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Writing an essay about love

One of the first things that will be occurring to your mind towards the tail end of the college years is love, even though you may not know what exactly love is. However, this does not negate the fact that you will crave for love at this point in time. However, immediately you get into college, you will always seek love. Many teachers try to teach the love lesson by asking their students to write an essay about love. When you have this as an assignment, do not think that the teacher will be looking at what you write to victimize you about knowing too much of what you are not supposed to know. Just open your mind wide and tell all you know about love. An essay about love should be lovely and passionate, and anything outside this is not acceptable. Essays about love are better when they tell love stories that touch the heart. The fact is that there are lots of meanings to the word love as read by people of different orientations. But amidst these different meanings, there is always an indication that love is used to express emotions. When you want to write a narrative essay about love, you should not quarantine this to only one aspect of love. You should as a matter of fact learn how to start a thesis. The love story may be about your car. You would have witnessed many people say, I love my house. Many people will always tell you how they love pizza or the undying love they have for their movies and even for their pet. All these are love, because they come with some emotional attachments. We can also talk about the particular things we love about some other things. However, we also acknowledge the fact that the numerous movies we have watched about love, coupled with many love books we have read in the past have actually made many people lose sight of the real thing that is called love. So, you may start to learn about love by going back to the definition of love. Remember, you can never come up with a great love essay if you do not know what love is.

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What to write about love

Now, one of the most difficult parts of writing this essay is to choose the thing to write about. You can make your essay about love a very simple one by delving into an explanatory essay about what love is and what it is not. Here, you can give a definition of love by popular characters, after which you describe according to your own criteria. You can also go all out to make the essay an expression of what you feel about love. You can even argue on the line of whether love exists or not. You can make it more personal by explaining your love experience if you have loved someone before. One topic that will make a very good essay is centering on the difference between love and infatuation or the difference between love and emotionalism. Do you know that your own essay can focus on explaining why you are writing an essay about love? There are numerous things you can write about and you can always get them from us. We even offer book report examples to students. Your essay about love should come with the following format. It must involve an introduction that gives enough information about what you are writing, and this should be capped up with a thesis statement that posits your main argument in the work. The 3 body paragraphs should all be ridden with different arguments in support of your main argument, and they must be supported with evidence and practical examples. The conclusion should go ahead to restate the main thesis in a non-repetitive manner. If you need a more comprehensive thesis format for the essay, just make the demand and we will supply that.

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