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Essay upon Psychological Factors of Tension

The purpose of this essay is to apply psychological elements of pressure to Sarah's case

examine. Sarah is a 23 yr old single parent or guardian who has suffered from arthritis because the

age of eight years old; just for this condition she has periods of pain that fluctuates

bringing about mobility challenges. Sarah receives support from her mother and her friend

to help care for her daughter the moment she has poor mobility. Dorothy also has issues with

her alienated boyfriend over visiting legal rights. Sarah is receipt of welfare

rewards which are beneath threat as a result of new welfare reforms.

Sarah has been labeled mental overall health nursing because she is experiencing

depression, due to life events this may had been caused by anxiety. The definition of

stress that we have chosen to use is "Stress occurs if a person interprets that the

needs of an external situation are beyond his / her perceived capability to cope with

them" (Lazarus, 1966). Too much or perhaps on-going tension can lead to physical and

emotional problems to the well-being. The reason why this occurs is because your body

releases bodily hormones called cortisol, adrenaline and noradrenaline in the bodies

bloodstream causing the fight or flight response this causes the body to get ready to

manage the danger or perhaps threat (stressor). If the stress factor continues the body remains

to release these human hormones causing different problems for the body, including high blood vessels

pressure which happens when an excessive amount of adrenaline can be released throughout the blood

stream. Continued pressure then brings about further problems and in this kind of cases

disease and persistent illness set out to manifest which includes mental condition leading to

panic and depression. A man of science called Hans Selye launched the General...


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