe the swastika from the Third Reich, symbols can easily convey communications of love, or hate, not having having to say a word. When George Orwell in his work of genius 1984 will, of course , work with words to convey his designs, he as well uses signs. In the novel 1984, emblems are used as a way for Orwell to boost his three major styles.

One such sort of this is the sign of Julia's scarlet Anti-Sex League sash. The league itself is vehemently in opposition to any type of intimate act or perhaps expression, however the sash they use to represent themselves is put on in a very sex manner, while described inside the novel on its own. "A filter satin sash, emblem of the Junior Anti-Sex League, was wound a couple of times round the stomach of her overalls, simply tightly enough to bring your shapeliness of her hips" (Orwell 11-12). It pulls attention to two very remarkably sexualized body parts, the breasts and the sides. This could be a reinforcement from the theme of "sexual freedom or political freedom. " The members of the league include, like most Party associates, absolutely no politics freedom, and since a consequence, also have no sexual freedom. The us government, for whatever reasons, has decided to eradicate sex (or to at least make it a great unenjoyable act). They believe that by question their subjects this bottom human require, that they will be better able to control them as well. Thankfully though, they ultimately fail with this endeavor. People like Julia who are able to accept a loss of their particular political independence are not therefore willing to give up their intimate freedom too. As Winston says, Julia "is just a digital rebel from the waistline downwards" (Orwell 163). Though Julia hersel...

... empieza songs, without having Party regle or messages in these people. So why will the Party even have the hassle of making them? The answer, of course , has to do with power. The lining Party people want each of the power they will get, and this is just yet another way for them to achieve that goal. This can be a reinforcement in the theme of "the exercise of power due to its own sake. " They feel that by creating these songs they will be able to keep just a little more power over the proles than that were there before.

To conclude, both icons and the three major designs played an important role upon George Orwell's novel 1984. It was with the use of the above mentioned emblems, as well as others, that Orwell managed to produce his concept clear to all his visitors, and to create such a intense and haunting new.


Orwell, George. 1984.

New York: Penguin Books, 1990

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