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Environmental Issues in Malaysia

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There is a very high level of concern on environmental issues worldwide nowadays. Ministry of foreign affairs statistic implies that over the years, the heat range has been climb because of skin tightening and trapped and green house gases have affected the global weather. This change will affect the people live all over the world. This also includes access to drinking water, health, food and the well-being of the environment. Todays, many consumers began to recognize that their purchasing tendencies actually may cause a big impact to the surroundings. Therefore, companies should practice offering environmentally friendly products and service to visitors to prevent this world become worse.

Therefore, companies should practice offering environmentally friendly products and service to people to prevent this world become worse.

Although, Malaysia has undergone a fantastic development used governmental work to attract overseas investor to come and invest for a renewable product development in Malaysia, the tactics of environmental in charge behavior remain low among Malaysian consumers.

An exemplory case of having less environmental responsible patterns is shown within an article in Bernama whereby garbage thrown by one of the state of hawaii in Malaysia residents is the primary reason behind river air pollution in the state. Matching to a study which was conducted on line by global market perception and information group, on the aspect of eco-friendliness of patterns and habits only 8% of Malaysian respondents responded they have changed their action in a greatest offer to benefit the environment.

In addition 83% respondents reported that their views on a company's and their College's friendliness to the environment would effect their purchases of products and services.

Studying the determinants of generation-Y consumers green purchase patterns will be definitely benefit green marketers. Generation-Y (also called a millennial) is defined as A label attributed to people born during the 1980s and early on 1990s. Users of Generation Y are often referred to as "echo boomers" because they're the kids of parents created during the baby growth ("baby boomers"). Because children blessed during this time period period experienced constant usage of technology (pcs, cell phones) in their children, they may have required many employers to upgrade their hiring strategy in order to incorporate updated varieties of technology. In a straightforward word, generation-Y was raised with a technology and depends on those things to execute their job and their job.

In addition, when going through a literature review in Malaysian framework, you may still find a gap been around between environmental knowledge, objective and behavior towards renewable product. [Said et al. (2005)]. Even though people which have vast understanding of green products are not always would buy a inexperienced product.

Therefore, factors those determine and affect Generation-Y to purchase a renewable product would be worth to find out.

1. 1 Track record OF THE RESEARCH

Environment is defined as what surrounds something or an item or in other words it means the surrounding. It could be a physical aspect which is physical environment, which includes the built environment, natural environment such as air, water, land, atmosphere and etc or maybe it's individual environment where people encircling the item or thing which also called the sociable environment. Today environment gets worst and most severe. Many environmental issues arise. Environmental concerns have been growing lately. One of the examples of environmental issue is global warming. Global warming and climate change make reference to an increase in average global temps. Natural events and individuals activities such as using garbage and throw away are believed to be contributing to an increase in average global temps. This is induced primarily by rises in "greenhouse" gases such as SKIN TIGHTENING AND. The greenhouse impact keeps the earth warm when performing normally. For the very first time in history, human activities are changing the climate of our entire planet. Corresponding to (Jack, 2010), in less than 2 hundreds of years, humans have increased the total amount of skin tightening and in the atmosphere by 25% from the getting rid of of fossil fuels and the destruction of forests. In addition to the natural fluxes of carbon through the Earth system, real human activities, especially fossil fuel getting rid of and deforestation, are also releasing carbon dioxide into the atmosphere (The Carbon Routine; the Human Role, Earth Observatory, NASA).

Green product is define as something that produce limited carbon footprints; they could require fewer resources to produce, eat less energy or emit fewer unsafe emissions. Green product is also something that is non dangerous, water-efficient, and also recyclable and biodegradable. There are lots of green products which have been produce for people on the market. For example, a household solution. Nowadays it's nearly impossible to shop without finding a plethora of products that promise to be environmentally and consumer friendly. Oddly enough, many cheap and eco-friendly chemicals, such as vinegar, have been used for a long time as home cleaners. Whether you buy a inexperienced cleaning product at a store or use something on hand in your pantry, you can reap the great things about choosing products that are gentler you and the environment. Phosphate-free dishwasher and laundry detergents are also look at a renewable product because they don't discharge environment-damaging phosphates into waterways. Other examples of green cleaning products are those labeled "skilled biodegradable;" these have handed several stringent checks relating to biodegradability and environmental impact conducted by an unbiased certifying agency. According to Consumer Reports, the "certified biodegradable" label is more important when compared to a "total biodegradable" label. Goblet and material cleaners, kitchen and bathroom cleaners, and laundry detergents are products that may bring this label.

