Composition about A Report On The Fingernail Salon Industry

For most people away from the United States, America is seen as the land of opportunity. Is it doesn't land from the free and a country that may give evenly to those whom work for that. However , people like Ms. Ren, a 20-year-old against the law immigrant, are forced to work in an industry that may be disturbingly just like sweatshops. Within a country filled with fair labor laws which have been overseen by U. H Department of Labor, it is shocking to view an industry that only gives $3 an hour for any 12-hour day time thrive inside the borders of the United States. But due to people like Ms. Ren and the social demand of manicures and pedicures, the nail salon industry can certainly still exploit the labor of these workers. Tiny is done for the workers who have endure all kinds of unfair treatment such as having most of all their pay docked due to slight mistakes, physical abuse, and living in horrible conditions which could vary from almost eight to 12 people in a single shady condo unit. The cause of this dreadful treatment that Ms. Ren and many staff like her faced can be related to the perception with their social category and how the owners of the nail beauty parlors viewed them. Someone who noticed this routine was Karl Marx, a respected sociologist from the 1800s. He got his findings from the capitalist society and integrated principles and hypotheses of how that limited each of our human nature. His theories and concepts of species-being, class-consciousness, and extra value can easily describe the causes and consequences of this doing work condition.

One prevalent thread that Marx features seen in capitalist system was the alienation in the lower course to their operate. Alienation can be described as concept many people are familiar with. Most everyone knows of it as being isolated or perhaps away from something or someone for a long pe...

... e wage and doing work conditions made the workers antiestablishment from not simply their labor and labor process nevertheless alienated from themselves like a human varieties. The constant avarice for a much larger surplus value led to these conditions. The workers were for least conscious of their own class but they have a limited tone of voice due to their social status since illegal immigrants. However , the owners possess a cultural consciousness of themselves because capitalists and took full advantage of it by creating associations and groups to increase their personal interest. Many of these elements of Marxism had a direct relationship for the causes and consequences from the working circumstances in the toe nail salon market. It was a microscopic watch of what Marx presumed capitalism did to the individual species, towards the socially stratified classes, and to the Bourgeoisie constant seek out surplus affected the proletariat.

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