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Entrepreneurial Strategies Of Tara Orekelewa Cultural Studies Essay

Tara Fela-Durotoye popularly known as Tara "Orekelewa" this means beautiful or beauty in her native west-arfican words is the managing director and creative director of HOUSE OF TARA International, a make-up and skincare line directed at women of color. She is a veteran in the wonder industry and the pioneer of bridal make-up in Nigeria. She launched the first bridal listing in Nigeria (1999), set up the first high standard make-up studio room, and the very first make-up college in the country. She was also the first make-up artist to launch a beauty product line. Tara sometimes appears as an motivation to many young women, as she has empowered a significant amount (especially those in tertiary organizations) by causing them beauty staff of her product line, which has helped young women enhance their entrepreneurial and marketing skills, as well as gain some type of financial freedom in a hard economy. She's also succeeded in training and growing an impressive number of make-up designers through her make-up college. Tara can be an acclaimed victor of international and nationwide awards. Awards such as Entrepreneur of the entire year (2006), Pioneer Award for Beauty (2006), Young Person of the year (2007), The Wedding Planner Honorary prize for mentoring other make-up musicians and artists (2008) while others.


Tara studied Rules at the Lagos point out college or university, Nigeria from the entire year 1996 to 2000. She attended Charles Fox (Covent Garden, London) to get trainned and accredited, and in a bid to get more professional, went to the Jump African Business Managers Community (2005) and the Lagos Business College Ownner-Manager Programme in 2006 (House of Tara 2009).

Tara's engagement with beauty and make-up was highly inspired by her step mom whom she was very keen on as a child. Her step mom corresponding to her, was very much in touch with femininity and could be described as 'vain'. This made her very alert to make-up and beauty products at an early level in life and sub conciously, formed a mini-foundation on what down the road became her enthusiasm. Her journey started out dating back to when she graduated from senior high school and was seeking entrance into college or university. While waiting around at home to get into university, she received a part-time job employed in a perfume and makeup products store. That was her initial step in to the world of beauty and it's allure. While working at the store, she acquired the chance to prcatise on customers and herself while idle (on a slow day you should definitely many customers emerged in) and slowly and gradually, she began to teach herself on the power of make-up under the mentorship of her employer. By the time she got entrance into school, she was no longer an amateur. Enough time put in in the perfume and makeup products store had been well invested and she got now learned through practise how to use constitute. She acquired developed a flair for this and I estimate what she said " the truth is, I loved it! I cherished to make people beautiful and I was passionate about making people love the way they appeared albeit improved by make-up, but the way they looked nontheless"(Durotoye 2010) While at university, she practised frequently on her friends whenever they were invited for ocassions and started her business. Through this, she started out to make some money for herself. She was actually in a position to pay her way through college, rent an apartment and even help with her sick father's medical bills. At that time in her life, her dad had experienced a stroke, leaving 1 / 2 of his body paralyzed. Her mother, though she was dealing with the Nigerian Civil Service at the time, had to manage her father, quitting all businesses on the side. So definitely, her mom already possessed enough on her hands, so she have her best not to be a liability and instead was an asset to to her family through her gifted hands and her enthusiasm for make-up.

Another highly influential pressure in her life was her partner, Fela Durotoye. When Tara met Fela, he was a advisor at Phillips Consulting with a sound business management qualifications. He saw the actual in her and helped her build her small company (as of then) into something tremendous. He thought her basic things such as customer support, product management, and exactly how to create a database for her customers. She definitely had the skill, skills, and an evergrowing customer base, but he helped bring some form of finesse and experience into her business which helped her do well even more.

She began small, but her name propagate from destination to place little by little around the country. She had taken a jump of faith even though the concept of wedding make-up was very limited in Nigeria, made herself a name, set-up a make-up studio room, started out a beauty college; which is where in fact the notion of beauty representatives to market her products comes from and today has her individual product line. She launched her perfume called " be motivated" in the entire year 2007 and is currently writing a book on how she switched her passion into a income making business.

Tara and Fela are currently happily wedded and blessed with three children.






The Leader/ Founder: Matching to Burns(2007), the role of a successful entrepreneurial leader entails patience, the capability to infuse sturdy or tangible visions and management for the long term.

Tara Fela-Durotoye is the founder of House of Tara international. She is highly well known by most of her staff and even fellow workers in the make-up industry in Nigeria. Tara's personality, like the majority of entrpreneurs is very positve and positive. She has a good believe in God and built her business in the most moral way possible, emulating one of her mentors Anita Roddick (the creator of Body Shop).