The rationale for going green is twofold. Obviously, the positive effects on the surroundings are an integral driver for purchasing green product. Green product provides myriad environmental benefits. They can replace toxic materials which may be harmful to people or pets. Also, some products save energy and drinking water, while others limit solid waste products and manufacturing releases. Green products create a wholesome environment for people through reduced exposure to cleaners, solvents, paints and other harmful chemicals. Green product also can reduce allergies. Many families realize that their children suffer from allergies, even though their genealogy does not necessary say that there are no allergies. In some situations, chemicals found within cleaning products contain things that trigger allergies. Bleaches, dangerous cleaning sprays and other chemicals used to clean the home commonly include a variety of substances specifically able to cause or cause allergies in people.

Generation Y are the cool technology, they accept brand and live in the " new world " of digitize communication. Thus that might be interesting to find their conception and their degree of awareness towards environmental conditions that the earth is facing nowadays. Gen Y has grown up in a very structure, busy and over designed world. Also, Gen Y is made up of confident, optimistic young people who feel respected and wanted. Within a article of technology daily, Gen-Y is a individuals who will go all the way as it pertains to saving the environment so long as it gain to world economical and environment. They are maturing into a pragmatic generation that would like to do the right thing for the surroundings but also offers real economical concerns


Consumers or virtually customers will be the sellers and customers that raise the country's market. Therefore, many businesses are actually putting many efforts to be able to appeal to more customers because these customers create businesses opportunities and generate profits to them. As the globe nowadays facing so many problems regarding to a environmental concern, the consumers and their behaviour or behaviors to buy a green product will be the critical indicators to be considered. Consumers nowadays have significantly more choices because of the ramifications of globalization. They will choose the function of the product rather than the brand or whatsoever to ensure a wholesome future.

  • To determine the existing level of Gen-y consumers preference towards the renewable products.
  • To know what will be the determinants or factors of Gen-y consumer personal preferences towards the green product.
  • To determine the results or effects of Gen-y consumer preferences towards the inexperienced product.
  • To determine consumer level of awareness of Gen-y consumer towards inexperienced product.


Awareness towards environmental concern that the world nowadays facing play a significant role encourage people to acquire a green product. Thus, this review is makes an attempt to associate on the many variables that effect consumer especially generation-Y to acquire a renewable product. The aims are as the next:

  • To research the factors impacting on the buyer especially Gen-Y to buy renewable product.

Gen-y is a fresh generation which is essential to understand because they are more upfront and modernize. Thus, several researches have been conducted in order to understand consumers in a manner that how they react, and what are the factors that lead them to behave or respond to the replies of the products. Leading factors such as price and quality are always the very best concerns to the consumers. Product characteristics will moderate the consequences of price on quality judgments. Partial of the consumers may give attention to buying low prices goods and overlook the quality of the products. This group of consumers takes the purchase price as a way of measuring sacrifice. For instance, consumers take the purchase price offered as the benchmark for comparing energy gains from the grade of the merchandise. One the other side, some portion of the consumers will be happy to pay a premium price for the product quality and function of the merchandise, as they are extremely delicate to the impulses of the grade of one product. Thus, it is expectation that this analysis will contribute further to the understanding of factors of price and quality that may lead to the consumers favor for a renewable product

  • To understand the recognition level of folks about "Go Green" advertising campaign.

Nowadays, there are many environmental advertising campaign have been sorted out by a federal government and private sector. This advertising campaign is aim to encourage visitors to more concern about the environment. Thus, it is hope that this study will explore how people react to a environmental campaign and what is their level of understanding about the recognition campaign.

  • To examine the power for people involvement in "Go Green" program.

