Essay about Overcoming Personal Difficulties Analysis

Whenever we let the personal issues destroy us, then we are nothing and possess nothing to offer the world. It is vital that we take power over our condition and make use of the personal hardship as a chance to better ourself. It takes a keen eye and cautious self-evaluation to remove any blemishes that will marly the beautiful gemstone we have got in all individuals. Each one of us is shaped into a distinctive slice of natural stone, giving way to diverse grades of clarity and color, producing us rare, valuable, and uniquely our own. Frederick Douglass and Barbara Ehrenreich will be two individuals who lived in diverse time periods; nevertheless , both people used all their personal challenges to encourage change in the hearts more. Just as I personally use my have difficulty as a device to chip away the imperfections around me, Frederick and Barbara employed their experience to computer chip away the fallacies of the nation. Personal challenges inspire me to grow while an individual and make better selections for a lighter future.

Frederick Douglass did not like the way African Us citizens were described in print. Through drawn drawings or written descriptions, the white man's hand was heavily mired with the obvious disgust that black people were no more human than dogs. The white artists of the day generated biased designs with "exaggerated distinctive features" (Fried 92). Frederick assumed that the pictures of Africa Americans, created by whites, robbed all of them of their credibility and decorated a slanderous portrayal of Negros. These types of publications eliminated the souls that resided within, rather than abolishing the slavery that numerous were preventing against. "Frederick Douglass felt that portraiture should reflect a person's true personality and experience" (Wells 90). In 1839...

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