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Dissertation on Maslow vs Sergio garcia

Sergio garcia: remarkable golf player, talented, friends and family man... cheater? Over the past number of years, Tiger Woods' behavior has become questioned and examined. His reputation as an extraordinary athlete has considered the rearseat to his overwhelming key life. Tiger's "sex-capades" had been displayed all over the media: tv set, magazine content, and the radio. The world was given the opportunity to appearance past the "greatest golfer alive" persona and find out the broken human being on the inside. We all were consumed while using shock of his antics as numerous women spoke away about having sexual associations with Mister. Woods. His scandalizing actions have all of us wondering by what led to these kinds of shocking situations. In the following paragraphs, I will be comparing Tiger's behavior to Abraham Maslow's humanistic theory.

Maslow developed the structure of requirements; he thought that all people were required to meet two sorts of needs, basic and growth, to achieve self-actualization and cognitive knowledge of one's personal. Basic requires, from most crucial to least, are physiological (breathing, meals water, sleep), safety (health, property, resources), love/belonging (friendship, family), and esteem (confidence, achievement, respect). It's clear that Tiger's love and belonging needs were not becoming met. This individual established alternate ways to briefly satisfy his desires. In accordance to Wikipedia:

Humans have to feel a feeling of belonging and acceptance, whether it comes via a large

interpersonal group, including clubs, business office culture, faith based groups, specialist organizations

sporting activities teams, gangs, or little social links (family users, intimate lovers

mentors, close colleagues, confidants). They need to appreciate and be adored (sexually...

... to guide his behavior.

Sergio garcia undoubtedly offers his imperfections and has to face the consequences of his actions but I do think with the right support system and therapist he can make a whole turnaround. He could be oblivious of the correct approach someone should love; it ought to be unconditional and non-judgmental. I believe that in the event that he will not seek appropriate help he can continue straight down this past of empty, futile sex with an abundant of women. It will be his demise. I hope that they can find his way to self-actualization where he can figure out how to grow and stay happy.

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