We might be asking, how exactly we will reap the benefits of getting involved in this environmental campaign. Well, recently there has been a rise in events straight related to the availability of natural resources. For instance energy shortages that resulted to fill shedding, change in weather habits and normal water shortages. Because of this, civil society is recognizing the need to deal with our natural resources better and responsibly. In doing so, we can ensure positive effects on our health, standard of living and even the cost of living. Thus, this analysis will help people to getting known more in what they'll gain if indeed they participate in environmentally friendly campaign.

  • To uncover what consumer understanding towards inexperienced product.

In curiosity to recognize what are the key components or criteria that consumer especially gen-Y are looking forward in order to acquire a renewable product. It is true that each and every one of us are special and unique in the manner we have been, thus, every consumer has their very own perception in purchasing a green product. Differing people from differing backgrounds may have different perceptions on these products. In addition to that, different demographic teams may have different perceptions to the kind of product as well. Thus, this analysis will identify whether the consumer especially gen-y opt to buy a inexperienced product or never to safe a mom of globe.


This study is essential as there are a lot of renewable products have been retailing nowadays. Obviously, when we talk about inexperienced product, the purchase price for that particular item might be so expensive. The analysis on factors affecting consumer especially Gen-Y buying a inexperienced product may allow us to learn in depth why are previous efforts taken will not produce as it is thought it would be. Based on the analysis conducted, motivations towards the environment, knowledge on inexperienced product, interpersonal norm, understanding and self-image impact on the consumer especially Gen-Y buying a inexperienced product. Government might need to enhance its program in educating people inexperienced product. New plus more interesting "LIVE GREEN" program and method is an absolute need in motivating visitors to increase their interest/understanding on a renewable product and indirectly motivates them to buy it.

1. 5 Range OF STUDY

The research concentrate on students in Media School (MMU) Melaka campus and teens from beyond your campus which comes from various demographic backgrounds like the faculty, ethnicity and nationality. The targeted respondents are a great resemblance on the exact society in Malaysia.


1. 6. 1 Chapter 1: Introduction

Regarding this section, it introduce the background of the research such as why do people as a consumer buy a green product. Thus, this will create a strong desire on the list of gen-y consumers locally and in another country to consume and purchase green products. These portions will make clear in details in the of consumers' tastes from the Malaysian perspective and as well from the global view for green products. This section also recognized the condition statement and the study objectives because of this research. Finally, the justification of the study will help to justify the benefits and those who will gain in this research.

Chapter 2 : Books Review

A thorough study will be conducted on the centered variable and independent variables. The primary purpose because of this chapter is to weigh the professionals and cons of the topic and to discuss in information on the ideas and knowledge worried. In this chapter, every definition of the dependent variable and impartial parameters will be cited from the journals in order to enhance every point talked about. Several of quarrels and various things of views from different writers in order to give a stronger formation of every point can be founded in this chapter. In addition to that, this chapter clarifies the connections on several indie variables relate with the dependent parameters.

1. 6. 2 Chapter 3 : Research Methodology

Research strategy is usually conducted following the thorough study of literature review. In this chapter, theoretical platform will be form to illustrate the relationships between the dependent changing and the impartial factors. Hypotheses or a proposed explanation that have been made on the basis of limited evidences will clarify the associations between several variables. All the hypotheses explained will be analyzed together with empirical data. This chapter also includes the description of the sampling data, data series and the as the introduction of the questionnaire for this research.

Chapter 4 : Data Analysis

After questionnaires are collected from all the respondents, then few lab tests will be conducted to test on the validity and reliability of the results. The responds of the questionnaires from the respondents are displayed by a couple of statistics that symbolize their own significant meanings. Whereas the lab tests that'll be perform are to investigate the reactions from the respondents so that it will derive to a stronger conclusion by the end of this research.

Chapter 5 : Conclusion

This chapter will provide the final results of the research. Thus, the final results will be discussed and we'll be able to identify how the exact hypotheses that shaped earlier are keep.

Chapter 2 Books Review

2. 1 Environmental quality in Malaysia

According to article from Team of Environment Malaysia, 2006, Malaysia experienced a brief period of slight to moderate haze due to trans-boundary air pollution from neighboring countries. The quality of air status in various states differed according to the geographical locations, the industrial and commercial activities, filled areas and the traffic conditions. Throughout that period, Klang Valley area in Malaysia was more prone to air pollution than any other areas and the air quality was only good 23% of that time period, moderate 70% of the time and the remaining 7% at an poor level.