Opportunity: Accoding to Melts away (2007), entrepreneurs as opposed to regular people, adapt, exploit, and pleasant change by creating an opportunity out of it through innovation. Regarding Tara Fela-Durotoye, she welcomed the change to the make-up enviroment at the perfume store where she experienced her first job, by it to build with an innate skill. As at that time, most customers were not really familiar with the make-up facial sample assessment, but because who owns the store had lived abroad, she brought the mentality home to Nigeria with her, that was a new method of selling make-up back then. This provided the opprotunity to learn and led to some events that happened through innovative ideas (starting a bridal make-up studio, constitute school and using a cusmetic products). Other business opportunities she had where:

Her spouse, who was simply her business consultant

A chinese business partner who came into the picture when she made a decision to launch her cosmetic products.

Employment of an over-all manager, who was simply an MBA graduate of Lagos Business University, who helped build the franchise doc and executed it. This allowed her to sell the home OF TARA franchise, thus, accelerating geographic expansion

Team: Matching to Lockett (2010), it can be an illusion to suppose that internet marketers are totally impartial. The most successful entrepreneurial market leaders are those who have built good clubs and have good associations with the people that encircle them. Tara's team contains a general supervisor, a business advisor, a chinese language business spouse, an administrative team, a sales and marketing team, and about 300 beauty representatives who are marketing her plastic products.

Process: Matching to Baron and Shane(2005), entrepreneurship is descibed as a process rather than single event. The procedure is considered to move through different but holistic phases that unfold over time. This process contains idea era, opportunity popularity, and the exploitation of this opportunity (Lockett 2010). These group of incidents would be shown in the diagram below:

The entrepreneurial process

The birth of the thought of the make-up business from enough time spent and skills attained from her fist job at the perfume and aesthetic store. She then became aware her potential through the procedure of "sample testing" on customers.

Idea Generation

The possibility to convert her hubby into a earnings making venture provided itself when the change in the area of purchasing cosmetics (sample trials) was tapped into as a small business idea to be learnt from and exploited even after going out of the store.

Opportunity Recognition

From exploitation of 'change' to a ripple of ideas and opportunities


Expressed as a business model

Source: Lockett 2010


Source: Lockett 2010


To enrich the lives of young women by offering them quality products to improve their beauty and self esteem. These beauty products that can also be used as a tool for becoming fiscally independent.


The head is Tara Fela-Durotoye, her spouse Fela Durotoye is her business advisor, she has a Chinese business spouse for easiness with product development and expansion and her team contains a general director, an administrative team, marketing and sales force, and beauty representatives. Her customers are women of color, and her provider is also her Chinese business partner.


For now Tara's business continues to be based in Nigeria though she has plans of enlargement. Are customers are ladies in Nigeria, her and her opponents are other make-up designers such as unveil, divine looks, BM Pro, and so forth.

Analysis of the market: Tara was a pioneer in the make-up industry in Nigeria. She was the first to create a bridal studio room, make-up university, and make-up products. This has made it quite difficult for her competitors to catch up, her market share is quite large and she also has first mover gain.


House of Tara comes with an MD/ CEO, a general manager and the others of her team (as stated earlier). But the uniqueness of the composition of this group is the wonder reps' idea. About 300 of them are currently marketing her products once they have been trained.


As an entrepreneur, Tara started her business because she possessed a interest for beauty and undoubtedly made benefit from it. She is convinced in giving back again to the city, and uplifting others.

Social go back: Tara, through her 'supplying back' opportunity, has gained the heart and soul of youths, which includes helped in growth of her brand across most colleges in Nigeria.

She in addition has made an irrefutable effect on the press, which has made her turn into a 'mass media darling'.


The only societal driver in this case was the change in the make-up sales process. The population as at the time Tara commenced her entrepreneurial trip hadn't keyed into the notion of 'sampling before buying'. After the society accepted this new process and accepted it, her business idea benefited out of this cultural change(though it was not of her making) through her bridal studio room as people now found the necessity to 'test' and 'test' make up, specifically for very important situations such as wedding ceremonies.


Information for this had not been attainable


Information for this was not attainable


Online public networking was a great opportunity for Tara's business enterprise, she possesses an active website, has a face publication group, and an individual blog.

