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What is actually an essay about life?

If you are assigned to write an essay about life, probably it is time to think life through as you have never thought of it before. Everybody has his own attitudes and views to this regard, but now it is your opportunity to share your thoughts. On the one hand, if talking about life, its meaning and purpose together with writing essays, especially narrative and argumentative is what you like to do, than you don't have to worry about your essay at all, because you will enjoy it anyway. On the other hand, if philosophy is not your strength and writing papers is not your hobby, you should prepare yourself to a piece of hard work, which may be sometimes boring and overwhelming. In any case, we are here to help you write a wonderful paper, regardless of whether you have writing skills and like writing essays or not. Below, you will see useful tips and several guidelines that will be helpful in this deal.

Generally, a paper about life provides an expression of your personal thoughts about the sense of life, its meaning, purpose and all related to life abstract terms, like happiness, love, family and many others. Everything depends on your own image of life as it is. You are not expected to write a dramatical piece of art that will make everybody cry and will open to your reader the secrets of being a human. There is a good chance that all you are expected to do is to concentrate on a narrow point, which reflects your view on your own life or the way that you would like to spend your life. You may think of yourself as a person who is currently in pursue of happiness and describe your feelings in this regard. Write simply and sincerely, without trying to seem smarter than your are and using of complicated expressions, the meaning of which you don't know. Standard English without grammatical mistakes, but with literature methods and artistic techniques, is the best way to write your essay.

Develop your ideas

Essays about life are all different, but at the same time, they all have common points. It seems like all the authors ask themselves the same questions before proceeding to writing their essays. And this is quite a good methodology. Therefore, before you get nervous because you don't know what to write about, think of the following issues and take some notes. Don't write too mach, because it is not your essay yet, just jot down the key words or phrases that will help you later.

  • What does the word «life» mean? Do a little research and find out the origins of the word, its primary meaning and when it was used for the first time. It is a good start that may give you new interesting ideas.
  • What is the purpose of life? Don't go too far in giving answer to this question. Just think about your own goals in life: is it career success or financial independence; maybe it is love and happiness, lots of children and a house in a wood; maybe, you purpose is to become a famous writer, singer, artist, actor, etc. All kinds of answers are acceptable.
  • What is the meaning of life? Remember that between two terms «meaning» and «sense» there is a big difference. The meaning of life has to do with the reason of living as a whole, while the sense of life has to do with your own perception and emotional evaluation of life, including associations and so on.
  • What is the metaphysical concept of life? Find out what the famous researchers and writers, whose works have to do with metaphysics, think of their ideas and theories. You can use quotations and interesting expressions in your essay. However, remember mentioning the sources that you use in the references.
  • In what issues you agree and disagree with the researchers and writes you thought of in the previous question? Give a narrow explanation of your opinion.
  • What people do you know, whose way and understanding of life you admire? Here is where you need to think of examples of real life.

These questions are helpful for brainstorming your ideas and making up the general pattern of your paper. Once you have answers for the questions mentioned above, you are on your half of a road to finish.

If you are asked more narrow topic to write about and you need to write an essay about school life, your paper doesn't have to be written in a very serious manner. In this case, you may think about true stories from your school life, which may be funny or just interesting. If you need to write an essay about college life, consider your experience of attending classes, think of great moments you shared with friends or professors when studying at the college.

Where to get inspiration

The source of your inspiration may be anywhere. Be observing, read interesting literature, including inspirational essays about life, which you can find online on different web-sites. Analyze a couple of well-written essays and try to follow the example that you like. Also, it may be helpful to watch inspirational movies or read inspirational novels and short stories. Everything is acceptable, as long as you find it interesting and useful for developing your own ideas.

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