As a developing country, Malaysia confronted great task in ensuring a balance between development and environmental sustainability. Urban air and river quality, deforestation, household waste and hazardous waste are some of the serious and worrying environmental problems faced by the united states Based on the Ninth Malaysia Plan (2006-2010) record, Malaysian federal government allocated RM510 million for cleaning, preserving and beautifying streams; RM530 million for coastal management; RM200 million for reforestation; and another RM70 million for the management of wildfire and guarded areas to ensure environmental sustainability and resource management. In a global environment article explained that, Solid misuse is one of the three major environmental problems in Malaysia. It plays a substantial role in the ability of Aspect to support life within its capacity. Currently, over 23, 000 tonnes of misuse is produced everyday in Malaysia. However, this amount is expected to rise to 30, 000 tonnes by the year 2020. The amount of waste generated continues to increase due to the increasing society and development, in support of significantly less than 5% of the waste is being recycled.

Rivers stand for the lease of life which pulses through the planet earth. It is a finite and only source of water. In Malaysia, there are almost 1800 streams. Sadly, over fifty percent of these streams have been polluted and destroyed. Improper solid waste management contributes greatly to river air pollution. Improper solid waste products management also plays a part in climate change - decomposing waste material produces methane and development of services to meet demand emits greenhouse gases and utilizes natural resources. Therefore, a move towards more lasting consumption patterns is necessary.

2. 1. 1 Concern of environment

There are many reasons and factors that affect consumer especially Gen-Y to buy a green product. Corresponding to Mostafa (2007), green purchase action or environmental friendly buying habit is the consumption of products that are beneficial to the environment, recyclable or conservable, Very sensitive and attentive to ecological concerns. Concern for the environment is perceived to be important in stimulating consumer to take part in inexperienced program and also buying a renewable product. Research finding suggest that, moral concerns determine several curtailment habits (Goldstein et al. , 2008; Hage et al. , 2009). However, studies on the effect of moral concerns on consumer high involvement buying decisions with environmental implications are unusual (Thёgersen, 2005). This is a challenge since looking over an influential determinant might hinder or postpone successful diffusion of environmentally friendlier products and innovations. Consumer identify environmental coverage as important for governmental insurance policies and this interest has led to a rise in honest production-for both consumer and non-consumer products ( Finisterra do Pao et al. , 2009). Awareness to environmental issues shifts consumer action towards supporting the progress and diffusion of renewable marketing and ecologically-conscious consumer patterns - including: consumer preference for greener firms, upsurge in demand for greener products. (Alsmadi, 2008; Finisterra do Pacao et al. , 2009) discovered that greater knowing of environmental problems, increased marketing coverage, impact of major industrial disasters on public point of view, and the climb of pressure group activities are among the list of factors driving a vehicle environmental concerns.

2. 2 Green marketing

Grant, John. (2008)define the inexperienced as a brand that that offers a significant eco-advantage over the incumbents and which hence attracts those who find themselves willing to making renewable a high goal. Soonthonsmai (2008) identified a green marketing as the activities which have been used by firms that are really concern about the environment or green problems by providing the environmentally reasonable goods or services to set-up consumers and society's satisfaction. Other definitions of renewable marketing as suggested by marketing scholars include interpersonal marketing, ecological marketing or environmental marketing. Harrison (2008) suggested green online marketing strategy by businesses through positioning the environmental benefits of green products to consumers' state of mind to impact their purchasing decision. Peatitie (2007) and Welford (2000) described renewable marketing as the management process in charge of identifying and fulfilling the requirements of customers and population in a profitable and sustainable way. The truth is, companies that pursue green marketing encounter numerous challenges mainly from the variability of demand, un-favorable consumer conception and high cost (Gurau and Ranchhod, 2008). One of the most key concern is based on an understanding of renewable consumers and their characteristics amd can help firm to allow and to develop a new goal and segmentation strategies (D'Souza et al. , 2008). Dwyer (2009) defined "green" as the products to be designed, commercialized, and used which are capable of reducing sources of pollution and lessening risks to individual health and the planet. On the other hand, there are product sector speciЇc examples of research on renewable buying process, such as food and household products (Vantomme et al. , 2005) and clothes (Shaw et al. , 2006)

2. 2. 1 Consumer preference on renewable product

The dependent variable in this review is the factor that impacting consumer choices for green products. Everyone in this Globe, play a major role as a consumer. Individuals are the key factors that improve a country's current economic climate. Each and every consumer has their particular perspective and tastes towards what they take in. Consumer from different demographic factors such as history and culture may impact their behavior in making decisions while to get products. Thus, it is undeniable that consumers' personal preferences and their point of view towards goods and services are hard to predict.