Resources: Matching to Hitt et al (2002), to be able to identify entrepreneurial opportunities with maximum potential earnings and exploit them by using successful approaches, a proper set of resources are needed.

Tara's resources into her home based business venture were very limited. She did not have any financial regress to something easier from her parents, but because she experienced started at an early stage she had just a little financial regress to something easier but across the lines she became spouse with a Chinese language business man who helped her match the imagine having her own make-up series. She also possessed financial aid from multinational companies. Nonetheless it is better to narrate now than it actually was in the past, she said, and I estimate "this business started out from a package that I used to carry around making up people's faces".

What could be deduced from all that has been stated above is that there surely is a connection between each constituent of the road map. The founder of the business enterprise comes with an idea or desire, identifies a chance, exploits it, and creates a new venture from all this. And because enterprisers aren't completely indie (Lockett 2010), they need a team to transport along to help fulfill the dream. That is where the team members come in, and here, the control skills also enter into play. The resources help solidify the goal and the procedure wraps the voyage all up.

Role of SOCIAL MEDIA and Public Capital:

According to Hitt et al (2002), formation of alliances and sites has become an important part of organizing to get the necessary resources and methods to contend effectively in a business environment. Other than this, the forming of these alliances helps in the introduction of resources and means that are not easily imitated by others, which would lead to getting competitive benefits.

Tara started out her business through phrase of the oral cavity. Social networking is a huge part of her success. Most of her associates were gotten from one individual who knew another who could be of value to her. For instance her second bridal make-up job when she first started out, her Chinese business spouse, the employment of her general manager( by advice), and even her image. She built her image by granting multiple interviews, creating a web presence through face book, personal blog and the creation of an active website, offered free scholarships for enrollment at her make-up college for the less privileged, became a presenter by organizing young ones seminars in universities, so as to put her company in the thoughts of individuals (branding) and sponsored events regularly. Her networking skills helped build her image which led to making her 'darling' with the press, which further advertised her products. She also uses her network for the patronage of her products within top of the and middle class women within the community.

Her coach Mrs Ibukun Awosika was her link to bridging talks between your company and the lender for her first substantial debts in to the business that was required for expanding her product line. This influx of debt from Guaranty Trust Lender (Lagos, Nigeria) aided the speedy geographical development of House of Tara. Women in Business and Management (WIMBIZ) also created a system for her contribution in america State department / Fortune's powerful women's mentoring programme.

Ethical issues: Tara is a good Christian and believes very strongly in God. Auditors when analyzed her accounts often recommend her to avoid giving away a lot money to churches; they noticed excess amount was being squandered. But she stood her grounds and insisted that God was her ultimate source.

Entrepreneurial Attribute Analysis: Tara's entrepreneurial capabilities would be weighed against the core features in the model below:

Source: Lockett 2010

Commitment and determination: Pursuing her story, one could easily see that she possessed these qualities.

Leadership: Her tale is that of success, she wouldn't have made it that much if she didn't have got good control skills. Moreover, she's the respect and admiration of her staff and even her competition.

Opportunity Obsession: Tara could be seen as an opportunist. She was the first in every move, first make-up designer, first studio owner, and the first product line owner in the Nigerian beauty industry.

Tolerance of risk: All her steps into new ventures and ideas where risky. She got no one's faults to learn from in the industry.

Ambiguity and Doubt: She possessed these as well; no one could predict her next move.

Creativity, Self-Reliance, and Adaptability: Tara was creative, hence the theory technology for business. She also had no-one but herself to count on at the initial start of the business and finally, she designed excellently to changes available environment, she created opportunities out of them.

Motivation to excel: Her motivation was herself, her mentors and God.

Courage: She possessed large sums of courage; she ventured into her business simply by herself with no examples to check out in her particular industry.


Tara Fela-Durotoye's entrepreneurial highway map and process from the very first step of idea era to creating a countrywide brand soon to be international brand-name has been a success. The critical review of her trip as an entrepreneur has been contrasted with theoretical frame-works, and hasn't shown a lot of a difference. The one difference noticeable is the actual fact that the entrepreneurial process might not evolve step by step as observed in Tara's case. She acquired the 'opportunity' to just work at a beauty products store before she ever had the 'idea' of becoming a make-up artist, beginning her own studio and becoming a veteran in Nigeria's aesthetic industry. In her own circumstance, opportunity brought about 'idea'.

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