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Environmental Issues Facing The World

A tremendous vitality of aspect includes floods, disasters, storms, increasing sea level, etc. Climate change is changing the image of our world. Vagaries of weather aren't unusual; they are becoming the norm in today's reality. The snow is melting on the planet, and it changes everything. Everyone who tightly follows scientific news has no scarcity of evidences of global warming. So, we are going to prove the thesis that global warming is the most pressing environmental problem facing the globe today because it threatens the planet with major environmental disasters and nobody can remain indifferent to the countless victims of these disasters.

To start, we need to mention that the concept of "global warming", being one of the most discussable issues in our contemporary society, is also regarded as a tremendous task to the whole humanity. Up to now, Paterson (1996) declared that the global methodical community has received the irrefutable proofs of the secular trend of global warming, and these proofs serve as an signal of environment changes on the planet earth. According to Cline (2007), the top heat range of the atmosphere has increased by 0, 74 C within the last century. Which fact brightly shows the necessity to look at the problem more attentively with the objective to develop some measures to boost a predicament.

Moreover, we see weather changes every day, and an appeal "Stop Global Warming!" looks like an integral part of modern life. Based on the opinion of thousands of climate scientists presented in Allen's, Seaman's & Delascio's (2009) book, global warming isn't just one of the biggest problems facing mankind in our century, but additionally it is a great concern to politics and technology. Both categories are sure environmental problems are so important that it is time to check out them attentively, and also to stop destroy nature because it may demolish us in one day.

Of course, regarding to Cheryl & DeFries (1992), there can be found many followers of the position that global warming is a fiction, however the dynamics is not considering our discussions and thoughts, and snow is constantly on the melt. So, considering the actual fact that global warming is one of the very most complicated items, we can also look through a solid debate in protection of the positioning that global warming is not really a valid menace to the planet earth, and we will do it for the purpose to show the argument's invalidation. For instance, one band of scientists still do not discover the actual fact of warming and prefer to discuss it as a plausible hypothesis that should be carefully scrutinized due to difficulty of the research of global temperatures changes. Yet the amount of different evidences becomes more noticeable and frightening each year.

To continue, another group of scientists are sure that global warming is just a misconception, but even having such a position, they continue steadily to struggle against a rise of commercial garbage in real human activities that harm our environment. You will discover no doubts that all forecasts are different, and it might be wrong to trust in those that promise the destruction of our world in several decades, but it will always be necessary to remember that the continuing future of humanity is in our hands, and not to believe in a few disasters is not similar that which you understand under the concept to stay quiet and do little or nothing. So, on the one hand, we've many evident reasons to stress about the near future. Researchers see many symptoms that global warming is progressing; while on the other hands, contemporary situation is not hopeless, and significant amounts of "facts" about the global catastrophe that is intimidating Earth proved to be just gossips.

Thinking about results of global warming, Weart (2003) stated that wide-spread phenomena, such as growing sea levels, melting glaciers and polar snow sheets (especially in the Arctic), the reduction of snow and glaciers covered areas of the earth's surface, the increase in rainfall in some locations (the eastern part of North and SOUTH USA, Northern European countries, North and Central Asia ) and a reduction in others, the development arid zones (Africa, South Asia, part), more regular tropical cyclones in the North Atlantic, etc. are connected with the concept of global warming. Both concepts like the global warming and climate change affect the health of many natural ecosystems in negative ways, and thus, they have an impact on weather conditions in the biosphere all together, as the biosphere affects on human presence.

Being more specific, we need to declare that the list of the primary greenhouse gases which are in charge of global warming includes skin tightening and (CO2), methane (CH4), nitrous oxide (N2O), hydrofluorocarbons, perfluorocarbons, and sulfur hexafluoride (SF6), the last mentioned of which is a secondary product of metal smelting and the most potent of the greenhouse gases. However, Vasch (2009) said that the key greenhouse gas is carbon dioxide, and 80% of its anthropogenic entry into the atmosphere is associated with the combustion of fossil fuels.

So, global warming, as it was proven by the latest research, is caused by individual activities. Knowing of the seriousness of the situation gradually penetrates into the world public view. And the problem becomes to be possessed by the world's attention. The marketing and politicians are more significantly discuss the global warming. Additionally, a major amount of scientific researches and documentaries identify the issues of global local climate change in a complete measure. Thus, it is still possible to mitigate the negative effects, avoiding the most detrimental.

Observing the activities to stop global warming, it is possible to claim that the primary solution lies in the top of rational use of energy resources. This means the implementation of measures targeted at reducing the consumption of fossil fuels for heating, domestic hot water, industrial development and bettering the efficiency of transport. Another group of effective measures to protect the surroundings and address the challenge of global warming is the use of green energy options (solar technology, blowing wind energy, hydro energy, biofuel, etc. ). To include, corresponding to Harris (2003), the methodical community has offered specific suggestions to government authorities of different says, however the question is whether politics will listen to the advice of scientists.

According to Gore (2009), many political debates are still focused on minimizing carbon emissions, but there are a great many other ways to fix the world's local climate. For instance, there exists an interesting way for atmospheric control. Solar rays management provides best desires. Atmospheric greenhouse gases allow natural light to pass, nevertheless they absorb warmth and diffuse close to the surface of the earth. Protecting other conditions, their higher concentrations will lead to an increase in heat range. Solar radiation management would gain the sunlight in to the space. So, representation of only 1-2% of the quantity of sunlight that extends to the top of world will offset the consequences of any doubling of pre-industrial warming corresponding to the amount of greenhouse gas emissions. Another perspective route sometimes appears in whitening of marine clouds by dispersion of droplets in marine clouds to indicate more sun rays. This increases the natural process by which the salt from ocean drinking water forms a heavy steam with nuclei of condensation which is the base of the formation of clouds.

In such a way, observing all these variations, we can say that lots of of the potential risks of weather control have been overstated. Moreover, it is a fact that whitening of marine clouds won't lead to long lasting atmospheric changes and can be used only in an instance of an hot necessity because change of sea normal water in to the clouds is a natural process. Meanwhile, the biggest difficulty is open public interpretation. Ruddiman (2005) pointed out that many environmental lobbyists oppose even the study of the climate control. That is surprising, taking into account all the possible benefits. If we most care about the methods to avoid rising of the temperature, it seems we have to rejoice that simple and profitable approach gives very much hope.

In conclusion, we have observed the issue of global warming from different perspectives, and proved the thesis that global warming really threatens the earth with major environmental disasters, while everything of the was brought on by negative and destructive individuals activities, which even now resulted in individuals victims. To add, we've also talked about positions of some experts which consider global warming a misconception, and proved that even they scared of possible weather problems in future. Moreover, we've also confirmed that environment control is a spare variation to be used in a case necessarily, or we're able to turn it on today's agenda. Regardless, there are good reasons to consider it. We are on the way to become the era that has spent years in the question on reducing carbon emissions and didn't stop the unsafe effects of warming. So, it'll be a shameful legacy, that could be prevented by reviewing climate policy, and humanity suppose to provide some advancements in the form of living because it is never past due to start residing in harmony with our "small blue house".

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