D'Souza et al. (2006a) found out in their research that consumers' perception of renewable products didn't influence by criteria such as presentation, label and ingredient of a product. The key finding from D'Souza et al. (2006b) was that green consumers would rely more on the personal experience in using the product rather than evaluate a renewable product platform on marketers' provided information. Oddly enough, this finding however contradicts to D'Souza, Taghian and Lamb's finding they discovered that consumers are getting environmental information from product labels before deciding to purchase a renewable product. It really is imply that, label are essential to capture consumer impression to buy a renewable product.

The need for consumers has lead to many studies to be conducted to be able to study on the behavior and behaviour towards what they recognized on the products. Barr and Gilg (2006) was discovered that green purchasing action was the least popular activity alongside activities such as recycling and habitual home activities. However, and in addition, inexperienced consumers do consider environmental factors when purchasing products, but employed more often in activities such as turning off lighting and recycling newspaper (day to day activities). Wheale and Hinton (2007) recommended that amongst the populace of renewable consumers there is a hierarchy of importance of ethical motorists in the purchase decision-making process. The environment was ranked as the main ethical drivers during purchasing decisions. The finding from D'Souza et al. (2006a) was if product is lower in quality, consumers would not have purpose to buy renewable products even though these were always reading labels. Furthermore, if product is more expensive, consumers may have goal to buy green products. Therefore, D'Souza et al. (2006b) concluded off their study that consumers weren't compromised to lessen product quality. However, Rashid (2009) in his research stated that eco label can be an important factor that would enable consumers to make the right purchase choice if confronted with a predicament that required their thought of the environmental impact on a product that they wish to purchase.

2. 3 Knowledge and attitude towards environment and inexperienced product

Knowledge and frame of mind towards environment are very important to influcence consumer especially Gen-Y To buy a green product. There is a general belief on the list of research workers and environmental activists that through purchasing environmentally friendly products or inexperienced products, products with recyclable packaging or properly losing non-biodegradable garbage, consumers can add significantly to improve the quality of the surroundings (Abdul-Muhmim, 2007). The grade of the environment will depend critically on the level of knowledge, attitudes, beliefs and procedures of consumers (Mansaray and Abijoye, 2005). Attitudes are the most regular explanatory element in predicting consumers' willingness to pay for renewable products (Chyong et al. , 2006). Which means that price is not the main factor in stopping consumers from purchasing green products if they are pro-environment. Researcher also found that Influencing consumer behavior is a intricate and trial requiring knowledge of its determinants. By far the most convincing support of the growing affect of the ecologically-friendly consumer is the upsurge in the amount of individuals that are willing to pay more for green products (Bang et al. , 2005).

2. 4 Social norm and value belief affect consumer to buy renewable product.

Studies also have investigated the effect social affect has affect consumer especially Gen-Y purchase inexperienced product. The eye in inexperienced initiatives is not likely to emanate only from external impositions and inducements but also from the inner sense of responsibility of a firm towards the society in which it is accessible. For inexperienced issues, such sensitivity is intensified by increasing environmental problems such as global warming and pollution. Such problems may also raise awareness and interest of a company to react in a far more socially in charge manner and represent a graphic of homework and commitment to sustainability. Green purchasing is mainly motivated with a certain amount of consumer ecological awareness. Frey and Stutzer (2006) identify a number reasons for "environmental motivation": intrinsic motivations, altruism, internalized norms and sociable norms.

