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There’s nothing easier: your environmental problems essay

Now you’re writing the most necessary essay you’ve ever tried. Yes, it’s time to worry about the upcoming gloomy future of our native planet. Perhaps, your environmental problems essay will help to attract more attention to environmental problems.

As you know, our environment is changing all the time. Unfortunately, most of these changes are caused by humans and they’re negative. With this rapidly growing influx of natural disasters, cooling and warming periods, different weather patterns, no one is assured that the Earth’s future is positive. So there’s no wonder that more and more students decide to write about essay environmental problems.

Global warming is an undisputable attribute of today’s life. However, that isn’t the only environmental issue we need to be concerned with. Throughout the world we’re facing a bunch of new environmental challenges. Some of them are quite small and their impact on ecosystems isn’t considerable, while others are successfully changing the world we live in.

Our Earth is heavily poised at the brink of a strong environmental crisis. It’s so sad that today’s environmental problems make us extremely vulnerable to natural disasters now and also in the future. Undoubtedly, there’s nothing pleasant in this permanent state of planetary emergency as we see environmental problems piling up unstoppably around us. It’s an evident fact unless we address these issues seriously and prudently, we are all doomed for terrible disasters. Today’s environmental problems require our urgent attention. That’s why you’re writing an essay about environmental problems now.

Now let’s look through today’s major environmental concerns:

  • Pollution

Pollution of water, air and soil is a serious problem as it requires up to millions of years to recoup. Motor vehicle and industry exhaust are definitely the number one pollutants. Nitrates, heavy metals and plastic are toxins fully responsible for pollution. As for water pollution, it’s caused by acid rain, oil spill and urban runoff, while air pollution is caused by various toxins and gases released by industries as well as combustion of fossil fuels. We’ve forgotten about soil pollution. It’s mainly provoked by industrial waste, which deprives soil from key nutrients.

  • Global warming

That’s a huge climate change we’ve ever seen. It’s the direct result of human practices, such as emission of greenhouse gases. Obviously, global warming leads to increased temperatures of the oceans as well as the Earth’s surface, thus causing melting of polar ice caps, drastic rise in sea level, not to mention abnormal patterns of precipitation, including excessive desertification or snow and flash floods.

  • Natural resource depletion

Unfortunately, unstoppable fossil fuel consumption results in harmful emission of greenhouse gases, also responsible for global warming as well as other climate changes. However, people currently do their best to shit to renewable sources of energy, such as wind, solar, biogas. The cost of infrastructure and maintenance of these renewable sources has dropped in the recent years. That’s another reason to write an essay on environmental problems.

  • Overpopulation

The planet’s population is reaching dangerous levels. In the nearer future we will face terrible shortage of resources, such as fuel, water and food. Intensive agriculture to produce more food has rather a negative impact on environment.

  • Genetic engineering

Genetic modification of food with the help of up-to-date technology is called genetic engineering. This results in increased diseases and toxins, as genes from allergic plants easily transfer to target plants. Furthermore, genetically modified crops often provoke serious environmental problems, due to production of toxins. Genetic engineers use toxins to make plants insect resistant. Unfortunately, this can make us resistant to antibiotics. Describe all of this in your environmental problem essay.

  • Waste disposal

That’s caused by creation of plastics and overconsumption of resources. Developed countries keep producing huge amounts of garbage. They are even used to dumping their waste in the oceans and … in less developed countries. Additionally, nuclear waste disposal causes enormous health hazards. Fast food, plastic, packaging and cheap electronic waste – all of this definitely threatens our well-being.

  • Ozone layer depletion

Well, you might have already heard about the ozone layer. We can define it as an invisible protective layer around the Earth that protects the planet and its inhabitants from the harmful rays of the sun. These days we’re facing depletion of this crucial ozone layer and it’s provoked by bromide and chlorine normally contained in chloro-floro carbons, also dubbed CFC. These toxic gases reach the upper atmosphere and make a hole in the ozone layer. As a result, we found ourselves unprotected from the sun’s dangerous emission.

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