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A quick glimpse at essay examples for high school

There’s no doubt that writing a high school essay is a crucial basic skill you’ll definitely need to succeed in your everyday schooling, whether it’s high school, college or university. While you can never be sure what your teacher is looking for, the basic format will greatly help you to write a high quality essay. Have a look at these essay examples for high school. They’ll help you to fit the required essay format and avoid possible mishaps.

As follows from these essay examples for high school, first of all, you require identifying your essay topic. It would be a sound approach to pick up an essay topic you’re perfectly familiar with. In this case, it won’t be a big problem for you to write up to five paragraphs on this theme.

Work out a good thesis. To be short, your thesis is the number one element of your writing work. It needs to outline the key idea of your essay.

If you don’t have an idea of how to make a good thesis, take advantage of the following formula:

  • Topic+Point of View+Three Discussion Points

For instance, volunteering in high school teaches cooperation, self-discipline and leadership. In this case «volunteering» is going to be your topic. Then, the point of view suggests it leads to cooperation, self-discipline and cooperation. As for the three discussion points they’re respectively leadership, self-discipline and cooperation.

Now it’s time to brainstorm a wide range of ideas to support your thesis. It’s up to you to make sure that you’ve got enough meat in the thesis to support the entire writing work of yours. If you aren’t able to find substantial evidence during your brainstorming session to support your exclusive essay, there’s an urgent need to rethink the thesis. Our essay examples for high school suggest using the following brainstorming techniques:

  • Try to make use of freewriting. In this case, you require writing your thesis at the top of a piece of paper. After this write down any ideas coming to your mind. So you don’t need to think too much, just keep writing and nothing else.
  • Take advantage of clustering. Write the thesis in the middle of black sheet, then a circle needs to be drawn around it. Each time a worthy idea occurs to you, draw an arm out of the circle and write your idea out there.

Having done this, it’s time to shift to identifying three key parameters. We’re talking about parameters used for proving our thesis. For instance, if your thesis is «Jawodor Smith was a highly dynamic figure and a group leader», pick up three traits, which helped him to become a dynamic personage and a group leader respectively.

  • Don’t forget to write down the newly formulated parameters.
  • Get ready to prove their rightness by means of factual examples.

We keep going through all stages. As we see from our essay examples for high school, the next stage involves outlining of your five-paragraph essay. The given stage includes the following steps:

  • First, you should write your thesis. To be exact you require writing it at the top of a sheet of paper.
  • Secondly, you should list three topics, supporting your paragraphs.
  • Then, list two or three examples, supporting your paragraph topics within every paragraph.
  • Place your examples in order from best to worst.

We keep learning with our essay examples for high school students. We’ve already come up to key stage of our creative process - we’ve gotten down to writing!

As you might have guessed, our first step suggests writing an introduction. Right! That’s a common practice and you can see it from any essay format example for high school. An introduction is the first sentence of your first paragraph. It should grab your readers’ attention before they stumble on your thesis. By the way, the thesis is usually the second sentence.

Then, you should write respectively the first, the second and the third paragraphs. Each of your paragraphs needs to support the thesis.

As you see from most of essay writing examples for high school, there’s a need to make use of transition sentences. Every paragraph of your essay needs to be connected via a transition sentence. They will significantly improve the overall readability of your essay. Moreover, the use of them is a standard rule of essay writing.

You should work out a great conclusion. The given section needs to restate your thesis as well as three parameters. Here’s an example, specially for you. «From these examples, it’s evident that throughout the story Jawodor’s honest and shy nature changes, thus proving he’s a dynamic personage».

The final stage involves editing. Of course, you need to do this attentively and thoroughly. Carefully read over the newly written essay to timely spot possible spelling as well as grammar errors. Make sure that your narration flows perfectly. You’ll achieve this effect if you use the right transitions between your paragraphs. Besides this, make sure all of your paragraphs support the thesis and never go off-topic.

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