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In our days you can find a service provider for any job you could think of. This means that you can be sure you will find someone to write an essay for you, regardless of the topic or the deadline, the only thing you will need is money. There are numerous businesses who are working with professional writers or even high school or college professors who will provide you with the essay you need within a given time frame.

However, if you are thinking about having essays written for you, you should know that such a service might not be as amazing as it may seem at first. There are numerous scammers who make you pay upfront and you will never get an essay from them. Another possibility is that the essay you get will be of poor quality. Not all writers know about formatting an essay and you can be sure that the essay will never be as good as if you wrote it simply because it won’t address the same issues or use the same original ideas as you would have.

The frightening college admission essays: In the majority of the cases when people are thinking about having others write essays for you, they have the college admission essays in mind as they seem to be the most important essay you will ever write. You might think that writing a reflective essay is easier and this is the king of all essays. If this is the case, you should know that not even these are as scary as they are made out to be.

It doesn’t need to have an impressive topic: The first thing you have to remember about an essay of this kind is that you are the most impressive topic there is. You should write your own story, your own thoughts, and your own reflection. Use your own words. If you have someone else write essays for you, those will never really reflect you. Colleges want to get to know you through your essay, not some random strange writer. Maybe you did volunteer work in some third-world country. The trip could make a great essay, but it would be even better if you wrote about what this trip taught you about yourself. How did you grow as a person?

Even the admissions officers of colleges claim that students don’t need to write about life changing experiences. It is better if they write about a moment in their lives that defined them as a person. It doesn’t need to be something monumental. A small experience can determine the kind of person you are and this is what the colleges are most interested in.

The essay doesn’t need to be very sophisticated: One of the biggest mistakes that students make is that they want to sound more sophisticated than they really are. This might be the main reason for which you want to have essays done for you. Keep in mind that if you are a high school senior, the admissions officer expects you to sound like one, not like a college professor. Colleges want to hear from thoughtful 17-year olds, not bored 60-year olds.

The admissions officers always know: You should remember that the admissions officer of a college has read hundreds if not thousands of essays before and they will know if someone else wrote it for you. There is a very thin line between letting others help with the essay and having them write it for you. You can be sure that if you find a service to write the essay for you, the colleges know about them too and they will know if you used their services. Another thing you should never think about is plagiarizing someone else’s work. Your application will be thrown out even if the college merely suspects you “borrowed” ideas from someone else.

Essay for You: Do it right or do it wrong

Even if you’re not sure what you will be writing about in your essay, you should just start writing. This isn’t like a cse paper. You have to let the story grow. There are no shortcuts and there are no tricks. You should believe that the writing process works and let it do its thing. Nobody ever said that it is going to be easy. However, you can be sure it will be a great essay if your writing process will include brainstorming, writing, revisions, editing, and reviewing. There is no magic formula to ensure that your essay will have success. But you can never know if you never try.

You don’t have to be a superstar student: Some students make the mistake of believing that they can’t get into a great college if they aren’t a superstar. For sure you have a great story to tell that will impress the admissions officers. You don’t have to be a straight-A student to do volunteering, charity work, teach children with deficiencies, and so on. Lately, there has been a shift from the traditional English essays toward the more personal essays, written in the first person. The colleges aren’t really interested in your essay writing skills; they want to get to know you through your writing. This is why if someone writes essays for you, it will never be the same. Even if the admissions officer doesn’t realize it’s not your work and you get in, the college will have no idea what kind of a person you are.

There are some cases when you can ask someone to write an essay for you without any serious consequences, such as when you are faced with a case study interview or religious studies, but you shouldn’t let others make decisions for you when it really matters. Going to college will influence the rest of your life, so you have to make sure you make it right. Even if your essay doesn’t get you in, at least you will know it was your story and you told it the way it was meant to be told. However, if the story is genuine, there is no reason for you to worry about it.

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