Social norms lead individuals to take into consideration the thoughts of the other participants of society whenever choosing a inexperienced product over another: if they feel that their acquaintances approve of green product purchase and disapprove of standard product purchase, there are encouraged to buy green products. (Ewing, 2005) mentioned that public norms are an important motivator of ecologically dependable behaviour. The strength of the normative affect of the consumers' family and interpersonal categories on purchasing decisions depends on the characteristics of the product (e. g. luxury rather than a need).

Value notion is the conception you have of oneself. Research in marketing impact on consumer purchase decision on inexperienced product, value conception was influencing renewable behaviours. This agrees to Lee(2008) finding value belief as the 3rd predictor of her study. Apart from behavioral aspects, numerous studies have also looked at the relationship between demographic and socioeconomic variables and purchase green product participation. Kinnear, T. and Taylor, J. (1973) mentioned that there's been no signiЇcant website link found between demographic segmentation and green purchase. This may be due to the idea that different communities of people relate with different parts of the environmental agenda Peattie, K. (1995). There have been contradictory results of youthful and older age ranges concerns about environmental issues Peattie, K. (1995). There is certainly, however, a belief that environmental concern is directly related to a consumer's level of education Balderjahn, I. (1988). Predicated on four surveys, Hines et al. found no romance with gender.

Chapter 3 Research Methodology

3. 1 Overview

Methodology is a system of methods used in a particular research. Research technique normally comes after defining the problems and completing the complete of the books review. Research strategy which has been implemented to get, investigate and as well as interpreting data obtained for the evaluation of the hypothesis will be talked about. Theoretical framework will be developed in this chapter to be able to illustrate the relationships among the dependent variable and independent parameters. Besides that, hypotheses were developed and will be discussed together with the explanations with the dependent changing and the unbiased variables. In addition, ideas of the sampling method, data collection methods and the as the development of the questionnaires are one of them chapter. Finally, the data analysis and the hypotheses trials will perform to investigate the responses from the respondents such that it will derive to a more powerful conclusion at the end of this research.

3. 2 Theoretical Framework

Figure 3. 1 below illustrates a theoretical framework that presents the relationships among the dependent variable and the 3rd party variables.



Factors impacting Gen-y consumer in Malaysia buying a green product


Social Norm

Value Perception

3. 3 Description of Framework

The preferences of consumers for inexperienced products are subjective. Consumer from different demographic factors such as background and world may affect their behavior in making decisions while to buy products. If they have a larger of favor to green products or to normal products are just hard to anticipate. Thus, it is undeniable that consumers' tastes and their point of view towards goods and services are hard to forecast. The importances of consumers have lead to numerous researches to be conducted to be able to study on the behavior and behaviour towards what they identified on the products.

The knowledge, which is one of the factors that might cause choices for consumers to buy things for green products. The first thing that came across consumers' brain is the brands and companies that create a green product. Thus, the brand image of the business has help by providing clues to the consumers in summarizing the information from that one product. Corresponding to Grunert (1993), knowledge of the great things about a green product's use on the environment may impact on if that product is purchased and used. Besides that, consumers also choose to acquire a inexperienced product with a lesser cost.

The frame of mind is another most influential factor in consumer preferences for green products. Consumers normally aren't really aware of our environment issue nowadays. It is because they get less information regarding to your environment situation. Awareness towards our environment will be playing a good role to create a good understanding of the inexperienced product. (Chyong et al. 2006) stated that Attitudes will be the most constant explanatory factor in predicting consumers' determination to cover green products

The cultural norm is rules a group uses for appropriate and unacceptable values, beliefs, behaviour and manners. Thus, this factor plays a significant role in influencing the consumers' tastes in purchasing and eating renewable products. Not being demanding, but individuals are being increasingly considering what they can perform by putting the power with their marketing behind some key sociable issues so that they can help make a confident social difference. Degrees of consumer activism available on the market have been fuelled by increased exposure to and accessibility of information about global concerns Nicholls (2002). (Ewing, 2001) explained that sociable norms are an important motivator of ecologically dependable behaviour The effectiveness of the normative effect of the consumers' family and public organizations on purchasing decisions.

