Article on The Potted Weed

Okamitsune strolled through the entrance with a vast grin. "Yo, mom! Dad! I'm back! Didja miss me? inch

"Welcome residence, Sunny, inch Fenris' deep voice greeted her, "how was college? "

"Meh. " The lady shrugged her backpack away and let this slam on the ground while stopping her shoes off her oversized paws. "I'm hinting, dad, our planet is totally boring. I've only been in this article one day and I'm already missing the old one. inch

"Well, give it a little time. inch

Okamitsune came into the living room, looking at the night-black wolf sitting down on the lounger. He was grinning warmly down at a tiny potted herb sitting for the coffee table. "You ok, dad? You look kinda out of it. "

He glanced up, still smiling. "I'm performing wonderful. Look at this! " He gestured on the plant. "It's beautiful, just isn't it? inch

"Uh... " Sunny stepped closer and kneeled straight down. The plant was healthy, but not exceptionally very. It definitely had not been a flower, and in reality looked similar to some kind of pot. "It's... Im or her... Green? "

Fenris snorted in entertainment. "It's surviving. "

"It's a pot. "

He reached out and stroked the leaves, his smile increasing as he manufactured contact with the papery fronds. "But it's alive. inches

Sunny was getting a small worried, right now. "Er, sure. Were you expecting this wouldn't become? "

This individual let go of the rose and patted the starting next to him on the couch, scooting a little to the side so his large and curvaceous little girl would have room to sit down. "Have time to listen to a classic deity's ramblings? "

The girl carefully slid herself in and fidgeted until she was secure. "Sure. What's on your mind? inch

He bent back and relaxed his arms on the head of the lounger. "Power. "

Sunny blinked. "Power? As when have you ever cared about power? inches

Glancing more than,...

... in. "Wha? "

"Sure, probably the gift tends to have a little beyond control, and maybe the gift just isn't always while considerate since it should be, and perhaps the gift idea even will keep breaking items... " Inari leaned in and kissed her girl on the snout. "... Although thanks to that gift, he will always understand that, regardless of mastery or magic or anything more, he can create something just as beautiful as anyone in any universe ever constructed. "

"Wait a second, " Okamitsune stammered, "are you talking about m-"

Fenris' words growled in the kitchen, some urgency quickly discernible. "Dear, is the range supposed to be cigarette smoking? "

Inari sighed, although smiled. "I can never leave that God alone with the food prep. Coming, dear! " The lady gave Sunlit another quick peck for the cheek, then rushed off.

Okamitsune spent a while looking at the little potted weed for the sill, dropped deep in thought.

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