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One of the most beloved subjects for writing is certainly the essay about my life, autobiographical expression since it involves a reflection of our private lives. Not only do the rich and famous have experiences to narrate but each soul is a living spark of divinity. Even if you wish to write, the problem is to communicate thoughts and ideas succinctly. Besides, it would read like a chronological history but many writers deviate from the truth. Yet the essay about my life would wield great charm and come straight from the heart. Writing in bite sized pieces would be best like the graduation year rather than trying to compress a lifetime of action in a single work. So let us persevere with the about my life essay in whatever dimensions you choose!

While most examples of the essay about my life on the internet looks faithfully at the past, why not attempt to write an essay about my future life. That is easier said than done since we always claim not to know the future. Yet to some extent we do know the future or think we do. Usually, the tenor of our lives follows the beaten track like the train running along the tracks. We know what will happen and when with all the ifs and buts of course.

The purpose of any piece of writing and the likely audience needs to be considered very carefully. School assignments may be written for a teacher to mark while writing for the media would expose you to thousands of readers. The approach would need to change in each case with the philosophy of sharing of experiences that literature is all about. A research paper would seek lots of credible references and bring fresh approaches to traditional subjects. An essay about my life would probably reach only the eyes of the teachers concerned.

Side by side with developing the essay about my future, let us survey some other forms of writing that are usually part of writing assignments in school and college. The writing a profile essay also creates a character sketch of the subject, similar to the essay about my life. A feeling for the language, a vision of sharing with an audience, and a genuine interest in the subject should be the motivators. The subject would have to be interviewed in a familiar setting through digital methods of long distance interviews are quite possible. With the questions prepared in advance, it requires some skill to get on familiar terms, break the ice, make the subject feel at ease and elicit meaningful responses. Accurate reporting with an image would present the profile true to spirit. The essay about my life quest would extend to the profile too.

Some little element of ingenuity must pervade all kinds of writing, even in official documents. The creative essays employ the methods of imagination that would usually be found in stories and poetry. Even if the subject is the metro services, it could be presented in a mechanical manner with facts alone or with color, feeling and emotion. The latter treatment would certainly attract more audiences rather than the list of official statistics. The essay about my life similarly could do with a dose of creativity to highlight the special days and bring some vibrancy to the ordinary background of our lives. There is no need to meddle with the facts but only inject a little fun.

The essay about my life could include some complicated approaches of research

In fact the essay about my life, if long and intricate, could contain creativity and the approach of an analytical essay too! The analytical skill is difficult to develop yet essential to modern life. Many fields like commerce and education, transport and the government would require analytical skills. Breaking something down into the constituent parts for better understanding is what analysis is all about. Mechanics at the automobile workshop are constantly performing such exercise to find out the car defect. Analysis of a book or film from the point of view of a thesis could be a challenging skill. If we wish to prove that all the science fiction movies are purely fictional and have no basis in reality, that would require a lot of evidence from several movies of the genre. Would an essay about my life have the same level of complexity? Well, certainly not, unless the life is about a scientist or political leader perhaps. It is certainly possible to write the essay about a third person’s life too like all the biographies!

What about writing the writing a synthesis essay? Compare and contrast in simple terms, the synthesis would aim at establishing parallels across what might appear to be quite dissimilar subjects. We would use all the techniques of analysis to understand things thoroughly across two or more subjects. If such a synthesis approach is attempted between two world religions like Islam and Christianity that were born in the same location, we would traverse a long journey to establish the links. Seeing similarities can be a tedious research process to sift through lots of internet stuff. Finding evidence is no easy task. An essay about my life could use the element of synthesis to discover similarities and differences within personal experience.

Can the essay about my life be put in the form of a research paper? Certainly not though both involve formatting and writing skills though with differing perspectives. The turabian paper, named after the scholar, has its unique format. Some specifications are common approaches like the Times New Roman font in 12 size, the one-inch margins and the use of the active voice. The two citation styles are Bibliography and Reference List. Similarly, a number of requirements exist for headings, and indents in reference lists, for instance. Perhaps enough complication may exist in the essay about my life to make it appear like a research paper!

Some approaches to autobiographical writing:

  • The most memorable day in school


  • My cherished goals in life


  • How my family supported my professional ambitions


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