The previous factor that will impact the consumer choices for green products is the value perceptions perceived by the consumers on the inexperienced products. Corresponding to Parasuraman and Grewal (2000), value itself shows the relationship among the tool or satisfaction that consumers get and the as well as the price together with the energy they sacrificed when they ingest that specific products. It is consider that the bigger the value recognized from consumers from that specific product, so that it will bring a confident impact by encouraging consumers to repurchase and so will place the brand loyalty into results. Thus, the value recognized by the consumers has a larger influence on purchase intent for renewable product than the other typical product.

3. 4 Hypothesis Development

There are four clear factors chosen in this research that can influence the consumer personal preferences for buying renewable products. Each one of these four factors together with the theoretical platform were mentioned in details previously initially of this chapter. Because of this, all these four factors or parameters possessed form hypotheses in this review. Formulating such testable assertions is called hypotheses development. Hypotheses or a proposed explanation that have been made on the basis of limited evidences will describe the romantic relationships between two or more parameters with the dependent variables. By tests the hypotheses and affirmed the conjectured associations, thus, it is highly proposed that the alternatives can found to correct the problem came across in this research.

  • Hypothesis 1

H0: There is no significant relationship between the knowledge for green products and the factors impacting on Gen-y consumer in Malaysia buying a green product

H1: There's a significant relationship between the knowledge for green products and the factors impacting on Gen-y consumer in Malaysia buying a green product

  • Hypothesis 2

H0: There is no significant relationship between the consumer frame of mind towards renewable products and the factors influencing Gen-y consumer in Malaysia buying a green product

H1: There's a significant relationship between the consumer attitude towards renewable products and factors affecting Gen-y consumer in Malaysia buying a renewable product

  • Hypothesis 3

H0: There is absolutely no significant romantic relationship between communal norm and the factors impacting Gen-y consumer in Malaysia buying a green product

H1: There is a significant romantic relationship between communal norm and the factors impacting on Gen-y consumer in Malaysia buying a renewable product

  • Hypothesis 4

H0: There is absolutely no significant relationship between your value perceptions perceived and the factors impacting Gen-y consumer in Malaysia buying a green product

H1: There's a significant relationship between your value perceptions identified and the factors impacting Gen-y consumer in Malaysia buying a renewable product.

3. 5 Sampling Plan

There are two ways in representing the examples which are test and population. In this review, it is more suitable if were to modify the sample method since the sample size for this research is a couple of 200 numbers of respondents. Moreover, with only 200 respondents, sample will help to provide adequate information in order to continue with research. Sample would be able to perform this research as it will help to generalize the characteristics of the study. Moreover, sample is much more time keeping, costs saving and the as other recruiting needed in this research. Other than that, if were to keep this study by adapting the test method, it will more likely to produce mere reliable results with less tiredness and fewer errors. Thus, it will obtain a sufficient level of confidence by the end of the research.

In compare to the populace, it requires to study all the elements inside the population which can be an impossible task to all. It is hard to attain all the respondents as the test size is huge and undoubtedly it needs quite a quantity from the human resources in order to continue with research. Besides that, this technique is costly and incredibly frustrating as time is the essential aspect in this research expensive

The sampling design for this research will be the non-probability sampling as time and other factors are constraints or constraints in this research. While there are mainly two types of non-probability sampling design, thus, the convenience sampling is the most appropriate method for this research. The convenience sampling, relates availability and easily for the researcher to distributing and collection the information from the respondents. It is consider the simplest way in getting some basic information in an effective way among all the methods available.

The respondents in this research as everyone who play a major role as a consumers and generation-y are greatly pleasant to participate in this survey. Respondents can be considered a Malaysian or non-Malaysia, as both will contribute for this study.

3. 6 Data Collection Method

There two types or methods in obtaining data, and they are the primary data and secondary data. Both methods are used in obtaining data because of this research.

3. 6. 1 Most important Data Research

The main concentrate of data collecting method is the primary data as this research will be executing giving out questionnaires to the respondents. Most important data is merely identifies the firsthand information that obtained by the researcher. Among the advantages of most important data is it serve new ideas to the researcher by the final results of the research. Besides that, main data series is time keeping and not costly, and the key advantage is the information collected is up to date which will bring accuracy and reliability to the final results in this research.

