Essay about The Dangerous Power of Peer Pressure

Peer pressure and serves of mass blind obedience are all too common incidences in our each day society. A person, who under any other circumstances would not act in such a way, will commit unthinkable acts when backed by a single person or even worse, a large mass of individuals. It's almost always harmful, and the person or individuals involved generally always wrap up feeling regretful and confused by their actions. When contemplating group expert pressure, there are numerous other terms that come to mind such as; conformity, compliance, brainwashing and cultural influence. Group peer pressure can make a person with the finest morals plus the highest values act in manners that are more than contradictory. Group peer pressure can turn a saint in a sinner, a leader to a fans, and a person to a little speck in a large and corrupt mass.

This pressure is apparent in your story entitled "Shooting a great Elephant" by simply George Orwell. In this assortment, originally extracted from a collection of essays under the same title, Orwell describes a great incident wherever group expert pressure led him to commit the inhumane eradicating of an hippo. Orwell, who had been serving as a part of the United kingdom Imperial Law enforcement officials in Lower Burma, is necessary to kill this kind of animal after it arrived to "must" and ran uncontrolled throughout the community. While some might argue that the killing was justified given the elefant had previously violently destroyed property and killed a single villager, Orwell still experienced some degree of shame and regret above the incident. He states inside the text with the people of Lower Burma:

They did not like me, good results . the mysterious rifle during my hands I had been momentarily really worth watching. And suddenly I realized that I ought to have to blast the hippo a...

... wn life, peer pressure plays a significant role in everyday world. People do unimaginable points when pressure is put on them by individuals who they appreciate. We conform and adjust when brainwashed, influenced, and pressured. It creates huge and destructive challenges and moral struggles as seen with Orwell, the victims of Jonestown, as well as the thousands of teens that fall prey to see pressure every day. The only way to combat peer pressure is perfect for others to begin being responsible for their own actions and for ethics to become a larger priority in day-to-day life. If society can begin to show our junior this then simply we will be 1 step closer to eliminating the situation; however , full elimination of peer pressure can only come when teenagers and adults alike stop being the problem, and start becoming the solution by fighting off the urge to pressure and stay pressured.

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