Environmental and Consumer Affects Analysis


When purchasing an item, there are a number of factors that influence the final decision of the customer. Whether it is a good or something, there is a process that drives an individual to move for an item and forego the other. She or he takes an analysis of the merchandise in regards to the market potential before buying, through the action of shopping for, and even following the final transfer has been made, that is after buying. Quite simply, it will probably be worth noting that that is a cognitive process that contributes to a particular action among many alternatives. When figuring out your choice making process, one records that consumer patterns becomes the region of concern, in that selecting an item will have impact after transfer has been made, (Connell, 2008). In this article, I am going to identify and broaden the reason concerning how internal, social and some external factors affect the consumer's decision of buying an item like a communication tool.

Psychological factors

These are factors that impact an individual's head before making the final decision of purchasing a communication tool. They constitute of consumers thought, thoughts, reasoning, desires and dislike of this product. Attitude, belief and personality are a few of the emotional factor that effect your choice making process. On this note, I will have a brief explanation how these three factors impact the consumer habit.

Attitude- Corresponding to Hogg, (2005), attitude refers to individual's thoughts or emotions within the context of marketing, usually indicated through behavior. These components are highly interdependent and you will be among the final determinants of the overall pushes that will effect buying. In a short note, a person may have a certain idea concerning the originality of something. In this case, he or she is going to be selective basing debate on producers that is the country of source. A consumer may claim that communication gadgets from confirmed country are known to be the best in the planet, hence rejecting those from competing nations.

Perception- Belief is the initial way about how a person understand or view something. Mindset bases quarrels to the stimuli being exposed to a person's mind. A number of factors affect how one perceives products. Publicity, interpretation, subliminal stimuli and certain laws such as Weber's legislations are used to provide a psychological reason of perception. Connell, (2008) says that the number of times an individual gets subjected to a given product will effect his or her purchasing decision. In cases like this, publicity links to final interpretation making an individual to choose a cellular phone from a particular company to that of a fighting company. This is scheduled to personal views in terms of shape, color and size. Weber's legislations supports perception involvement in decision making process with the discussion that, even though there may be just a little change between the current and the original product, an individual might not exactly experience these changes. She or he will therefore demand purchasing one like the one originally subjected to. Closely linked to perception, you can find personality, that i have independently discussed below.

Personality-Every individual has that uniqueness, which makes her or him to act in a particular way especially in sociable situations. For instance, if a person is willing to buy a mobile phone, they're heading to choose one reflecting his current status in conditions of prestige or monetary position. Personality is powerful and involves a structure of thoughts including thoughts and social alterations that will show regularly hence influencing overall expectation which connect to attitude, ideals and self-perception, (Connell, 2008).

Social factors

In the decision making process, public factors also offers an impact. Among these factors are those truth and encounters influencing or handling a person's lifestyle and personality. They are the factors that influence and direct a person's lifestyle dictated by societal objectives. Some of these factors are family, social class and reference point groups you have identified him or herself with and the guide groups.

Family- This is the basic product of companionship through delivery, matrimony or co-residence. A family group may influence an individual's decision of buying a product in an exceedingly convincing manner. Psychologists such as Karl Marx and Engel has submit theories to explain the how individuals may change their composition and effects of such changes. Regarding to their ideas, an individual is often tied to decision making process on the basis of this basic unit of identification. For instance, if an example may be willing to purchase a new mobile phone, the number of individuals in the family who will be able to make use of it will influence the final decision. It could sound awkward incase an individual purchase an item and he becomes the only real person who can utilize it with minimal mentor maybe credited to his / her education position.

Social school- Apart from the family, there exists that public group or position one is identified with. For instance, an individual may have determined him or herself with a high school group, (Hogg, 2005). This may in turn limit his or her decisions in purchasing items since it must match the group necessity. In cases like this, one will have no choice but to purchase a pricey phone which might be the latest to be launched in the market so as to reveal a wealthy status. On the other hand, an individual from the low class will favor a straightforward communication gadget which will be cheap and can successfully service his / her communication.

Reference groups- Furthermore, the type of daily interactions an individual makes will also determine the sort of mobile phone to purchase. There exist different kinds of groups a person may connect to on daily basis and in the long run be the ultimate determiners of the model, type, price and even the performance of that. In cases like this, one will try to relate him or herself with the group by investing in a phone very much like most the peer.

External factors

Other than the internal factors, (Connell, 2008), there are other affects that can have an impact on the ultimate decision concerning the purchasing of the cellular phone. They include technology, culture and political influences.

Technology- It identifies knowledge involved in making and modification of tools for effective utilization. Technology may impede, promote or limit a person's desire and potential to purchase an item, in cases like this a cellular phone. This is because the desire of the buyer may not be available on the market. Relating to Maslow's hierarchy of needs, an individual may purchase an item at certain moments to be able to gain prestige or self-actualization. This therefore means if one wants the latest style of cellular phone, technology will limit what to buy due to availability. For example, a certain model might not exactly be accessible making an individual to purchase the best offered in the locality though it may not be discovered as the best style of his or her wish.

Culture-This is a set of values, ideas and ways in which individuals in a specific group or corporation behave. The above mentioned sets of conditions will be the ultimate determinants of what sort of person will behave in a world. In the case of decision making process, there are situations whereby what you can purchase is limited to the likes and dislikes of the population. For instance, a person might be inclined to purchase a cellular phone with another country of originality yet their country produces mobile phones and subsequently limits import of other models. This may limit such a choice and over time, one will be asked to promote the world one lives in.

Political impact- It really is from politics where laws and regulations are amended and put in place. Political balance may promote or restricts someone's ability to go and acquire components of his / her wish. However, confirmed country may inhibit or promote accessibility of certain products hence effect an individual's chance to get a product such as mobile phones.


Ranging from consumer's own affects, it is now evident that the surroundings may also effect the best decision of a person to purchase something. However, there is certainly more other factor not explained in my article. These include business ethics, brands, presentation, legal factors and ecological factors amongst others.


Hogg, M. K. (2005). Consumer action I: research and influences. London: SAGE Publications.

Connell, K. Y. (2008). Ecological Consumer Decision Making: Nature, Process, and Obstacles in Garments Acquisition. ProQuest.

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