In this research, the data is accumulated by performing a survey thorough distributing of questionnaires. 200 copies of questionnaires will be well prepared and will be distribute to the respondents conveniently. Respondents are from any demographic history in order to get better or accurate results at the end of research. All the respondents will get a same place questionnaire and to clarify there are no dissimilarities in the options of answers for all the responses. That is to avoid any bad circumstances and to encourage standardization of the questionnaires. Any questions that aren't related to any of the factors in this research will be overlooked due to the respect to the respondents for his or her time and the as with the hope of the research to be effective.

3. 6. 2 Extra Data Research

Along with the options from main data, extra data research is also well included in this research. Extra data is whereby the information obtained from options that already exist. Among the advantages of secondary data is it help to give a whole lot of information in problem fixing in a research. Besides, it's mostly qualitative in dynamics. Besides that its about time saving and not costly by doing like this. Whereas the disadvantages of this secondary data is it sometimes hard to please and meet up with the specific needs in some of the particular area or situation in this research.

Secondary data for instance journals and articles are mainly obtained online as a guideline or references in order to handle this research. Journals are extracted from lots of the sources like Emerald, Ebsco Business Premier, Scribd, HighBeam Research, International Trade Centre and as well as from Oxford Journals. Besides that, directories that available from the various search engines are applicable in this research. This includes Yahoo Search, Yahoo! and Avant Web browser.

3. 7 Questionnaires Development

This research is a survey which is based from the reactions of questionnaires from the respondents. Questionnaires will be created in a written set of questions whereby respondents can pick the choice answers provided. The questionnaires are allocated randomly to 200 respondent an it is self implemented, which simply means that respondents will have to read and proceed through the questions inside the questionnaire and can have to reaction to the questions without any interference from others. There will no interviewer asking or guiding the respondents throughout the answering classes. The procedure of development questionnaires, the rules for the questionnaire design will be follow to be able to prevent any biases and circumstances. Most of the items in the questionnaire were close concluded questions. Thus, Likert size was found in most of the questions for factors impacting generation-y buying a renewable product.

In this research, the questionnaire will be divided into two sections which can be from Section A to Section B, so that it will be more organized and easier to control. Section A includes the respondents' personal details such as their demographic history such as gender, nationality, years, race, regular income and etc. The second section is a list of right forwards questions predicated on the factors that will effect the generation-y consumer buying green products. In order to lessen the biases in this research, many precautious step experienced be studied for instance as with the rules of wordings of the questionnaire. Attention will get on the appropriateness of this content of the questions, type and form of questions asked, and the as the sequencing of every questions.

However, a few of the questions in the questionnaire will be designed from other publications which are similar to this research. A pilot test will be conducted before the circulation of the questionnaires.

3. 8 Data Analysis

After questionnaires are accumulated from all the respondents, then few testing will be conducted to check on the validity and consistency of the results. The responds of the questionnaires from the respondents are represented by a set of numbers that symbolize their own significant meanings. You will find mainly two types of data analyses which can be descriptive evaluation and hypothesis screening.

3. 8. 1 Descriptive Analysis

Variables in this research are described using the descriptive examination. Descriptive reports for example, the conditions maximum, least, means, standard deviations and variance presents how it express the info obtained for the interval scales of impartial variables and as well as dependent changing. Thus, both measures, central tendency and variability is modified to be able to continues with this research.

Central of propensity is the normal methods such as function, median and mean that represents the data obtained. Mode is the most typical of quantities that appear, while median presents the mid value that is placed between the group of value in this research. Mean will be average value whereby the total principles are divided by the amount of data.

In the way of measuring variability, it is again split into three types of actions which are frequency circulation, standard deviation and range. Regularity circulation is usually adjacent whereby the range of an statistical circulation is divided. Each value affiliates with a rate of recurrence indicating the amount of measurements for the reason that interval. While the standard deviation interprets the info in a bell formed curve that explains to a degree of variant in the ideals obtained.

  • Hypothesis Testing

Hypothesis as popular to us talks about the relationships between the two or more factors with the based mostly variable. Hypothesis assessment will help to propose the solutions to the problem encountered in this research. The results of the correlation between the independent variables and dependent variable will show the durability among the unbiased and dependent variable. The correlation coefficient is only going to fall in to the range of -1. 0 and +1. 0. Any value that falls out this range will be looked at invalid.

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